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    FLASHBACK: Part 1 - Was January 6th violence A Ukrainian Military Special Operation To destroy Donald Trump?

    June 10, 2022

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    That question by itself is a mouthful considering the political climate in 2022. Given the secretive nature of a “military spec op” and the degree of difficulty investigating the kind of action where all traces need to point away from the actors, I need to disclose how I got to the place where this question became the only obvious one I can ask. 

    The following will show circumstantially and logically why this wrinkle in the J6 investigation deserves qualified eyes on it to further and finish or put it to bed once and for all.

    If you’ve followed the J6 investigation at all you’re familiar with this image. XRVision’s report on Sergei Dybynyn went viral across media. Directly after the event, I was contacted by XRVison’s CEO Jacob Applebaum to confirm the ID and build Dybynyn’s profile which is all the information known about this man and his motivation at Capitol Hill on January 6th.

    As an investigative journalist, it’s not out of the ordinary to be contacted like this. I’ve been contacted on an irregular basis for different types of issues over the years by attorneys, private concerns, groups, companies, and security experts over the years on issues ranging from personal safety to national and international issues. 

    The single most important point across the board is understanding the limits of the work. There’s a line between investigative journalism or reports, and official criminal investigations. 

    Crossing that line as a journo could corrupt a criminal investigation. The most obvious way is allowing perps to clean up before criminal investigators have a chance to look at it.

    The above lead-in is meant to show how seriously I take these threads of investigation. 

    Disclosure- I live and work out of Donbass which has been at war with Ukraine for the last 8 years. 

    It puts me in the weird position of wishing the evidence trace led to a different group and a different country because of current events. January 6th was a breach of national security with the approval of Washington leadership. 

    There isn’t any other explanation for the lack of preparedness, lack of police personnel onsite by anti-Trump Congressional leaders in charge of the Sargent-at-Arms, and refusal to call in the National Guard which after all the hoopla was over was found to be a phone call away.

    We don't do domestic [intelligence] collection,"Jonathan Hoffman, a Pentagon spokesman said. "We rely on Capitol Police and federal law enforcement to provide an assessment of the situation. And based on that assessment that they had, they believed they had sufficient personnel and did not make a request."

    At first blush, I traced the obvious which was the violence at Trump rallies back to 2017 in Charlottesville to start building a pattern that opened into a starting point. 

    Initially, the most striking aspect of the January 6th riot was the two-month lead-up to the event. All the headlines read like – Trump rally violence, Proud Boys rally violence, Trump rally stabbings, etc. Other than selective articles, the perps are hidden and tone and context point to “everything Trump” and “far-right” as the originator of the violence even though the perpetrators of most of the violence were Antifa/BLM groups. 

    Going back to spring 2016, we see the emergence of “right-wing” nationalists. One of the more notable is Richard Spencer who came in at the right time to make a media splash he knew would hurt the Trump campaign. The Trump-far right- nationalist story was born.

    After the damage was done, he denounced Trump and in 2020 voted for Joe Biden because the nationalist policies of the DNC were much closer to his. Spencer’s people were visibly absent on January 6th.

    Mathew Heimbach’s legal defense for the 2017 Charlottesville violence was built around “Donald Trump told me to do it,” and “Donald Trump should pay my legal fees.”

    In 2020, Heimbach renounced nationalism/fascism publically until July 2021. Heimbach was an initial suspect for J6 by many investigators but his groups for some magical reason didn’t participate. 

    This struck me as odd as an athlete winning all the accolades they could at local, state, and national levels refusing to participate in the Olympics even though they were guaranteed the gold. 

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    Discrediting Donald Trump at J6 was the gold Heimbach and his groups were working for. Their goal from 2016 onward was discrediting Donald Trump as a right-wing extremist. 

    The short paragraphs above lead to a point of methodology I used after finding enough of a pattern to suspect a military op. When there are no positive confessions or onsite IDs made, you start investigating the negative space at the peripheries of the event. 

    In the case of Heimbach, he wasn’t there. All stop on that count. The negative space inquiry starts by asking why? Did they know something? Both are plank holders in the push nationalism at all costs, ie, destroy Trump and push Biden groups. 

    Nationalism is fascism at the top and socialism maintains the lower class at the bottom. Rising is based on your commitment to the party structure.

    The 2nd important point is at the beginning of any inquiry, ignore the obvious and try to prove the visibly egregious possible perps innocence at the start. If nothing else, this cuts down the number of possible actors and motives involved as you progress.

