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    U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s War On PHARMA Ends With Demands To Pull The Covid Shots

    December 7, 2022
    LIVESTREAM 12pm EST: Senator Ron Johnson Covid-19 Roundtable

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    Ron Johnson (R-WI) continues his investigation into who knew what when about the covid-19 gene therapy shots and hosted his fourth Covid-19 Roundtable with doctors, lawyers, vax-injured, and business leaders on Capitol Hill. 

    In a three-hour discussion open to the public after a day’s long session the day before, the group offered clear and compelling scientific, medical, and regulatory evidence.

    It kicked off with Ed Dowd, a former Black Rock Managing Director and Josh Sterling, an insurance analyst, discussing the increase in deaths following the covid shot roll out in 2021 and the loss to the working age population. The numbers to date are staggering and do not look good for the future. 

    The discussion concluded with what was clearly needed to be said based upon the evidence. 

    Dr. Peter McCullough said it with force. 

    It is time “to stop these shots,” said McCullough emphatically. 

    The evidence of how many have died and the harm the shots have caused, and the fact that the shots do not stop transmission or the virus along with regulatory and standard of practice breaches is overwhelming. 

    Whistleblower Lt. Colonel Theresa Long expressed her concern about what is being done to the U.S. military forced to take the shots.

    Dr. Ryan Cole, an anatomical/clinical pathologist said that the coronavirus inflames blood vessels and that the present covid shots are outdated for the current variant. 

    Dr. Harvey Risch, a Yale University epidemiologist, attested to the danger to covid patients who are older and have underlying conditions, but not a concern for the younger population. 

    Dr. Pierre Kory, an internal and pulmonary medical specialist spoke passionately. 

    “Early treatment is critical. This is not the first coronavirus we have had. We have over three dozen repurposed drugs that have anti-viral properties. We live in a country where repurposed drugs are the enemy of Pharma because they do not make money. We should have had a Vitamin D campaign in this country. About 30% of the planet live in a country where ivermectin has been used. Where PHARMA has the captured the agencies, vaccinations lead the market,” said Kory. “High impact journals have been under the Pharmaceutical industry. They have manipulated studies. Immense amount of corruption in journals and medicine and it has caused immense loss of life,” Kory further noted. 

    Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care medical doctor and the second most published critical care doctor in the world, attested to what happened to him and his patients and his continued fears about remdesivir still being pushed on patients. 

    “We knew in March 2020 that we had a host of drugs that would stop this pandemic. We knew of early interventions. We would have saved hundred of thousands of lives. It is a moral and ethical outrage that we were not allowed to save patients,” said Marik. “The FDA promotes off label drugs. 40% of drugs used in hospitals are off-label. I was banned to use off-label in my hospital - I could not use Vitamin C. They wanted me to use remdesivir and according to WHO, using remdesivir increases your kidney failure by 20%,” continued Marik.

    Hospitals gain financially when they use remdesivir - over $3,000 for a treatment plus 20% added Senator Johnson.

    Dr Paul McCullough, an internist, epidemiologist and trained cardiologist, stated that the virus has mutated and become far less dangerous, and asked Dr. Paul Alexander, “Is mass vaccinations making it worse?”

    “Mass vaccinated countries have shown us elevated case per the data. These gene injections do not stop infection. Those vaccinated get infected repeatedly. This vaccination rollout will keep variants in the future,” answered Alexander. “When you look at the data, mass vaccination  was a “catastrophic mistake.” We vaccinated while in circulation instead of out of season.”

    Senator Johnson asked Dr. Robert Malone, a virologist and someone who worked on the mRNA delivery decades ago, “Why was mRNA developed?” 

    According to Malone the original intention in 1989/1990 was to use it with a drug. It was inefficient in animals. “The logic to develop a product like this was because it is was far too long to create vaccine,” said Malone.

    The spike injection does not stay in the arm but spreads throughout the body said the senator, who noted that “the mRNA lasts a lot longer than the public was told.”

    Dr. Janci Lindsay, who has studied toxicity for 30 years said the vaccination toxicity attacks the body. The gene therapies attack the ovaries and testes and that has never been studied. 

    “We cannot say they are safe and effective,” said Lindsay. “What are we passing onto future generations?” exclaimed this expert. 

    Dr. David Wiseman presented that covid shots were evaluated through the vaccination program at FDA, not the gene therapy program and that no one has studied them for cancer and gene toxicity according to the known paperwork. 

    Malone added that when he worked on mRNA decades ago, they came “out of a gene therapy program,” not a vaccination program. Dr Ryan Cole add that the definition of vaccine was even changed to include gene therapy. 

    Dr. David Wiseman who worked on Johnson and Johnson clinical trials claimed the spike protein produces uncontrollably throughout the body. 

    Dr. David Gortler is a pharmacologist, pharmacist, research scientist and a former member of the FDA Senior Executive Leadership Team who has served as senior advisor to the FDA Commissioner on matters of: FDA regulatory affairs, drug safety and FDA science policy.

