BREAKING REPORT: Brazilian Military Tribunal Accepts Criminal Referral For Corrupt Communist Judge Dictator De Moraes

December 12, 2022
(Brasília - DF, 16/08/2022) Solenidade de Posse dos Ministros Alexandre de Moraes e Enrique Ricardo Lewandowski nos cargos de Presidente e Vice-Presidente do TSE..Foto: Isac Nóbrega/PR

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This story is developing...

The documents can be found on the official Brazilian government website here.

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    We need that here for Biden. FJB


    Good news.
    What about for Actor Joe Biden ?
    What about for Crime Minister Justin Trudeau (Canada) ?
    What about for Crime Minister Rishi Sunak (UK) ?
    What about for Prezohdent Emmanual Macron (France) ?
    What about for all world leaders and CDC and FDA and Pfizer executives ?


    Now that the Brazilian election has been "certified" (like Arizona's) the military can justifiably move against the corrupt Lula regime and cohorts. Its going to get real kinetic, real dast!!

    Jerry Mander

    Look at him, he's a KRAUT. That guy is plainly a Nazi's son or grandson.

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