    Antifa’s involvement in J6 is an example of this. Videos show a small group that looks like Antifa changing into “pro” Trump attire and Jake Sullivan became the poster boy of Antifa’s non-involvement.

    Destroying Donald Trump was a primary goal of this group beginning in late 2016 after the election. Antifa/BLM understand the power of violence and what it would do for Donald Trump’s chances of getting a fair hearing in the Senate over the election. Yet again, we have negative space. Antifa/BLM involvement wasn’t enough directly to go beyond a few anecdotes.

    Considering the amount of violence all the groups perpetrated over the last two years, specifically during the months leading up to the J6 hearing, they seemed to miss their shining moment.

    What about MAGA? Outside of the involvement of these groups which can be traced to infiltrating the Trump campaign in 2016 or responding to assault from these groups, MAGA supporters have been peaceful. 

    So what changed leading into January 6th, 2021? 

    We have three very obvious suspects to ignite violence and they all opted out. This is the negative space I started looking into. These three groups have to be in concert with a fourth besides supporting the DNC and Biden-Harris. 

    This fourth group needs to have the clout with the first three groups to make them willing nonparticipants. To do this, it also needs the capability of instigating large group violence, controlling it, the ability to step it up to extreme levels, participating where needed, and remaining unseen participants doing so. 

    What major point of commonality do Antifa, BLM, and White nationalists have to make this union possible?

    All three groups are nationalists (fascists). In this article, I detailed the following highlights about Antifa and BLM. 

    1. Antifa works with Right Sector and Azov Battalion in Ukraine. Their Pirate Party affiliation makes them part of the “Greens” coalition current German Foreign Minister Baerbock subscribes to.
    2. The Greens represent both the Pirate Party/Antifa and Ukrainian Azov and Right Sector concerns in the EU Parliament. InformNapalm is a Right Sector information operation group.
    1. BLM and Antifa are Julius Evola fascists like the Ukrainian nationalists

    Recategorizing BLM and Antifa from their self-proclaimed socialism is a leap for some people until you realize the Waffen SS was a subgroup of the original Antifa in Germany. That’s detailed in the link above.

    But what about BLM? Shown here, BLMs tied to another modern Julius Evola fascist group called ISIS to make the point clear. ISIS leaders are students of 1930s Italian fascist philosophy rather than Islam.

    Spencer and Heimbach’s groups openly follow fascist philosophy which is based again on Evola.

    For the nationalist, there is no enemy outside your country, the enemy is always within. Outside threats make nationalist control over people easier. Dissent from within is the problem. That single reality should clear up a few myths about Biden.

    So now we have a common tie between groups outside the nationalist Democratic Party. If you peruse the two articles in detail, Antifa and BLM are both tied to the Ukrainian lobby in WDC and both directly to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion and Right Sector through the Diaspora nationalists filling their ranks and elevating the violence during their riots.

    Heimbach’s “Traditionalist” ideology has a base in Julius Evola’s fascism.

    This is James Nolan Mason, chief ideologue for Atomwaffen, a US-based Nazi group Heimbach is affiliated.

    “[Atomwaffen Division] are good friends of ours.”– Matthew Heimbach, on Discord, Nov. 22, 2017

    So we see this so-called pro-Russian nationalist has more in common with Azov than he does with the Kremlin. Heimbach’s National Bolshevism (read national socialism) aligns with groups that want to overthrow the current government in Moscow. The civil war in Ukraine brought them into a semi-alignment but it is a single issue.



    George Eliason

    George Eliason is an American journalist living and working in Donbass. He provided some of the earliest news coverage at the beginning of the Ukraine conflict and some coverage from the frontline in the Ukrainian civil war as well as analysis of the conflict. Eliason was noted by the New York Times, 60 Minutes, and the Heritage Foundation's Foreign Policy Magazine as the earliest and a primary source of information about Ukrainegate, Obamagate, and the coup against Donald Trump. He has been interviewed by the New York Times, RT, Press TV, and the BBC. His articles on the Intel community and agency overstep has been noted by Project Censored as the second most important stories with national signifigancein 2018 for going beyond WikiLeaks coverage on the dangers private Intelligence companies present to national security and world peace. Eliason has been been published in Modern Diplomacy, the Security Assistance Monitor, Washingtonsblog Consortium News, OpedNews, and Zero Hedge among many other publications.
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    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. So far not there from what I can see. Its not impossible, but highly improbable.

    To say that events stretching all the way back from Charlottesville to J6 would imply that components of the DNC itself would have to be complicit. I say that because there is no love between the Clinton camp and the Biden camp as efforts were mounted early to NOT have Clinton run again. Finally never assume that correlated events have symmetric actors behind them.