    Gortler expressed how he was “disheartened” to see what these gene therapies do and cannot believe the other FDA 20,000 employees are not speaking out with 13 billion doses having been delivered in January 2021 with no labeling changes. 

    “I do not understand how physicians and pharmacists are still giving these vaccines when they do not know anything on it. Lack of safety, efficacies and myocarditis and adverse effects. Regulatory standards have not been followed. We do not know the quality control. No one knows what is in the cells and half-life - no one knows. These are safety issues,” expressed Gortler. 

    Senator Johnson asked Del Bigtree of HighWire to introduce a short-clip of what President Biden, Anthony Fauci and U.S. health officials,, like Dr. Peter Marks of the F.D.A., and legacy media in the U.S. were repeating at the time of the rollout. They all parroted that the shots were “safe and effective.” 

    Dr. McCullough noted that “our vaccine program had no policing” of the gene therapy shot rollout, and “no attempt for risk mitigation.” Our human studies were “skipped.”

    McCullough asked Dr. Wiseman, “What should have been done?”

    “In a normal clinical program, it is not uncommon that all studies are done early, but we are now two years in,” replied Wiseman. 

    PFIZER stopped their pregnancy studies because there were not enough enrollment while the CDC claimed there was an urgent need to study the effects on pregnancy while simultaneously recommending its use. Hence, denied pregnant women and child-bearing women were denied informed consent, and then coercion was used by mandating the shots. 

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    Gortler re-emphasized that the practices of safe and effective must be proven according to FDA, and went into the agency’s history. 

    It was created in 1899 as the Pure Food and Drug Act because truth in labelling was needed. Then in 1938, the U.S. wanted to have labelling correct and the drugs tested for safety. Then in 1962, efficacy was added.  

    Gortler stressed that the historical safety standard reverts to 1938, but now with all of the diversity in the American population, we need to have diversity testing. 

    McCullough, who has chaired safety drug boards reaffirmed that there are no safety tests for these gene therapies. 

    “We should have looked at every angle of safety,” stated McCullough, who called what the federal agencies did - “recklessness.” 

    McCullough was emphatic that because there is no safety and mortality figures were known in 2021, the shots should have been stopped in 2021. 

    Senator Dr. Roger Marshall  (R—KS) dropped by the roundtable, which was a first for any senator to join Johnson’s roundtables. The senator thanked him and noted, “It has been kind of lonely out here.” 

     “Early on the American public was misled and that is the injustice,” said Marshall, who then posed a question to Dr. Malone. 

    “Would have you have promised lasting immunity in 2021?” 

    It took him awhile to get to the answer, but in the end, Malone said, “No” as he had focused on re-purposed drugs in early 2020 knowing it takes so long to develop vaccinations. 

    Dr. Renata Moon brought a drug package insert to show the audience and referred to the information normally in drug inserts - adverse effects and all. And, then opened a gene therapy insert. 

    The insert was blank. 

    And, then asked the $64,000,000 question noting how many doctors are pushing these gene therapy shots, “How many of these doctors asked to see the insert?” 

    You can watch the three hour Johnson roundtable here. 



    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    The leading cause of death worldwide now seems to be "Unknown Causes".............
    Life Insurance Companies and the Funeral Homes have seen a large up-tic in the expected death rates since the slab jabs came out....


    I want the CDC, FDA, NIH and other agency members to disclose any royalties and compensation received that connects to decisions made that would have influenced them. Big Pharma needs to be investigated for fraud. If it turns out they made promises that were not fact based they need to be held accountable. The future damage that will occur needs to be fixed. All who had a hand in this man made catastrophe needs to be held accountable! And the people that used this for political gain must be removed from society, not jail but participating in politics ever again.


    Did anyone state the obvious? The vaccine is a bio weapon unleashed to commit genocide?

    Christine Dolan



    To get to that answer, seven billion people need to demand world leaders investigate the ORIGIN of the PANDEMIC. Think about how many world leaders did not demand it in 2020. A glaring act of GLOBAL ETHICAL LEADERSHIP OMISSION considering many so-called experts are claiming there will be pandemics in the future. If they are to be taken seriously, it is only common sense from any investigative angle - legal, criminal, scientific - to ask - so how did this happen so we can prevent it in the future? The mere fact that there is no a robust push for that investigation should be a HUGE RED FLAG.

    Even the Lancet Commission headed by Jeffrey Sachs has stated the origin is not known. He has gone public slamming Peter Dazsak who he appointed to head up one of the 11 Lancet Commission Task Forces on the Origin and called him and those Peter appointed - "liars" for not investigating the lab theory.

    Stay Tuned..Thanks for asking the obvious. CDMedia is not finished reporting on this story.

    Christine Dolan


    It’s more nefarious than just greed. The jab is the greatest crime committed against humanity in history.


    Give Ron Diogenes lamp


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