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    BREAKING: Indigenous Brazilians Storm Supreme Court In Attempt To Free Leader

    December 25, 2022
    BREAKING: Brazilian Military Tribunal Accepts Criminal Referral For Corrupt Communist Judge Dictator De Moraes

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    We have reported on the outrage by indigenous people in Brazil over the arrest and detention of their leader. Today they stormed the Supreme Court, the home of corrupt judge Alexander De Moraes, who is bringing communism to Brazil.

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    Hmmm...according to our current U.S. leadership standard, this is the worse day in the history of Brazil. It's a threat to Democracy. Doesn't Brazil have some Targets or Walgreens they can burn down as a more peaceful protest? Surely, they have a few statues they can topple.
    These people should be arrested and charged with insurrection. We have video proof they climbed unarmed over a barrier. Surely, that's insurrection. The one woman whooping should be shot by a gun-bungling equity hired moron.
    Brazil must quickly form a politically biased butt hurt narcissistic commission of hypocrites to investigate this matter. There's no doubt that Donald Trump is behind this somehow some way.

    walter Kowalczyk

    Pelosi is getting hammered and cannot be reached for comment. But Kizinger thinks they are mean and he is going to cry on it.

    David Pinder

    Thanks for the laugh 😂🤣.

    Cleverson Eduardo de Almeida

    the indigenous was just complaining that in the ballot boxes of their villages, on the official website of the Superior Electoral Court, there are no votes for Bolsonaro, and this is impossible since they voted en masse for Bolsonaro, the Indigenous complained and was arrested, we are living times of dictatorship never seen before.
    o indigena estava apenas reclamando que nas urnas de suas aldeias , pelo site oficial do Tribunal superior eleitoral, não existem nenhum voto para o Bolsonaro, e isto é impossivel sendo que eles votaram em massa no Bolsonaro, o Indigena reclamou e foi preso, estamos vivendo tempos de ditadura nunca antes vistos.


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