    George Eliason

    Read part 2 and decide. Looking forward to the comment.


    Is there a link to part 2 please.... Very interested in this story. As a fellow journalist, I understand that your reputation is on the line for what you write, there are notes somewhere. 🙂 bring it... I want more.

    George olson

    thats exactly what happened, great reporting , now go into hiding i hope, deep state would sqash this if within their power, perhaps they are just spent

    CG Molinari

    When will Part 2 be released? I absolutely know this is true. I knew Richard Spencer was a plant by the Left from day 1. The Left leaning tv show Vice did a piece on Spencer shortly before the weird "March" in Charlottesville even took place. He was showing off his weapons (never used) and their brand new matchy matchy black tees, ironed jeans and shiny black boots plus cute tiki torches as props. (Spare me)

    All they were doing was marching down the street halfway in step, uttering epithets against jews and whatever they could remember from their obviously scripted play...as soon as they arrived close to the animal pen holding Antifa, the local cops opened the gates, and it seemed as if they were pushing the Antifa soy boys out in the street just as the White, less than supreme Actors arrived when they began slapping and hitting each other. Obviously the black clothed "nationalists" had no idea Antifa doesn't play well with others since they were armed with bicycle chains with locks attached, skateboards for bashing in heads and boards with nails sticking out.

    The cops had stand down orders but I suppose when blood began flowing and serious injuries were probably going to happen they did a little to move them apart while Spencer and the rest began running away. Naturally it was later revealed Spencer was just a shill for the Left after all. There is never an act disgusting enough for the Left to stop before the worst happens. January 6th is their most despicable to date and the truly disgusting Committee is hopefully the nail on the coffin of a huge gasp of death to their attempt to take down Trump. They need to fail and fail by epic proportions.


    The author's definition of "nationalism" is off, where he states that nationalism is fascism at the top and socialism at the bottom. Nationalism usually refers to being oriented towards national sovereignty rather than acquiescing to a centralized world government. The anti-nationalists, usually democrats or RINOs, try to portray nationalism as the root cause of wars. Countering that, globalism simply shifts tyranny to a higher scale, and sovereignty away from the individual over to an excessively powerful autocratic central government.

    And so given the choice of two evils, I say that globalism is by far the greater evil that must be countered by nationalism. Your nation of birth gives you life and some degree of freedom and a seat at the public table, while the oligarchy globalists push you to the bottom to be forced to accept (key word: forced) whatever they decide you should get and with no vote or participation on the decision making.

    There is more corruption the bigger and longer standing a government. i.e., the UN is certainly NOT a democratic institution, being entirely unelected. And the Davos WEF crowd, a shadow government that is fascist at it's core, continually shows themselves to be tyrants and morons with no moral true north, as evidenced by their stance during Covid to cover up Covid origins in the lab, while forcing people to accept experimental injections called mRNA vaccines. They have the "god complex" in assuming that all things must be theirs, and everybody else lives by their leave.

    This article is fraught with strangeness and contradictions. Have to give it the thumbs down.

    Catherine Kraning

    Well said, but I tend to think of what you define as nationalism as populism. Natl sovereignty, not globalism would do for each nation the best for its own populous.

    J. Michael

    The other players you're looking for are Pelosi and the FBI. The doors to the building were opened from the inside because they can't be opened otherwise.. they're magnetic locks. The whole thing was a setup to try to blame violence on Trump. He called for several thousand National Guard to be there but she shut him down, and that allowed the FBI informants and whatever other players were there to go ahead with the plan. It was always all about taking Trump down and getting that impeachment to happen. Problem is now the truth is coming out, and they're all screwed.


    This will be met with cries of “conspiracy theory” by the left meaning it too will be proven true, shortly!

    J. Lowe

    I am from Charlottesville and there was no "Trump Rally" in 2017 here or any time in history. You are speaking about the "Unite the Right" rally which authorized by the city and had absolutely nothing to do with Trump.
    Zero. This rally was actually filled with mostly peaceful protestors but included a handful of right and left wing agitators that perpetuated the violence much like J6 on a smaller scale. It was facilitated by the Charlottesville mayor and Governor of Virginia who told the State and Local police departments to stand down. Both agencies also bussed in out of town Antifa and BLM rioters to stoke the flames. The outcome was exactly what the local and state government wanted and planned.

