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    Special Mission Unit Commander Pete Blaber Releases Timeline Of What Really Happened In Afghanistan - Hint - It's Not What You've Been Told In The Media

    October 5, 2021

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    Former special mission unit commander Pete Blaber has compiled an amazing piece of work, currently being admired in national security circles, of what really happened leading up to the fall of Kabul. Hint - it's not what you're being told in the corrupt media.

    The document is below. Especially interesting is the removal of commanders in-theater during the summer who would have prevent the debacle.

    You can find out more about Pete Blaber at PeteBlaber.com.

















    Here is Pete Blaber going through the timeline at CDMedia's American Conversations of Afghanistan last week.

    CDMedia is being targeted and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here!     



    Pete Blaber

    Pete Blaber commanded at every level of one of the most elite counter-terrorist organizations in the world during most of recent history’s most significant military and political events (Panama, Colombia, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq).In 2006 he retired from the military and transitioned from leading elite combat teams around the globe, to leading elite corporate teams for one of the world's largest and most innovative Biotechnology Companies.
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    Senile, pedo Joe Biden and his entire administration are complete buffoons.


    Not ‘buffoons’! They purposefully did this as a premeditated and organized plan to 1) aid our enemy and 2) harm Americans and our world reputation. That is TREASON by any definition! They need to pay the price for treason!

    Tony Bell

    This was intentional, no one is that stupid, not even Joe Biden. From Afghanistan, to the border, to the vaccine, to the debt, all intentional for America's destruction. NWO

    Dano S.

    If anything happened like the media tells us, it would be a first.


    Is it any wonder why the ChiComs sense an opportunity against Taiwan? The jaw dropping complete failure of US military command and control structure can't help but lend aid and comfort to American enemies...

    Lisa Bell

    Tony Bell, I couldn't agree more!

    Parrot Bob

    There is no use pointing out how stupid the actions taken were. They are simply executing a plan: 1.Eviscerate the military and police 2.Create chaos 3.Arm and support our enemies 4.Destroy the economy and eliminate private peoples' wealth 5.Get rid of small businesses 6.Control and monitor citizens' movements and speech 7.Control election outcomes 8.Allow or cause population decrease
    This is the context in which what is happening and has happened makes sense. They are not stupid, but evil.


    The abject incompetence and utter stupidity of the Obama and Biden aegiancedministrations is actionable criminal in our estimation. They totally failed to honor their oath of all to Constitution and country.

    Kyra Lacey



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