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    2022 Mid-Terms: The Radical-Left Marxist-Socialist/Communists Strategic Plan

    June 28, 2022
    Before Obama Moved Too Slow, This Time He Moved Too Fast

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    I’ve believed all along that the radical-Left Marxist-Socialists Communists are absolutely convinced that they are very close to completely breaking this country, truly in theoretical Cloward-Piven fashion; economically, financially, politically, socially, culturally, and militarily and they are now pressing to take the nation to its tipping-point.  Understand they will continue despite recent Conservative victories handed down by the Supreme Court on Abortion and the Second Amendment.  

    Secondly, (and this is critical), they believe that regardless of whatever damage their failed policies may wreak and destroy, that they will never be held accountable by the American people during the upcoming November 2022 Mid-Term elections since they believe that they can and will control the electoral outcomes just like in November 2020.

    This combination of factors has emboldened them to double-down and go for the juggler, for the knockout win in the November Mid-Terms!  As we say in military planning; “the enemy always gets a vote!”  And politically; “the ends justify the means.”  Again, they are going to double-down; “scorched earth”!

    For us, The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance!

    I’ve given this much thought over the past several months to the current state of our nation’s politics.

    I have come to the gradual and calculated conclusion that our politics can be seen as a prize fight between two boxers: the radical-Left Marxist-Socialist/Communist Left, formerly Democrats, and their enablers -- the Establishment, cocktail-party Elitist Uni-Party Republicans vs. the Constitutional Conservative Republicans and MAGA patriots. Since Jan 21, 2021, Biden and his radical-Left Marxist-Socialist/Communist have ruled this nation by consistently doubling-down on their deadly, destructive and dysfunctional economic, financial, political, social, cultural, military radical-left “woke” policies. 

    With that, I believe that they have done this for two reasons.

    First, they are absolutely convinced they are so very close to breaking the country economically, financially, politically, socially, culturally, and militarily they are now pressing to take the nation to its tipping-point.

    Secondly, (and this is critical), they believe that regardless of whatever damage their failed policies may wreak and destroy -- that they will never be held ultimately accountable to the American people during the upcoming November 2022 Mid-Term Elections as they believe that they can and will control the electoral outcomes just like in November 2020. Without a single prosecution to date for the massive voter and election fraud from the 2020 -- the political-Left feels vindicated and validated despite the criminality of what implemented and pulled-off. This combination of factors has emboldened them to double-down and go for the “knock-out” win in the November Mid-Terms!

    As we enter the long hot summer of 2022, I believe the following scenario (or relatively similar) will likely attempt and perhaps even force to play-out over next four-months in the run-up to the November 2022 Mid-Term Elections:

    1. The Long Hot Summer -- Part 2:  The radical-Left Marxist-Socialists Communists will soon put their Antifa revolutionary cadres and BLM thugs back on the nation’s streets to ignite another summer of racial and political mayhem, rioting, looting, burning, and civil unrest like the summer of 2020. Note, that the Biden Justice Department last week tossed out all charges against Antifa from all of their 2020 incidents.  Also note, that they will use the SCOTUS Roe vs. Wade decision, as well as any conveniently manufactured police misconduct as their justification and political provocations.
    1. It’s a Very Dangerous World for America Against this backdrop of national riots and destruction we’ll be simultaneously presented with a series of compounding international national security challenges orchestrated by PRC, Russia, Iran, and North Korea designed to overwhelm us and our allies militarily and economically. 

    The major components of how this might unfold are easy to guess – Russia/Ukraine War, PRC attack and takedown of Taiwan, along with likely North Korean provocations on the Korean peninsula, as well as parallel threats to Japan, and finally Iran will perhaps, if not likely, explode a breakout/break through low-yield nuclear weapon that will absolutely roil the Middle East and subsequently lead to an Israeli/Sunni Arab vs. Shite Iranian Middle-Eastern war. 

    Given America’s now disastrously incompetent performance during last August’s Afghanistan retreat debacle, and the costly never-ending wars scenario in Ukraine, the illegally installed tenant in the White House posing as Commander-in-Chief, and especially his treasonous national security team (all beholden to the Davos Globalist cabal and Communist China/CCP are not up to these challenges ahead. Nor, should they be, they are accomplices.   In fact, they have manipulated and implemented, as well as worked intentionally and deliberately to weaken America as part of the overall radical-left strategy to bring us to this point. They have positioned us, by design -- to place America on the precipice of destruction.