    CG Molinari

    Thank you! You're completely correct and from the moment of the lame march, the media lied about what Trump said...they just choose to ignore video with Trump's actual words so they cut and paste until they get it right. Sorry geniuses, there are others with video. And you are also correct when you stated the Mayor and Gov. Perpetrated a lie when they gave Antifa and BLM rides to the fun and games; ALL to make Trump look bad. God these people are vile. Seriously, thanks again for reminding people of the truth.

    sharon sivori

    There is video proof that Azov members were here in the crowd January 6th! Where have you all been?

    Jason Borelli

    There’s always going to be people out there who even if you light them on fire would ask who’s burning lol, sad!


    Who is to really say? All this actually started when Obama helped overthrow Ukraine.


    Sorry, this borders on delusional.

    Kevin True

    Get photos of Azov in US capitol costumes

    Richard H

    So the guy writing this article says that ANTIFA and the claimed White Supremacist Nazi Ukrainian Azov people were working together. I find that very hard to believe. ANTIFA absolutely hates Nazis. This guy is really REACHING to make the Ukrainians....who he is against....look bad.

    George Eliason

    They have a history of working together in Ukraine.


    ANTIFA don't hate nazis. They act just like them. They just say they hate nazis, but they don't have a clue about nazis. Read more history and research more.

    Jason Borelli

    Are you serious, why are people so indoctrinated? Question everything or maybe you one of those people who think the government has your best interest at hand 🤷🏻‍♂️


    Sure why not?
    And as far as Richard H's comment, ANTIFA are Nazi's. They are the fascists they claim to be against.
    Look at their violence, they beat anyone who disagrees with them. No discussion, no debate. Only violence. Just like the Brownshirts and the Klan.

    Josie Boccabella

    Antifa are Nazis.


    Antifa and Ukraine Neo-Nazis are one and the same. Same dress, same flag and same ideology. They were also in Portland and I believe Ottawa. Where else?




    Ukraine will become failed state, that Azov will attempt to seize control. The US left has deep ties to Ukraine they do not want exposed hence they push the war. They are the Party of unintended consequences and that failed state will eventually expose them all. Too bad all those bodies, lives, homes, cities destroyed mean nothing to them. What leader (zelensky) would do this to his own Nation, his own people? He gains nothing, he will be hunted and his Country lies in ruins.

    Looking forward to part 2


    Hunted? He will probably retire comfortably to Miami.


    Timeline of alleged "sabotage" of Trump in 2016 by Democrats, Ukraine
    Republican senators request records related to reported Ukraine-Democrats' role in 2016 anti-Trump efforts Democrats deny both interference by Ukraine, and coordination between Ukraine and Democrats Timeline of key allegations and events follows This article was first published Nov. 24, 2019 The heads of two Senate committees are asking the FBI and the Department of Justice [...]


    Selected Truths tied together. One big missing element: support.
    In '08 Obama said: "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."
    And then came the expansion of Antifa...
    The day after Federal troops did catch-n-release of Antifa in Seattle, Antifa had all their names. How is that possible unless they are an extension of the fascist gov/corp network?
    "Men are either kings or pawns"

    A New Low

    You have written some whoppers of BS stories Gorgie-boy. This one takes the case. What a stupid, stupid bunch of absolute garbage. The only place this level of idiocy could possibly find a space to breathe was right here on CD Media. Well done Loser Todd Wood. When your own level of insane logic needs a boost of adrenaline just publish an article by comrade Georgie. Absurdity at its finest.

    George Eliason

    Joel Harding,
    Your comment show interest in protecting Azov. Congrats. How's your info war going?

    Patriot J

    I have a video clip from that day that lends credence to this theory. I was filming on the Capitol steps and someone just behind me was speaking a Slavic language on his phone. I thought of it as Russian at the time - but I don't speak it, or the Ukranian language, so I don't know specifically. I just remember thinking it seemed very out of place, so it really stood out to me.

    George Eliason

    Did it show up in your audio? I ID'd Sergei Dybynyn (Azov/Right Sector) who was part of 2 of the break-ins. It takes it out of the theoretical. If you have any video from around the pipe staging platforms, I'd be most interested. There's a particular guy handing out the pipes.

    George Eliason

    If the videos posted can you provide a link? if not, how can I contact you?

    Link to the truth

    The video can be found posted here thisiscompleteBS.com
    It is the same place where all of you supposed election fraud is stored


    How is the logic flawed? Just because you say so?

    Lynn Goldhammer

    The right wants freedom, liberty, personal property and responsibility, with minimal government control and strong nationalism: keep strong borders to protect within.

    The far left wants the opposite - massive government/controls. A few elites at the top with no limits and minimal rights for the rest, even removal of rights from some to create enemies within as the in-fighting helps weaken the country: Nazis vs Jews, Antifa/BLM vs. whites and conservatives.

