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    USAF Insider Blows Whistle On 'Dangerous Situation' Of Women In Special Operations Combat Roles

    January 7, 2022

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    An anonymous insider with U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) has blown the whistle on what the person calls 'a dangerous situation' regarding training woman for combat roles in the command.

    Excerpts from the complaint are below:

    I am writing this anonymously for fear of reprisal or retribution from current Congress members, Air Force leadership, and the Special Tactics/Special Operations Forces (SOF) leadership. I need to blow the whistle on an ongoing dangerous and comprising situation. This issue resides at multiple levels – starting with representatives of Congress, the Air Force Special Operations Command Commander, and leadership from the 24th Special Operations Wing. My hope is that this story gets shared enough to spark change for the SOF community, and offer a more scrutinized look at the process of accepting women into combat roles...

    Some women may be physically and mentally ready to serve in these direct- combat roles; however, standards for SOF Operator men and women must be upheld in order to see progression in the community and maintain the lethality of SOF units. Unfortunately, the manner in which Congress and Air Force Special Operations Command is approaching the topic is degrading the force and jeopardizes the readiness, and lives, of Special Tactics Operators/Special Operations Forces and boots-on-the-ground forces...

    Of note, a large issue regarding this idea within SOF resides in Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). Lieutenant General James Slife, the AFSOC Commander, is a major player to the degradation of SOF standards by pushing a female, Captain Morgan Mosby, through the Special Tactics training pipeline after she made the choice to self-eliminate/quit...

    The full complaint can be seen at the bottom of this email in PDF format.

    AFSOC Commander Lt. General Slife's rebuttal is below:












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    It's been common knowledge, forever, that military and first responder units habitually lower their standards in order to accommodate females. Seems like common sense to maintain the rigorous standards that makes these units effective and admit anyone, regardless of sex, as long as they qualify. Equality of opportunity.


    Maybe only accept transgender women? Voila!: Problem solved!


    Over my service time, I watched a gradual but steady degradation in standards along the entire spectrum of MOS's in the Army. Certain MOS's (jobs) in the Army do not require the same physical standards as others. Some do not require the same level of education/training as others. Electronics techs, clerks, truck drivers, supply techs and so forth don't need the physical strength and stamina as does a combat medic. Yet, I witnessed over and over the lowering of standards in many areas. Can't do the required number of pull-ups? Okay, we will drop that requirement. But what happens when you need to pull down the risers for a slip turn? Lots and lots of other examples.


    All those pathetic "strong" women wanted equality, but only served to lower standards. One sees it everywhere, from fire fighting to child raising. Men have been dismissed and it way past time that men take back your alpha position in society.

    Yitshak Shamir

    Good points all! Except from the general. Everybody is good at something, you just have to apply them to what they are good at, and not to what they are not good at! There are women who can meet male spec ops standards, but very few. Consider making a spec ops pipeline for females that focus on where, and what, a female spec ops are good at. Consider locations where buffed mil age males, in groups, would stand out like a sore thumb? The same locations where women could maneuver, and operate like ghosts. Consider all the styles of razor edged knives, and their applications. Every hunter carries two knives. A battle knife, and a skinner. Each is equally deadly when used for their intended use. Consider an AO like DC. A team of male SEALs would have their operations hampered by politicians trying to pick them up and take them home. But a team of female Specops would be totally ignored!

    Frank Johnson

    Everyone knows it's true except for the few who can't face realityl




    This is an example of equity, not equality. Equality upholds the same standards for everyone regardless of sex. To do otherwise, is to compromise unit integrity, readiness and survivability.


    hmmn, she was on the USAF track team , 800m, smacks of preferential treatment fore sure.


    The "women in the military" push started in the early 70's when post-draft recruiting was not going well. At the time every officer and NCO knew that females would be granted every accommodation necessary to prevent the gender integration effort from failing.

    When I retired women were well established in the non-combat components of the army. I don't think they made the army "better" in any sense as physical standards were lowered to accommodate them. They did, however, help the services meet their "manning" goals while appeasing the "militant" feminists of the day.


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