    1. The September Surprise - A National Environmental State of Emergency

    Finally, will call it ‘the coup de grace!’  Inlate August-early September 2022, Biden and his regime will use the pretext of an existential environmental, another pandemic and/or the worsening economic national emergencies to declare wide-sweeping dictatorial national emergency powers. Their objective will be to unilaterally implement wide-ranging “Green New Deal” totalitarian Socialist Economic powers and (this is important!) to unilaterally Federalize (by a Biden Executive Order) our Elections by using sweeping ‘emergency powers’ to change our voting laws back to the 2020 China-Wuhan Pandemic rules of universal mail-in ballots, drop boxes, and with extended ballot counting periods designed and implemented with the necessary time needed to ensure unquestionable victories in the minds of the American people.

    Understand, while we have had many successes, as noted, with the recent Supreme Court decisions on Abortion and the Second Amendment, massive Republican wins with Conservative Republicans in the Primaries, and the ever-increasing shifts in voter registrations and or switching political parties from Democrat to Republican, specifically, as we saw in the AP reporting this morning.  Nevertheless, the Democrat radical-Left Marxist-Socialists Communist machine is vicious and vindictive, they are wounded cornered vipers and will strike relentless regardless of the cost to achieve their goal of total and complete destruction of America and transitioning it into totalitarian Communist state. They will go “scorched earth,” they will double down at all costs, to achieve that strategy and goal. Whatever it takes – the ends justify the means.  Again, “the enemy always gets a vote!”  In their case, it will be many!

    Jim Waurishuk

    Colonel, USAF (Ret.)


    Hillsborough County

    Republican Party

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    813-508-2728 (Cell)

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    Jim Waurishuk, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

    Retired USAF Colonel, serving 30-years as a Tactical Air Control Party (TAC-P), Special Reconnaissance, and Special Mission Strategic Intelligence Officer to multiple Tier 1 units as part of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Served as Deputy Director for Intelligence U.S. Central Command and on the White House National Security Council (NSC) staff. Former Chairman, Hillsborough County Republican Party and the Republican Party of Florida Executive Board. Currently, Executive Board America First - Florida. Currently, Chairman, Hillsborough County Republican Party, Republican Party of Florida’s Executive Board, Chairman of Congressional District-14 Caucus Hillsborough County, FL.
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    Your current actual president on the left of the photo, and the absentee in chief on the right.

    Old Vet

    Dumb and Dumber Presidents....lol...

    Michael A Klopp

    FYI It's jugular as in vein; not juggler the guy who can keep 2-3 things in the air at one time.


    Hard hitting and a great/insidious scenario.
    Yes, assuming that SCOTUS has been compromised by the Deep-State as much as the Executive and Legislative branches I wondered why the Deep-State Leadership [Cabal] would allow these decisions to take place.
    The usual reason--to generate chaos.
    The abortion ruling is just cutting the baby in half to give to both sides. Not that much changes.
    It will harden the separation between Red and Blue States and when the shooting starts next year it might be like North and South.
    The gun rulings won't change anything.
    It's also designed to give the impression of SCOTUS independence and it will make it easier to pack the court in the future.
    It's all meant to lull the Right into complacency= See, we are reasonable people.
    We are in the endgame of a vast Left-Wing/Communist conspiracy.
    They are going to win because they have most of the soft and hard power.
    They also have nuclear weapons, and they won't be afraid use them or to ask Red China for 4 or 5 divisions to secure the West Coast.
    After all they are commies and mass murder is what commies do.
    See my post on gab .com for the Deep-State--Beijing axis of evil. I hope I can find and repost it.

    Tanya Harrison

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    Could not agree with you more. I, too, have been predicting a series of summer
    crises" that will remove or vastly alter our November elections. At that juncture, we are on our own.


    Of course the dems will win in November. That is a given and a major win for the CCP and WEF who are calling ALL the shots. The end is nigh.


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