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    December 24, 2021
    Image by Michiel4

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    Guest post by former Pharma executive Duane Armstrong

    Once upon a time in this country the health and welfare of its citizens were held in the highest regard and every attempt was made to not only protect citizens, but to encourage the development of new medicines that would effectively and safely enhance their daily lives.

    We saw the advent of the miraculous polio vaccine which saved millions of lives and eradicated the dreaded disease for future generations. That achievement was followed by vaccines that defeated diseases such as chicken pox and measles. These vaccines were both efficacious and safe and have proven to be so over time.

    That brings us to the current controversy over the Covid-19 vaccines. At the time of this writing the vaccines have been shown to be neither efficacious nor safe. Even the staunchest advocates now admit the vaccines do not prevent infection nor prevent the transmission of the virus. Therefore, they do not fit the historical definition of a vaccine and should not be referred to as a vaccine. They are merely therapeutic agents.

    The purpose of this discussion is what the advocates do not want to talk about: the problematic safety profiles of the mRNA drugs. Why is that and how does this compare with what we have seen historically in the world of pharmaceuticals? How have drugs with troublesome safety profiles been addressed?

    I had the honor and privilege to have a career in pharmaceuticals, working for both Abbott Laboratories and Johnson and Johnson, the last 25 years in Sales and Marketing Management. I hold both organizations in high esteem because in my experiences I witnessed nothing but integrity and exemplary professional conduct. That is why when I compare then to what I see today, I am very concerned and disappointed. I still believe that by and large the industry is honorable, but when I look at how the high numbers of vaccine-related injuries and deaths are being ignored by authorities in government, regulating agencies and industry, I have concluded that is time to sound the alarm.

    Depending on the severity of adverse reactions, drugs that have shown significant issues have either been restricted or removed from usage. If one looks at the number of drugs over time that have been removed from the market, compared to the number of drugs developed and made available, that number is relatively small. That is a tribute to the exactness of the clinical studies conducted prior to drugs being made available for public consumption, but also to the self-policing of the industry.

    Everyone remembers the Thalidomide story in the 1960s. The drug was an effective therapeutic, but when very serious unexpected adverse events developed, it was correctly removed from the market. Let’s look at other examples of how the safety of the consuming public was protected.

    There is no better example than how Johnson and Johnson responded to the infamous Tylenol poisonings in the early ‘80s. Someone in Chicago tampered with Tylenol capsules by lacing them with potassium cyanide. This resulted in the deaths of 7 innocent people. J&J has a document called the CREDO, which is a statement of their business ethics and responsibilities. The number one responsibility is to the people who use their products, and on that basis, the company immediately issued a national withdrawal of every Tylenol package that could be tampered with. This action cost the company millions of dollars but the CREDO demanded that the consumer be protected. The product was ultimately made available in tamper-proof packaging and regained its status as an effective pain reliever.

    On the subject of J&J, one of its companies, McNeil Pharmaceutical, introduced a prescription pain reliever, Zomax, in 1980. The drug was an instant success and quickly became a drug of choice for treating a variety of pain conditions. In 1983 the drug was removed from the market.

    Why? A severe anaphylaxis appeared which had not been seen during clinical trials. Five people died from the anaphylaxis, and again, because of the CREDO the drug was removed. During the three years only 1,100 adverse effects had been recorded. Keep these numbers in mind when we look at the mRNA drugs.

    Similarly, McNeil introduced another pain reliever, Suprol, a couple of years later. After considerable usage, some unwanted renal effects appeared which had not been seen in the clinical studies, so again the drug was removed based on the CREDO.

    Abbott Laboratories is a major supplier of hospital intravenous fluids as well as prescription drugs. Intravenous fluids are consistently tested in-house to detect any possible contamination. Twice in the late ‘60s certain lot numbers of fluids were found to have slight contamination and those lot numbers were immediately removed from hospitals and replaced.

    In 1992 Abbott introduced an antibiotic named Omniflox. It was launched in February and removed from the market in June. In those 4 months there were 50 unexpected adverse events, no deaths. On the basis of the AEs, the drug was withdrawn.

    Burroughs-Wellcome introduced a drug named Wellbutrin in 1985. Because of an unusual occurrence of seizures, the drug was withdrawn in 1986.

    In 1976 regulators pulled the Swine Flu vaccine because it was linked to 25 deaths. The mRNA Vaccines

    So what has changed since the introduction of the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J “vaccines”? For the answers let’s go to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci.” All of his research is documented and annotated.

    “Pathogenic Priming? Covid vaccines are Linked to Increased Deaths and Hospitalizations.”

