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    Information From Harvard University On Ukrainian Nazi-Affiliated Movements

    March 3, 2022
    Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland

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    CORRECTION 3/4/22: We initially said this file was pulled from the FBI archives, but the information is from Harvard University. We will be posting information from the FBI archives shortly.

    CDMedia has been trying to get to the bottom of the Nazi-collaborator narrative pushed by Russia and other groups regarding certain nationalist socialist aligned factions in Ukraine.

    The paper written below was published by Harvard University on Ukraine.

    CDMedia will be releasing more documents in the near term on this issue. The reader can then make up his own mind.

    Here are the first two paragraphs...

    The political rehabilitation of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (Orhanizatsiya Ukrayins’kykh Natsionalistiv – OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (Ukrayinska Povstans’ka Armiya – UPA) became one of the central political issues in post-Soviet Ukraine, especially after the Orange Revolution in 2004 and the Euromaidan in 2014.1 Petro Poroshenko during his presidency after the Euromaidan and Viktor Yushchenko’s during his presidency 2005 to 2010, along with the ruling and far right parties, the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, and most of mass media outlets, pursued the complete political rehabilitation of the OUN and the UPA. They portrayed these organizations as a mass national liberation movement that fought against both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union for Ukrainian independence, and they presented the leaders of the OUN and the UPA as national heroes.

    In 2018, Petro Poroshenko made the Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes! greeting of the Stepan Bandera faction of the OUN the official greeting of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ukrainian police. The Ukrainian parliament declared in 2018 all OUN and UPA members as war veterans who are eligible for government benefits. The new law eliminated previous exclusion of members of these far right organizations who committed crimes and were not rehabilitated because of their participation in the Nazi-led genocide, the ethnic cleansing of Poles, and other mass killings. Another law, which was adopted by the parliament in 2015, declared the OUN and the UPA members as fighters for Ukrainian independence and stipulated that Ukrainians and foreigners are subject to prosecution for showing public disrespect towards members of these organizations. Such policies concerning the OUN and the UPA were condemned by the governments of Israel, Poland, and Russia...

    The entire PDF can be downloaded below.












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    CDM Staff

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    jack johnson

    The Ukranian government is heavily infiltrated by neo-Nazis. The Azoz Battalion is a rebel fighter group that evolved from the neo-Nazi group "Patriots of Ukraine". The Azoz Battalion is an actual part of the Ukranian army. It was the neo-Nazi group C14 that was killing ethnic Russians in the Donbass region, violating the original Minsk Accord of 2015.

    Americans would be shocked to learn who they are supporting in this war. We are sending billions in cash and weaponry to some nefarious people. Ukraine is being led to slaughter by its supporters. They should call for a cease fire and give Eastern Ukraine to Russia and call it a day. Hopefully Putin isn`t too hot to accept a deal.

    All this cheerleading of Ukraine fighting back and Zalensky is going to get Ukranians killed in masses.


    Ukraine has long been a breeding, feeding, and training ground for neo-nazis which is the single most reason why the race supremacist Joe Biden supports ukraine.


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