    Far left (NOT RIGHT!) Nazis/fascists want ever expanding controls and land grabs: Hitler rose to power from the financial collapse of Germany, raising people back up (and so gaining support - notice and wild inflation - it’s part of the playbook), blaming a sector of society to create in-fighting (focus over there and forget the puppet masters and their illegal initiatives) and let’s expand our borders fighting all countries to expand borders/size. Sort of early Agenda 21.

    We need to take back our language: the far right wants peace, liberty and a strong Nation to maintain those and other rights. The fascist left wants full controls, no personal liberty and ever expanding power at the expense of all others: a small elite of endless power and wealth.

    I recently saw someone call Romney and his supporters far right Nazis. No, when he was running against Obama I made a list of issues and a column for each candidate, noting where each stood. They were shoulder to shoulder on every issuer Different parties - same side. RINO’s and DINO’s are far left Nazi New World Order extremists: doesn’t matter if they put a R or a D behind their names. Trump and supporters are far right nationalists wanting to save America from the Nazi/Fascist/Communist New World Order/Agenda 21.

    Words are important: Antifa anti-fascists are the Nazi Fascists they claim to oppose. Not sure most of them even realize it. We help their side when we use their terminology. The right are nationalists not globalists. Nazis are globalists and they are part of the extreme left. Never call the true right Nazis.

    Trotting out the old garbage

    Ah - got to love it. When faced with facts - like video of the actual perpetrators and testimony of those closest to trump what do you do? Repost a “flashback” story with the wackiest of wacky hypothesis- the one which puts this all out as a Ukrainian operation! Oh my goodness. This is beyond stupid. This is beyond reprehensible.
    Lying, Lame, Limp, Lunatic Todd Wood - you are a pathetic.


    You are SPOT ON! Everytime I read people using the left’s bastardized language as if it is factual i start to see red! The real right are exactly what you said- conservative freedom loving, god fearing. Nationalist Populism at its finest. The left are the actual Nazi Antifa BLM thugs doing the dirty work for the communist fascist elite whom are all under the globalism umbrella of pro tyranny and all things autocratic and dictatorial. The left has perfected the art of labeling their opposition with their true ideologies and identities as a confusion tactic for those uninformed enough not to know the difference and unaware of the actual meanings of any of the terms being manipulated to a bastardized language. If you don’t know the real meaning of vocabulary words within the English language how can you know it’s being weaponized to make those who only know the terms have very negative meaning behind them but not know enough to see through the fog clearly making the backwards labeling beyond apparent for those paying attention. The problem is people participate in the bastardized language purposefully and also unintentionally making their plan even the more successful. For those of us familiar with an objective factual English dictionary and true meanings of the many weaponized vocabulary repeatedly thrown around- it’s plain as day and in our face which is why we understand the grave situation of allowing them to hijack the language. Truth is always buried in the art of war so if they flip the language to opposite’s it will take twice as long to uncover the real truth if even for history books to be accurate. The Right is called the right for a very simple reason- it is the right or righteous side of all battles that matter in life. The right is the side of good and morality and sovereign nations and Christian conservatism. All the adverbs and labels and titles we know to be negative for life are part of the wrong side- opposite of right being LEFT. They hijacked a simple separation of the sides in the spiritual war which is based on common sense and logic to make it easy for people to understand which side they are on. Hence the need for the left to confuse and obfuscate their truths because they would never succeed or survive without hiding who they really are and what their true intentions are in their dark web of lies and evil manipulation. The left is an abundance of satanic evil all bundled up and colluding together on the wrong side of everything we know to be good and just and right and moral. Right is the right and the good- the left is wrong - all the sh*t/bad/evil/tyrannical/garbage know healthy informed human being and mind would choose for themselves prior to brainwashing and manipulation. The work of the devil lives on the left,


    I've been using this story (and part 2) as the KEY missing piece of the J6 puzzle: The Ukrainians were there to kill selected Reps and Senators. That was what was supposed to be the new tragedy. The new Pearl Harbor, OKC or 9/11. This is WHY Pelosi refused Trump's offer of NG troops - she didn't want the NG to interfere with the mission. This is also WHY the CH Police had radio silence during these events and WHY Officer Johnson was never told to evacuate the Congress - they were to be sitting-ducks in the Chamber. So Johnson accidentally sabotaged the mission when he evacuated the Congress and the mission was aborted. But the psycho Democrats still used the hyper-dramatic script to salvage part of the agenda.


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