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    Weaponizing Children

    November 24, 2022

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    Guest post by Karen McKay

    In an Afghan cave, men slept rolled up in their patus, the thin woolen shawl that served as blanket, cloak, camouflage, shelter, shroud. In the dark, a small shape stirred and slipped silently out of its patu. There was no sound but snoring from the other shapes. The light from a small, dying fire reflected on a steel blade in the hand of the small shape, a boy of perhaps ten or twelve hard years.

    He had wandered, a scrawny, dirty, barefoot kid, into the mujahed camp, starved, begging for food. The muj took him in, wrapped him in a patu, shared their food with him and treated his sores. The child’s pathetic story was a common one. Half of Afghanistan’s preinvasion population was dead or displaced. Many of the living were maimed, starved and sick, their orchards, crops, and livestock destroyed. 

    This child was different. He was weaponized. He crept soundlessly, less than a shadow, in the dark toward the sleeping leader of this small band of fighters, approached from behind, grabbed the man’s beard and yanked the head back. With one quick move he sliced the exposed throat. He slipped toward the next target, but the man rolled over and opened his eyes. Before a question could form, the boy was out the cave’s mouth and melted into the night. Before the sun set again, he was back with his Spetsnaz handler. There are war dog handlers, and there were war child handlers in the Soviet army.

    The Soviet attempt to make Afghanistan a captive nation by installing a puppet government in Kabul hadn’t worked out, so they went to Plan B: Invading the country, killing their puppet president, installing another, and then proceeding to systematically wipe out the indigenous population. “We only need ten thousand Afghans left alive to be administrators of the country,” a Soviet official said.

    Thousands of Afghan boys aged four to eight were taken by the Soviet army to the USSR. Most of them would be trained as Communist cadre to rule a future Soviet Afghanistan. Some would be weaponized.

    For both groups, the first phase of the training was the same: deprogram them as Muslims and sons of a mother and father, make them sons of the State and the State only. Islam demands modesty and forbids alcohol and drugs. The boys were forced to drink alcohol and use drugs until they had no moral resistance to them. They were conditioned to nudity and taught sex by mature female trainers who lay naked with them in bed. Every tie to the mores and customs of their ancestral culture was severed. Their memories of childhood were erased. They had new parents, new beliefs: the State and Marxism.

    The children of the administrative group received a secular education to run a country, learned to be good atheists and Marxists. The other group were trained to kill.

    Kidnapping children for future Communist cadres was Soviet practice. An estimated 50,000 Afghan children were stolen. During the Greek civil war, thousands of young children were kidnapped by the Communists. Ten thousand Angolan children were sent to Cuba to labor in the cane fields. When Vietnam was partitioned, the Viet Minh kidnapped 10,000 boys ages 8 to 12 from the south. The Nazis stole thousands of Aryan-appearing children in occupied countries to be Nazified and adopted by approved families or sent to breeding farms.

    Why? It would be years before they could be deployed as clerks and officials in the captive nation that was their home. St. Ignatius Loyala is credited with the Church doctrine “Give me a child until he’s seven, and I will show you the man,” but it was actually Aristotle’s aphorism. Every religion, including Marxism and Fascism, understands that beliefs must be inculcated starting in the cradle.  As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

    America has been in Marxism’s crosshairs since at least the 1883 “Pittsburgh Proclamation” calling for the “Destruction of the existing class rule in the United States of America.” Item 4 of their six-point action agenda called for the “Organization of education on a secular, scientific, and equal basis for both sexes.”

    To achieve an American Marxist utopia, it would be necessary to dismantle the Judeo-Christian values that have undergirded America since the founding. Adult Americans being incorrigibly patriotic and religious, it was necessary to capture their kids.   

    In 1928, Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw boasted in his The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism and Fascism:

    In the case of young children we have gone far in our interference with the old Roman rights of parents. For nine mortal years the child is taken out of its parents' hands for most of the day, and thus made a State school child instead of a private family child…

    The social creed must be imposed on us when we are children; for it is like riding, or reading music at sight: it can never become a second nature to those who try to learn it as adults; and the social creed, to be really effective, must be a second nature to us. It is quite easy to give people a second nature, however unnatural, if you catch them early enough. There is no belief, however grotesque and even villainous, that cannot be made a part of human nature if it is inculcated in childhood and not contradicted in the child's hearing.

    Marxists are confident that victory is now at hand. The tactics to achieve that victory are societal chaos and confusion. Their weapons include disinformation and propaganda, language distortion, violence, moral degradation, and sexual perversion.

    Sex education, once presented in high school as clinical biology, became graphic and in elementary schools. Without parents’ knowledge, children are encouraged to find that they are homosexual. Drag queen story hours target toddlers in libraries and kindergartens -- even on military bases.

    Books like Gender Queer and It's Perfectly Normal are included among the reading material for young kids. Curricula include gems like the film “Pornography Literacy: An intersectional focus on mainstream porn.” Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy, Papa, and Me undermine the concept of traditional families. Teachers promote gender dysphoria.  Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) instills an early obsession with sex in small children.  “Sexual diversity” in children’s entertainment is also key to grooming them. When the fruit of explicit sex education is pregnancy, schools arrange abortions without parents’ knowledge.

    The UN Population Fund stresses that CSE needs to start very young, in preschool. But the Center for Family and Human Rights warns that CSE teaches “very young children about sexual pleasure, sexual orientation, gender identity, and access to and use of contraceptives, abortion, and other drugs and medical procedures...”

    United Families International is even more explicit in its warning: CSE teaches “children how to have sexual pleasures; whether... to themselves or with a partner… At a United Nations conference, a moderator said, ‘If we can just get this... program into every school and fully implemented around the globe... It would solve all our problems!’ ...its main purposes are to elevate such things as masturbation, oral and anal sex, and techniques for achieving an orgasm. And basically teaching our children to be gender and sexual rights activists.”

    Control of the minds of our kids is the ultimate strategic terrain. Without the complete programming of America’s children -- the weaponizing of them -- Marxism cannot win in America.

    There cannot be an armistice in this war. There can only be one victor.

    Image: Tim Evanson

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    It takes an army to defend a country but teachers passing shared values maintain a civilization. Our teachers and professors have betrayed us and are useful idiots participating in the destruction of the children and students they profess to care for. Along with the MSM which are nothing but democrat attack dogs instead of watchdogs of democracy our educators are traitors to freedom, faith, and country. The Left has destroyed many of our cities, some of our states, our election process, and fascists and communists with their centralized power have killed millions with war and genocide. The left destroys everything it touches and is being aided and abetted by corrupt oligarchs and the CCP. Will our children be the line in the sand?


    Incredibly sad that children, who take everything an adult says as the absolute truth, are corrupted in this way. God is not pleased and He will not be mocked. The day of weeping and gnashing of teeth fast approaches, but these demons will find no mercy.


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