• Why Is Breitbart News Pushing The Vax? I Challenge John Nolte To A Debate...

    December 7, 2021

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    I read John Nolte's oped in Breitbart today and almost threw up in my mouth. I have never read such a juvenile, deceitful, dangerous, irresponsible article in my life, except in the corrupt corporate media of course.

    John Nolte should resign. If he can publish this garbage, how can we believe any thing else he writes?

    Nolte cites studies proffered by NPR and the New York Times that show the non-vaccinated die at a much higher rate than vaccinated individuals. He does this in a rant to show the 'vaccines' are 'safe and effective'.

    "In fact, I got my first booster Wednesday and will continue to get boosters as needed," he declares.

    We have not looked deeply into these studies to validate their accuracy, but believe me we will in the near future.

    Besides the fact that these 'sources' are not typically sound, un-biased news outlets, we won't base our arguments on these studies' validity.

    Let's assume they are 100% accurate.

    We can still blow Nolte's 'research' out of the water by this one point -- he didn't include adverse reactions to the 'vaccines' in his numbers.

    The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, in the United States, shows approximately 20k Americans have died from the vaccine. There are close to a million 'severe reactions' that have been reported.

    The thing about VAERS however is that doctors rarely use it, it is complicated, and many people have found their data deleted later after they spent hours inputing the information.

    In short, VAERS is highly underreported. Many reputable analysts suggest VAERS is only showing 5-10% of the actual cases, and the real number of deaths is well over 150k. The same situation exists in Europe.

    Has Nolte noticed all those sports figures dropping dead from heart attacks recently (pssst...they were all vaccinated).

    "As far as the vaccine side effects, some 200 million Americans have now been vaccinated. Many of us have been walking around with the vaccine inside us for nearly a year and the doomsday scenario the vaccine skeptics predicted is just not happening", smirks Nolte.

    I guess that is true unless you are one of those who are dead. For them, that doomsday scenario is actually happening, or should I say, already happened.

    Nolte goes on to snark,

    Whenever the pro or anti-vaccine crowds mention the word “cases,” I immediately tune out. “Cases” is a meaningless number. The left uses “cases” as a propaganda tool to enact their left-wing fascism. The vaccine skeptics uses “cases” to say, See, see the vaccine doesn’t work!

    Both sides are full of shit.

    “Cases” is meaningless.

    With very rare exceptions, there’s no downside to getting vaccinated.

    Well John, here are a few dozen interviews we have done with vaccine-injured, who have suffered horrific ailments and basically lost their lives as they knew it...do you think they are full of shit?

    There are thousands upon thousands of vaccine-injured in the U.S. Their voices are being silenced. I can't think of a more evil article than the one Nolte just produced. If you don't believe me, ask them. They are crying out to be noticed, studied, and treated.

    Here are over a dozen interviews with professionals who believe the vaccines are very dangerous...are they full of shit John?

    Nolte also talks about how the vaccine does somewhat reduce the spread. That is an 'alternative fact'. The vaccines do not stop transmission (Gates and Fauci admit this publicly); in fact, many believe they enhance transmission and the serums are for sure producing 'variants' due to antibody dependent enhancement. Just look at the most vaccinated countries where the 'spread' is out of control vs Florida for instance.

    Nolte obviously didn't do any research. Or should I say, he didn't look any deeper than these studies from lefty news outlets to justify his irresponsible reporting. He didn't actually take the time to search out vaccine-injured and talk to them.

    I am so angry at this vacuous 'journalism that I hereby challenge John Nolte to a debate on whether or not the vaccines are 'safe and effective'. We can do it livestream on both our news platforms simultaneously with a moderator of our choosing.

    I doubt Breitbart or Nolte would take money from big Pharma for writing something like this. Nolte is probably just trying to justify in his own mind his flawed decision to take the vaccine.

    You're like a child running with scissors John, you need to stop before you hurt someone.

    God help him if he has children and gives it to them.

    We'll be back with more comments after we investigate these 'studies'.

    CDMedia is being targeted and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here!     


    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    As you seem interested in doing your own research, I figured I might help you move along.

