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    BRAZIL: Regime Planning To Deny Conservative Senators And Representatives Their Seats – 1000 “Lulag” Concentration Camp Inmates Forced To Get The Vax

    January 12, 2023

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    Arrested protestors in Brazil are being forcibly vaccinated with the Covid shots against their will. The left is now planning to deny conservative Senators and Representatives their seats in Congress and complete their Stalinist takeover.

    Almost a thousand political prisoners are being held in the Federal Prisons in Brasilia. The men were sent to Papuda prison, the women to Colmeia penitentiary. “Upon arrival, they are vaccinated against Covid (probably against their will), given a rolled-up mattress without a pillow and a hygiene kit”, Brazil in English wrote.

    A group of left-wing lawyers close to the Supreme Court asked the Supreme Court to prevent right-wing Representatives from taking office, including Nikolas Ferreira (Minas Gerais), Carlos Jordy (Rio de Janeiro), indigenous delegate Silvia Wãiapi (Amapá), André Fernandes (Ceará), Sargeant Rodrigues (Minas Gerais) and Walber Virgolino (Paraíba). The suit alleges they supported the storming of the National Congress on January 8th...

    To read more visit The Gateway Pundit.

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    clarence james

    If the people of the world do not stand up together against this Brazilian tyranny, then all that is good, holy and sacred will perish from the
    face the earth. These terrorists must be destroyed by any means necessary, including those who would destroy the earth and its inhabitants.

    Julian Rodrigues

    The crazy s**t is that many are supporting this tyrannic government and have lots to do with what they watch on the open television everyday. There is a growing movement brainwashing people and making them accept the pro-democracy-disguised communism dictatorship which is taking control of our lives.

    Don't forget though, the importance of Brazil in the world food distribution is enormous, what y'all do when you have no food to eat?

    The NWO is here, supported by Soros and his Open Society Foundation, making the world a better place for them to live and full of slaves starving while working exhaustively in order to guarantee their comfort.

    Let's close our windows and pay no attention to what the Devil is doing outside. We can only hope for a divine intervention 'cause we have nowhere to hide and no-one to save us.

    May God save our souls.


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