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    Miranda Devine: There Are 'well-founded' Concerns Joe Biden May Be Compromised By China

    July 5, 2022
    1 Comment
    Before Obama Moved Too Slow, This Time He Moved Too Fast

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    Fox News contributor Miranda Devine told "Fox & Friends" Tuesday there are "well-founded concerns" that President Biden may be compromised by China, referring to new revelations from Hunter Biden's laptop involving contacts with Google executives and top U.S. officials involved with China policy. 

    MIRANDA DEVINE: I think it's more of our indications that Hunter Biden was deeply embedded in the very highest echelons of the U.S. government during the time that his father was vice president. And also Big Tech, some of the personal cell phone numbers that he had in his contact list included top U.S. officials who were responsible for overseeing the China-U.S. relationship, also top Google executives. And I think it shows that, whatever else we say about Joe Biden, there have to be well-founded concerns that he may be compromised when it comes to China, through his son and his brother's family business to do with China...

    To read more visit Fox News.

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    What a joke this FOX News article is.
    It's a bunch of gaslighting whose object is to show the seriousness of something non-existent--Biden's vulnerability to Chinese blackmail.
    Biden is not in charge of anything meaningful. He doesn't even have access to the nuclear codes. Would you be horrified if he did?
    Talking Heads everywhere know that Dementia Joe is cognitively crippled.
    The game is to convince the Sheeple that Joe is a meaningful President, but a dumb@$$. And thus hide America's true rulers.
    Kamala is included in the gaslighting but not mentioned.
    The Dems will make a clean sweep before the midterms--A new president = Obama, and a new VP Susan Rice?
    The machinations to accomplish this will be worthy of an Oscar for best script.
    Will Biden deserve one for best actor?
    The DEMs/FBI/MSM knew that Biden was corrupt during the Obama Administration, and all-of-a-sudden the MSM is talking about it like it just happened.
    Obama let it happen because there is a secret alliance between the Deep-State Leadership [Cabal], and the CCP.
    Thus, Biden and his son could be more easily controlled with the threat of legal action hanging over their heads.
    WHAT IF....?
    Biden took cognitive and neurological exams during the Obama Presidency while he was VP because he was concerned with his mental deterioration.
    He failed the tests and was found unfit to be President that he himself acknowledged.

    Fast forward to 2020.
    The Commie DEMs/Cabal have a plan to wreck America.
    They will steal the 2020 election, and subject America to one crisis after another to soften her up for the knockout punch.
    The DEMs knew that they could never win in 2022 because of their program, so they needed a patsy, a puppet to take the heat and forestall a counter coup for a while before they had amassed enough power.
    They went to Biden's wife and pressured her to get Joe to agree to be a short-lived POTUS [Puppet Of The US].
    Now, Biden's usefulness is ending.
    A low-level campaign of mass hysteria has been initiated by the MSM to prepare the Public for Dementia Joe's exit stage Left.
    The public will be thankful for the conscientiousness of our top bureaucrats and congressional leaders.
    The conspiracy to destroy America is in its endgame.
    There needs to be someone competent at the helm to sooth the masses on the right. Obama?
    The SCOTUS recent decisions to pacify the right are part of this endgame.
    They will be meaningless when checkmate happens somewhere between Sept 2022- Feb 2023.


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