    “Dr. Fauci and President Biden, presumably with Dr. Fauci’s prompting, told Americans that 98% of serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths were among the unvaccinated. This was a lie. Real world data from nations with high Covid jab rates show the complete converse of this narrative; the resumption of infections in all those countries accompanied an explosion of hospitalizations, severe cases and deaths among the vaccinated! Mortalities across the globe.....with the vaccinated dying in higher numbers than the non-vaccinated. These data cemented suspicions that the feared phenomenon of pathogenic priming has arrived, and is now wreaking havoc.”


    “Following its pioneering world record vaccine rollout, Gibraltar saw an immediate spike in deaths, suffering 2,853 fatalities per million inhabitants, a European per capita mortality record. During the first days of the rollout..........some 84 elderly died immediately after vaccination.”


    “Over a period of 7 months preceding October 2021, some 60% of those Brits who died from Covid were double vaccinated. Of people hospitalized in the last 7 months, 157,000 were double vaccinated. There were more per capita deaths among the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated.”


    “According to October 2021 data...............vaccinated individuals accounted for a shocking 87% of all new Covid hospitalizations,..................suggesting that those who have taken the experimental vaccine are more likely to experience adverse reactions and become hospitalized.”


    “................October 2021 showed 87% of those who had died from Covid-19 in the third wave that began in early July were fully vaccinated.”


    “The vaccinated represented the majority of those hospitalized. By the end of July, some 71% ..........were fully vaccinated. August deaths were more frequent among the fully vaccinated patients.”
    “On August 5, 2021, Dr. Kobi Havia, director of the Herzog Hospital, reported that 95% of severely ill Covid-19 patients are fully vaccinated, and that vaccinated Israelis make up 85% to 90% of Covid-related hospitalizations overall.”


    “Vermont is America’s most vaccinated state. On October 10, 2021, with 86% of its citizens fully vaccianted, Vermont officials reported............that more than three-quarters of Vermont’s September Covid-19 deaths occurred in the fully vaccinated.”

    “................Massachusetts, which has a vaccination rate nearly as perfect as Vermont’s.......Covid-19 cases were more than four times higher in the Bay State in September 2021 compared to the previous September. Half the deaths were among the fully jabbed and with an unknown number among the partially vaxxed.”

    US Covid Vaccines Caused Record Deaths

    “Despite CDC’s efforts to hide the carnage in the US, even the dysfunctional VAERS system has recorded unprecedented waves of documented deaths following Covid vaccines.” “................between 12/14/2020 and 10/1/2021, have reported more than 16,000 deaths and a total of 778,685 injuries................”

    “The European surveillance sites tallied 40,000 deaths and 2.2 million adverse reactions. Due to.........those numbers are certainly only a fraction of the true injuries.”

    “Health workers have administered many billions of vaccines during the past 32 years, yet in just 8 months, the Covid vaccines have injured and killed far more Americans than all other vaccines combined over three decades.”

    It seems that almost every day we are hearing more and more evidence of the failure of vaccines to perform as marketed. No matter how much Fauci and his minions engage in fear mongering and attempts to try to fool the public on the value of these vaccines, the truth of vaccine failure and mounting injuries and death is becoming a reality. The people need to step up, push back and say enough is enough to those spreading lies and deceit.

    Once upon a time a drug with the failure rate of these vaccines would have been rejected. Once upon a time a drug with a safety profile this injurious and deadly would have been removed.

    We all remember when the health and welfare of the American people were the number one priority of every public and private institution......... once upon a time.

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    CDM Staff

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    Kelleigh Nelson

    What a load of horse hockey. They have always been about money, better go back and check out Tuskegee Syphilis experiment, Thalidomide, the Polio vaccine, Celebrex, Vioxx and God knows how many other killer drugs and experiments. I wrote about the top four and every one of them has been sued because of their drugs or vaxes doing damage.

    You really believe this Covid vax is any different? They're doing the bidding of stakeholders (snakeholders) higher up than them by getting rid of Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security recipients. They can't afford 120 million collecting what they paid into for their entire lives. Why? Because they've borrowed and used the money fraudulently, so murder of the "useless eaters" was their choice. All of them are in on it.


    Kelleigh, thanks for calling this author out. He was too close for too many years to understand that
    Big Pharma started with John D. Rockefeller back in the 1920's. One of the most corrupt individuals
    on the planet and spawned at least one son David to take his place. I printed out the list of drugs pulled from the
    market over the last several decades. Some drugs are missing from the list, but the list is (8) full 8 x 10 pages. Many
    reasons for removal. Many for abuse, many for cancer, organ failure and many many diseases. What it says to me
    is the process for testing is seriously flawed and the approval process is corrupt. Lastly, I pray that God will punish
    all those that subject animals to inhuman treatments and observe over days watching them suffer until they die.
    The stories I have read make me ill. For anyone reading this who suggests that I pass on drugs produced this way, you
    have your wish. I do not want to exist at the expense of a baby who has been sacrificed nor a monkey a dog, etc. This
    life is short Eternity is for ever.
    Is this what humanity has come to? God help us.

    Zara Marshall

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