    I've compiled a document with a list of serious questions (and an opener explaining terminology) in relation to the COVID-19 shots. Each question contains citations on why it is asked, referring to approximately 160 citations, which consists of peer reviewed studies, government statistics, official claims, articles and more.


    You may find the points it raises very relevant in addressing the questionable media tactics in play.


    You'd be nuts to let them shoot that crap into you. The virus is more survivable than the flu! LOL! If the Vax works so well, anyone injected shouldn't care if I am or not, because they're safe.

    R Smith

    Don't forget that the CDC isn't accurately reporting all data as is done in most European countries. Compare the UK or other European countries data and one finds both deaths and hospitalizations are up higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated and the problem seems to get worse the greater the percentage of vaccinated people. Not only do the jabs not work as intended there is little data to support that it stops deaths or hospitalizations. The NPR report is a hit job and Nolte has proven himself to be another, "I got it, so you have to get it too" proselytizer.


    I've noticed that on Breitbart as well, it really undermines Andrew's web site that otherwise provides valuable reporting on events. This is not his only pro-vax-tyranny story, it's been going on for a bit. He's gone LGF-Drudge, for sure.


    L Todd, I believe that BB is nothing more than controlled opposition and people like Marlow and Nolte are hacks for the Rinos. Nolte is a full tilt moron and you know Marlow is when the callers are more informed than he is. They are not only pushing the vax, they are pushing rino politicians. Andrew Breitbart would fire all of them.


    Breitbart banned me from commenting when I noted their writing was inferior. That was a clue.

    No surprise that Nolte lacks God-given wisdom to avoid this poison. Read 2 Thes 2:3-12: God gave unbelievers over to a mass delusion to believe a lie.


    Andrew Breitbart’s coffee boy, Alex Marlow has been pushing this vaccine garbage for several months now. If anyone has a differing opinion, we are labeled “tribal” and ignorant. He and Nolte are consummate arrogant assholes. Breitbart is rapidly becoming Drudgebart.


    If it's any consolation Todd - I saw the Nolte article this AM and passed reading. This PM not found on BB page 1... had to search for it. It's written in editorial, somewhat flippant style...

    I wish we could see prosecution of parties restricting distribution of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to prescription channels. Prescribed Ivermectin got me thru testing WuhanV positive, back to work soon after 2 days being totally trashed.


    Nolte's been pushing this delusion for a few months now. You're right, he either regrets his decision or he's been paid to push the vax. Either way, most folks tune him out when he goes on his vax rants. He should stay in his Hollyweird reporter lane.

    3 Eyed Man

    All I know is that there was no vaccine for The Black Plague and civilization survived through herd immunity. The vaccine actually inhibits immunity of more than the Plandemic vehicle. However, I see the positive of this in that the vaccine will "cull the herd" of all the really stupid sheep who are without the ability to reason.

    Steve O'Neil

    I couldn't agree with you more Ulno, Nolte sure is following in Drudge's footsteps. Warning to Breitbart, better shape up or face the same dismal following that Matt Drudge now has. There are other news sources out there, I already have one foot out the door of Breitbart, it won't take much more for me to step out all the way and for good! Give Nolte and Alex Marlow the boot while you still have a following, or lose it all.


    Why is Breitbart pushing the vaccines, and why is NewsMax doing the same thing? Why are so-called conservative news outlets perpetuating the same lies as the MSM regarding the fake pandemic, and these fake (killer) vaccines?


    If we're supposed to trust the government, why won't they answer these questions honestly?

    1. Why did the CDC secretly change the definition of "vaccine" on their website right before the Pfizer COVID-19 drug was approved?

    2. Why is natural immunity almost totally ignored or dismissed by the CDC?

    3. Why are children being forced to take an experimental blood-clotting drug when their risk is almost ZERO and it won't stop transmission anyway?

    4. Why does Fauci continue to deny gain of function research against clear proof that he did and still continues to do so?

    5. What exactly is an mRNA modifying spike protein and how does that totally differ than a normal vaccine?

    6. Why are we continuing to be forced to wear cloth masks that don't work?

    7. Why does the CDC deny Ivermectin use for COVID-19?

    8. Why does the CDC continue to deny VAERS data showing significant numbers of adverse reactions/deaths from the COVID shots and claim the vaccine is still safe?

