OBiden Regime Now Completely Delegitimized, Has No Political Capital

August 16, 2021

Biden Administration Now Seen As Manchurian Plant

OBiden Regime Now Completely Delegitimized, Has No Political Capital

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The Afghanistan debacle has woken up the rest of America which previously refused to see what was in front of their very own eyes - that the OBiden regime is working for the Chinese Communist Party and the globalists in their rabid desire to destroy the American republic.

It's not going to work.

Kabul is their Waterloo.

Even the most Kool Aid-drinking limousine liberal now can see what is actually going on. (Although they still may not admit it publicly).

Afghanis who served America falling off C-17s as they take off, trying desperately to avoid what the Taliban has in store for them, is just too much to ignore.

This comes on the heels of mountains of irrational spending and debt, Covid death shot mandates, an open southern border with terrorists streaming across, CRT in schools and DoD, et cetera, et cetera.

In many ways it is fitting that the Middle East/Central Asia is the arena that finally ends the forever wars dreamed up by the Bush clan.

We have too many problems here in these beloved United States.

Bring the troops home.

Get the traitorous regime out of power.

Close our borders.

Rebuild America.

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    11 comments on “OBiden Regime Now Completely Delegitimized, Has No Political Capital”

    1. Time to stand in the streets and say no more!

      No more cobid crap.
      No more masks
      No more disastrous gaux vacx
      No more spending
      No more CRT
      No more 1619
      No more illegals

      Get your legislatures to audit and decertify the election. Get rid of cheating democrat senators.

    2. They're doomed and they know it.

      They're throwing everything they got to distract from the election audits which are coming out. They're planning false flag events in an attempt to smear "Trump" supporters, vcacine deniers, refuse-nicks. The HHS has issued a terror alert and they've already got the Jan. 6 investigation established. The alert ends on 11.11 and also the new "covid" tests are due soon, plus the audit results, plus the Durham Report, plus all the lawsuits and investigations, leaks, we see them resigning, quitting their jobs, court decisions going against them, recall of Newsom, Cuomo and more. Class action lawsuits. Hunter Biden laptop, corruption exposed, audit reports proving massive cheating, legislatures recalling electors...

      They're panicking and throwing everything they've got trying desperately to stop what they know is coming Nothing Can Stop What's Coming.

    3. Don't hold your breath about the audits doing anything to the current administration. They are in power and are going to remain unless more drastic measures are taken by the general public. Complaining to your congress is a frigging joke.

    4. We have a new "Silent Majority" in America. The thousands that never shut up about the sins (real and imagined) of President Trump and then voted for Biden have become mutes - the other millions that voted Biden are still dead or never existed, just like their addresses...

    5. The Luciferian globalists love numbers so look for false flag around 9/11.
      They might even play the alien invasion psyop card.

    6. It wouldn't be enough to close the borders.
      The enemies who seek to destroy this Constitutional Republic are already here and embedded, even deep within our ill functioning government.
      We MUST weed them out; flush them out, and slam the door shut behind them!

      Our returning troops might well assist US with that.


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