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    Are Antifa The New Brown Shirts? Part II

    January 30, 2023
    Are Antifa The New Brown Shirts? Part I
    Image by Jcarax68 

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    Guest post by Fr. Troy Beecham

    In my last article, we explored the socio-economic and political circumstances that gave rise to various paramilitary groups in German in the aftermath of World War I, asking the question if Antifa and similar Leftist paramilitary groups were similar to the one that became dominant, the Brown Shirts. In this article we will take a look at the cultural situation in America and ask what we can do with the powerful ideological forces at work in our nation. The question that we need to ask for our nation is are we at a tipping point where we are vulnerable to extreme ideologies becoming the norm and creating paramilitary groups powerful enough to create fundamental change to our Constitutional Republic.

    We need first to take a look at American society today and compare our current situation with post-World War I Germany. The Age of Empire which seemed to have ended after the war can arguably be seen as having been reconstituted. Unlike the empires of pre-World War I society, the Age of Left and Right has created its own empires. Some have fallen, or at least tripped, such as the Soviet Union, but others persist, at least for now, namely China and the United States, with Russia attempting to revive its empire. America is experiencing, yet again, high inflation and the devaluation of the dollar with high unemployment, all due to government intervention into the market through the FED, unbearable taxation, federal spending taking us to a national deficit of over $17 trillion, and the entrenched political elites giving financial aid packages and weapons of war to foreign nations in the trillions of dollars. The industrial capacity of our nation has been nearly destroyed, through government intervention in the economy and the transferring of industrial production overseas due to cheaper labor. Food production is decreasing due to government intervention in the economy, and the consolidation of millions of acres of arable land by only a few international agricorps that have turned millions of acres into monocrops intended for industrial use and food additives. We are now facing shortages of basic foods, such as eggs, milk, and animal protein - and being told to eat bugs instead! -and we rely more and more on food imports. America has accepted as normal the murder of nearly 63 million unborn babies over the last 40 years, with the largest percentage by ethnic group being black babies. In some municipalities, over 50% of unborn babies being murdered in the womb are black babies. In a staggering continual, intentional blindness to the fact the Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicists of the same stripe as Hitler, the American people have normalized infanticide on an unimaginable level all in the Faustian new deal of “feminism” and women’s “health care”, a deal that is neither pro-women nor women’s health care. The education of our youth has become centralized and standardized, but rather than producing pride in being and American it has produced two or three generations who either know very little about our Constitutional Republic or have been taught to have embarrassment or hatred for our nation. Our youth and young adults have no sense of the unique and precious Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. In fact, most Americans under the age of 40 are unable to answer even the most basic questions about American history or our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

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    We are experiencing general and profound moral fatigue in our nation. This can be seen in a breakdown in trust of American values and ideals, the breakdown and demonization of the nuclear family, a steep decline in active participation in religion, a sharp increase in youth suicides, and unparalleled hedonism and rejection of objective Biblical, Judeo-Christian morality. Our youth are confused about basic biology concerning sex and gender, parents are subjecting their children to gender transition therapies, and school systems, mostly in major cities, have normalized having drag queens interacting with elementary school children. Add to this the objective reality of a class of permanent political and industrial elites who are running the country and imposing their vision of what America ought to be on the rest of us. In many ways, this is reminiscent of the conditions in post-World War I Germany. 

    Like them, our demoralized population has become increasingly vulnerable to extreme philosophical ideologies taking root. When I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, it was unthinkable that Leftist philosophy and its social result of Socialism/Communism could seriously be embraced by anything more than a small percentage of the population, mostly in university classrooms. Now, we are facing the domination of an industrial and political elite class, and a sizable percentage of the American population are readily embracing Leftist ideology, especially amongst Democrats and university students/graduates of the last 30 years. Americans are becoming increasingly vulnerable to not just accepting a permanent, strong-arm ruling class, or a single leader, and the curtailment of their God given liberties, but actually calling for such a radical departure from the ideals of our Constitutional Republic, hoping that they will lead us out of what we all sense is currently a failing nation. Sadly, no instance in history has ever demonstrated that this solution is viable, but nation after nation seems to fall for it in times of crisis, especially contrived crises as we are now facing. Yet it always ends in tyranny. Every time. How can people not see this? It is mind boggling. We have all seen the trope that “real Communism/Socialism” has ever been attempted, ignoring the reality right in front of us of the utter devastation that Leftist political ideologies produce in every country and culture where they are adopted.