    9. Why is the government forcing massive nationwide lockdowns knowing it doesn't stop the spread but it does hurt the economy?

    10. Why does the U.S. government continue to administer the emergency-authorized drug in the U.S. instead of the legally approved one?

    George Resnick

    Andrew Breibart must be turning over in his grave. Leaves one to wonder how much much this organization is receiving from Big Pharma and/or Bill Gates... I am going to hit unsubscribe on the next Breitbart email I get.


    More 'swamp scum' floating to the surface.

    Janine Gutkind

    There are numerous so-called conservatives, including websites such as the NYPOST et al who advocate for not allowing individual freedoms and liberties.....not to mention many conservs who are also race supremacists who make the true conservs look really bad. One can't be a conservative with these ungodly tendencies. Either God or the creature. Can't have both.


    because its lucifarian not science, i would think that is obvious by now.


    because its lucifarian not science, i would think that is obvious by now.

    hey hey my my


    Breitbart is first ad formats a ziocon operation, always has been.


    I thought that they became part of the controlled opposition after Andrew was killed for threatening to release a massive 0bama expose?


    We all know that "statistics" can be created to prove almost anything, especially when you start out with a conclusion and use stats to "prove" it. It seems this is what Nolte and Marlow are up to here. It is likely that the collected numbers come from cases reported primarily in southern (read conservative) states during the late summer Covid surge there. Additionally, many of the conservative districts are rural with small populations. Using "cases per 100,000" as the measure will tend to inflate the percentage numbers in small populations and reduce them in areas with larger populations (typically liberal oriented). It would be interesting to re-do the numbers using the northern states now. Since election votes are NOT counted as a percentage per 100,000, it would be more informative to use raw numbers nationwide and see what happens. Bet that it will not show the same, warped result that these guys are touting.

    John H2O

    Awesome! I read that article yesterday and was "gobsmacked" that Breitbart was allowing that pile of bovine secretions to be published! I thought I was reading the WAPO rag or a similarly useless leftist propaganda organ. I ripped Nolte a new one in my comments, but I was pretty polite and respectful doing it. I am glad that this website picked up on that article and bashed Breitbart for even publishing such leftist trash.

    michael savell

    Surely most or at least some people read the views of the real experts and what I mean by real is those who are not paid by big pharma.
    This is a lethal shot and nobody but the makers know what it will do to people in time.Those who have survived so far are counting their chickens.The date that the real operation envisaged by the masters is coming to fruition is 2030 so they expect a very large amounts of death by then.Take a look at those exempt from having the shot and those that say they have had the shot but were only given a placebo.
    All the people who can be of use to them will be spared but the peons will be spare parts.What a horrible world this has become,full of psychopaths.Makes me wonder whether they have found a way of living forever,this might seem a bit far-fetched but I have read theories.


    He is joining former President Trump in doing so. Which casts doubt on Trump's supposed errors in his choices of aides and such. Nolte has always been suspect to me.


    personally, i still do read BB. and EVERY TIME is see nolte go on one of his "vax rants", i loudly & "colorfully" excoriate the idiot.
    i have learned MANY "alternate spellings" for the words i use to let the idiots at BB know what i think. and get many thumbs up for it as do most who call him out on this. he ALWAYS comes off as a self important a-hole imo. and the fact that BB let's him curse over and over and over again, with mostly Fbombs, just shows that BB is all about rules for thee and not for me.
    cheers all

    Rich Baris



    this is why i stopped going to breitbart after the 2020 election, things like this, how they bowed down to the deep state and didnt even bother with going after the obvious massive corruption and what could plai9nly be seen as a coup.

    they are just another liberal drudge report that true conservatives need to dump en masse. Its a shame that there are so many poison pills in the GOP side of things.

    Mike Bivins

    Subscribe to mercola.com. Straight up facts. You’ll never hear this on fox cnn msdnc or any MSM. the faux vax is not even a vax it’s gene therapy and the populace are willing labeats with Stockholm Syndrome. Oh no you’re not vaxxed I’m in danger, but if you’re not safe why get vaxxed? Oh and Covidiots and there virtue signaling masks that are useless

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