• Why The Military's Vaccine Mandate Could Weaken Military Readiness

    August 26, 2021

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    This week Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered all military departments to “immediately begin full vaccination” of all unvaccinated service members, which is 32% of the active-duty force, including the National Guard. Universal COVID-19 vaccination is also being pushed at the U.S. military academies.

    Military vaccine mandate supporters, such as Congressman Don Bacon (R-Neb.), believe that universal COVID-19 vaccination is necessary for military readiness.

    Bacon, who is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, declared that the military “can’t have a large percentage of forces unable to deploy because they’re sick."

    Is mandated COVID-19 vaccination of the military necessary for military readiness? Or will it backfire and cause more harm than good?

    Universal Vaccination is Bad Policy.

    Renowned and independent scientists are warning that universal vaccination during a pandemic is unthinkable because it is bad science and bad public policy, a contrast to the medical bureaucrats at the CDC and FDA who work closely with the pharmaceutical industry.  

    Vaccinating during a pandemic is "unthinkable" and is causing deaths, according to French 2008 Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, who discovered the AIDS virus.

    "The new variants are a production and result from the vaccination. You see it in each country, it's the same: in every country deaths follow vaccination," Montagnier said.

    Dr. Christina Parks explained this same science in simple terms in front of Michigan legislators.

    "Vaccine requirements and mandates are based on the faulty assumption that the vaccines in question prevent transmission of the pathogen," Parks said in testimony before the Michigan House on August 19, 2021. Parks has a Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology. "Do the vaccines for COVID prevent transmission? No."

    She noted that the first COVID-19 variant is essentially gone from the population. The vaccines the military and others are mandating are ineffective on the current Delta variant because they were designed around the now non-existent first variant.

    "Vaccines are made to a specific variant and when that variant mutates, the vaccine no longer recognizes it. So it's like you are seeing a completely new virus. Because that is so, you actually get more severe symptoms," she explained, noting that the vaccines' antibodies can not neutralize the new mutation.

    A new Oxford University study validates her assertion and found that "vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the viral load of in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated." In England, two-thirds of Delta variant deaths were in vaccinated patients.

    "So we are mandating that people get a vaccine, which could actually make them more sick when they are exposed to the virus?" Parks asked. "We need our policy to reflect the science and reflect our rights."

    Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology, agrees. Malone has devoted his career to vaccine development.

    "The Biden administration’s strategy to universally vaccinate in the middle of the pandemic is bad science and badly needs a reboot,"  Malone wrote earlier this month, along with Dr. Peter Navarro, in the Washington Times.

    "If the entire population has been trained via a universal vaccination strategy to have the same basic immune response, then once a viral escape mutant is selected, it will rapidly spread through the entire population – whether vaccinated or not."

    If Montagnier, Parks, Malone and Navarro are correct, then the Department of Defense's military vaccine mandate will weaken, not strengthen, military readiness.

    Indeed. Since vaccinations began, COVID-19 death and infection rates in the military have increased, not decreased.

    "For most of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Defense Department has reported one or two service member deaths monthly, with a peak of four in November 2020. That was, until late July, when two sailors died, and were quickly followed by a field-grade Army officer and then five more troops in one week," the Military Times reported on August 20, 2021.

    "So far, the military has reported 34 deaths from COVID-19, for a 0.01 percent death rate. While it’s still far lower than the overall U.S. rate of 1.7 percent, that rate is 25 times higher than it was last year." A much greater threat is military suicides, which reached 571 in 2020.

    The infection rate in the military has also recently increased. "Though COVID-19 spread through the military more slowly in the first half of 2020, the current infection rate is 10 percent, where the rate stands at 11 percent for the general population."

    What would be a better strategy to protect military readiness and the greater population from COVID-19? Malone and Navarro advocate for counting natural immunity, considering Ivermectin as a preventative, implementing multifaceted early treatment drug protocols and limiting vaccination.

    "A far more optimal strategy is to vaccinate only the most vulnerable. This will limit the amount of vaccine-resistant mutations and thereby slow, if not halt, the current vaccine arms race," Malone and Navarro wrote.

    Vaccine Harm Is Real.

    Many are also concerned about how the vaccines' short-term adverse events and long-term effects might affect members of the military.

    "We have the greatest warriors in the world. And we're impacting readiness because these people will not be able to fight if they have brain tumors, myocarditis, lethargy, all kinds of other problems," Dan Wilson, a 20-year U.S. Army veteran, said last month at America's Frontline Doctors' White Coat Conference.

    "And now the military is being targeted and told to line up and get that shot and it's an order. It violates the Nuremberg code. It violates the Emergency Use Authorization because they are not being informed on how this can harm them."

    One military nurse anonymously reported that in one week, three service personnel were sent to the emergency room with anaphylaxis, myocarditis, and chest pressure with difficulty breathing after receiving the second dose of the vaccines.

    Other potential harms include Bell's palsy, blood clots, neurological damage, miscarriages, and many others. The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) includes nearly 600,000 reports of adverse reactions, including 13,608 deaths. The European Union's similar reporting system reports 1.5 million vaccine injuries and 15,472 vaccine deaths.

    "One cadet (at the U.S. Military Academy) has been experiencing heart issues since the vaccine and has been put on profile since their vaccination. Their doctor has even attributed this athlete’s heart issues to the vaccine, and this athlete now cannot run or participate in athletics."

    Military readiness is a strong argument against universal COVID-19 vaccination of the U.S. military and its academies, especially if members of the military leave in large numbers because of forced vaccination.

    Secretary Austin's vaccine mandate order is forcing vaccine opponents to file for exemptions and pursue legal action. One sergeant first class, whose complaint was published with permission on social media, noted that Americans are not the only ones focused on U.S. military readiness.

    "I wonder if the Chinese Communist Party did in fact release this virus on the world, would they want the American military depleted of the will to fight or so distracted that we are not ready to address them as this nation’s number one threat," he wrote.

    Indeed.  Enemies foreign and domestic also pay attention to U.S. military readiness.

    Jane Hampton Cooks is the author of ten books, including Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War. Janecook.com

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    Jane Hampton Cook

    Jane Hampton Cook is an award-winning author of ten books and a screenwriter, national media commentator, and a former White House webmaster. Her passion is to inspire patriotism by bringing America’s exceptional history to life. Her book Stories of Faith & Courage from the Revolutionary War is a daily devotional that shows the sacrifices of those who lived loudly for liberty to secure America’s independence.
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    Yesterday Japan stopped all vaccines..

    tapnewswire.com ran an article this morning that Germany has also stopped vaccines.... If this is true, US Military should stand down from vaccines until further information is accessible.


    I refer to you a story in the Old Testament, Joshua chapter 5. Joshua accepted terms of surrender requiring the “sons of Israel “ to be circumcised, while the men were recovering, Joshua slaughtered all of them. Let them who have ears……..

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