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    "Public Health" Propaganda...Public health Officials - Namely Dr. Fauci - Are Running A COVID-19 Intelligence Operation Against The American People

    September 8, 2021
    This Administration Is A Client State Of China

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    Let me tell you about an under-the-table immunity deal:

    Dr. Fauci lied to Congress about US funding of gain of function research at Wuhan to protect US institutions. And to show their appreciation, the institutions will protect Dr. Fauci by declining to prosecute his lies.

    The Intercept Reporting.

    Revelations from The Intercept’s FOIA requests, which the US government took a year to release to the public (and only after litigation was pursued), show federal funds were used “to fund bat coronavirus research at the Chinese laboratory.” The Intercept continues:

    According to Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University, the documents contain critical information about the research done in Wuhan, including about the creation of novel viruses. “The viruses they constructed were tested for their ability to infect mice that were engineered to display human type receptors on their cell,” Ebright wrote to The Intercept after reviewing the documents...

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    John Acord

    Why is Fauci still walking around free? Is there not a single prosecutor inthe USA who cannot assemble a grand jury and indict this POS ChiCom agents for murder?

    Enkis Advocate

    Fauci collaborated with a foreign government in the commission of his crimes against the American people. This makes him an enemy combatant and is why he should and ultimately will be tried by a military tribunal, which is the only recourse in a "just-us" system that is systematically corrupt.

    Corné le Roux

    Fauci's crime is against the world. Not only America.
    People dies and is still dying of C19.


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