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    Buffalo Shooter References Ukrainian Azov Battalion Nazi Symbols, Hated Those Opposing US Involvement In Ukraine Conflict

    May 14, 2022

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    The Buffalo shooter published a manifesto which showed support for the same symbols used by the Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine. He also expressed hatred for those against US military involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

    In other words, he supported the globalist agenda in Ukraine and showed sympathy for Nazi elements in-country.

    He also expressed hatred for Fox News, which is opposite what mainstream reporting is putting out.

    "On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category..."

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    Although during WWII there was a Ukrainian NAZI Battalion, the so called modern version is the same historical unit, however I'm told by Ukrainians that they are not really NAZI's but act like they are because it freaks out and pisses off the Russians.


    That’s not what I’ve heard. The nazis are pretty strong in Ukraine. And Ukraine is so incredibly corrupt that a group, like that can get away with it. And anyway the Ukrainian nazis had a legitimate gripe. Stalin murdered six million Ukrainians so when the time came to conscript the Ukrainian boys they threw in with the nazis because they knew what Stalin was capable of. Todays version has no such gripe.


    Yes. There is an article on this site linking the Azov as agent provocateurs and infiltrators during the Jan.6th protest. The Azov are aligned with Antifa and BLM


    This little toad should be swinging from the end of a rope by the end of the night if anyone had any integrity anymore.


    The shooter must have Joe Biden in mind, being that Biden is a longtime kkk associate and sympathizer---all which his demonic party has tried (in vain) to hide and cover up. Note the glaring fact that Zelensky also was displayed with the nazi iron cross symbol on his shirt which is the MAIN reason why the Biden creature aligned himself with Z, aside from the fact that Biden hopes to join in some elitist-globalist club.


    The "manifesto" reads like a left wing nut bag wrote it in an attempt to disparage the right. Kind of odd that it hits on practically every point the left uses to demonize the right


    Or largely written by an FBI agent.


    These things always come up at the most opportune time for the Left. Curious. And, of course, the Left always mischaracterizes these events and the perps, when they are White.

    jack johnson

    This nutjob had praised the New Zealand Mosque mass shooter Brenton Tarrant. In Tarrant`s manifesto he cited his relationship with the Azov Battalion, he revealed he had followed their teachings and even visited the country of Ukraine. He also was wearing Azov symbols on his combat gear when he killed 51 and wounded 49. The Azov Battalion has spread into a transnational organization known as RWE, it`s not just a Ukrainian problem.

    These pro Ukrainian backers supporting this war will say the Azov neo-Nazis is not current and non-existent. But just on May 9th, "Victory Day" which Russia celebrates as the day they liberated the world from Nazi Germany......Zelenskyy and his Ministry of Defense issued the message on Telegram and Instagram. They included a written message and included 10 pictures. The very first picture shows a Ukrainian soldier wearing the German 'Waffen SS' squad`s "Totenkopf" or Dead Head symbol on his uniform. When this obvious show of Nazism was noted they had to remove the picture.

    This is the people our tax dollars and politicians are supporting in this war. This explains why there is a solid support around the world for a Russian victory even though you would never hear about it from western media. I`m disgusted by our country and some citizens who blindly support this filth in Ukraine.


    How convenient. Seems like everything in this manifesto is what the gov is pushing about Ukraine.
    Very convenient that Congress votes to send $40 billion to Ukraine then Rand Paul delays that vote on the 13th. Then this happens the next day.
    FIB and Clowns In Action operation all the way.

    Scotty Gunn

    Far Left looney, recruited and groomed to make the Right look bad and to try to usher in new gun laws. Many similarities to the New Zealand shooter.


    Talk about falling off the fence, that confused little boy thinks Ukrainians and Russian's killing each other will stop replacement theory, last time I checked they are both, mostly, West of the Urals are European people. Me thinks those mind-altering drugs his therapist was feeding him caused a psychotic snap!


    First I would like to thank you for having a comment section I don't have to sign into. Thank you.
    The shooter left messages in his manifest. On the site nowtheendbegins dot com and the pastor of this site ran algorithms on it and the results are shocking!! He was a patsy.


    Kate here again with a correction on my last post. The article is on a website called dcdirtylaundry dot com. My apologies. The other website is an excellent end times website.


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