    So now to our Red Shirts. How do they compare to their German counterparts? The German Red Shirt agenda was “Protection and Security” and “Social Justice and Peace”.Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

    Where does that leave us, and what can be said about our Red Shirts, Antifa, BLM, and other Leftist groups, in comparison to their counterparts in post-World War I Germany? They have all been causing mass property loss, mob violence, and even murder. They all pretend to be representing the common man, the so-called proletariat. They all claim to be acting for “social justice and peace”. But their actions show this to be a blatant lie. Their masters have kept them in a state of hysteria for decades, egging them on to increasing violence and destruction. The elites have been trying to keep the whole world in a state of hysteria concerning environmental catastrophe for at least 50 years, and so far, none of the predictions of doom have come to pass. But the lie is repeated so often and so passionately that many continue to believe it. Most recently another tactic has been the radical international experiment surrounding SARS-2/covid and “vaccine” mandates, which Americans largely accepted even though these mandates have no Constitutional power and directly violate the protected freedoms of American citizens. But fear is a powerful motivator. We have been kept in a state of fear for decades now. Seeing themselves as heroic, our homegrown Leftist paramilitary terror groups like Antifa think it is their job to use mob violence to promote the official uniparty agenda for our own good. As C.S. Lewis remarked, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” Antifa actively promote targeting police officers with deadly violence. They promote Leftist ideology to vulnerable youth along with their university demagogues and now openly by Democrat politicians, mayors, and governors. As with every instance of Leftist ideology, their actions belie their words and stated goals. They represent anything but social justice and peace. 

    Antifa is being used by the elites, especially the Democrats, against average Americans who hold to a healthy, robust nationalism and honorable patriotism. They will inevitably lose control of Antifa/BLM, and no one knows what the end result will be. It is possible, even probable given that we are not in a post-war reality, that the elites will simply remove their shadow funding or use various National Guards and police to overtly crush them when they are no longer politically useful. The question that we need to keep in mind is this: are Leftist paramilitary terror groups like Antifa/BLM gaining the kind of popular devotion in the American population as the Brown Shirts had in Germany? Being knowledgeable about the history of our Constitutional Republic, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and having pride in your homeland is difficult when it is being deconstructed and excoriated on a daily basis in the classroom and by mainstream media news. That is exactly what the industrial and political elites want. A nation so divided that the people will never see where they should be directing their animus and energies. 

    As I write this, Atlanta has been rocked by Antifa violence, riots, intentional targeting of police, and are now calling for a “night of rage”, which today has prompted the governor to activate the Georgia National Guard. This is the danger of Leftist political ideology. This is the danger of our “elected” representatives using groups like Antifa against us, the American people. If we do not wake up to the political realities soon, we are in real danger of losing our Constitutional Republic. As Ben Franklin answered when asked what kind of government we had won for ourselves, he answered, “A Republic, if we can keep it.” That question has never been more relevant that this moment in history. 

    I do see some signs of hope, however. Rather than developing along lines of ethnic superiority, despite how much the Left continues to try to convince us that is what patriots are doing, a great host of Americans are standing up for our glorious nation. In my experience, patriotic Americans are extremely proud of our immigrant nation. Desiring strong borders and Constitutional immigration is seen as a necessary benefit to our country, despite being branded as racist. Many Americans are starting to push for a full relaunch of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the reigning in, if not the wholesale firing, of an entrenched federal government that is drunk on power and out of control. Many Americans are ready to return to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. These same Americans are calling for a return to Biblical, Judeo-Christian morality. I pray constantly that God will help our nation, our great Constitutional Republic, to deliver us from the grip of such entrenched evil and restore our liberties in full. I invite you to pray with me. 



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Ham Solo

    Always have been if you had been paying attention.


    Exactly. I suspect these reprobates are the people setting fires at food and energy facilities as well. They better hope I never see them doing anything like that...


    Antifa is Fascist; the new KKK; organized crime terrorist group. Is any sane person disputing this?

    Greg Miller

    By every description of what a "Brown Shirt" was Atifa fits the bill.


    They are not "brownshirts"! The brownshirts were fighting AGAINST communism! antifa are the modern-day BOLSHEVIKS! Get your history right. antifa are >communist<,,, not Nazi!!! The Nazi's were ANTI-communist.


    Orwell coined calling it doublethink, "progressive" fascism has been doing it since at least the 1950s, and if you look at what they do, nazis are indeed what they are.


    Very uninformed? And a few years late?


    It's literally the same name and symbol the brown shirts used author. Great job catching up 5 years late.


    Like Ernst Rohm, they certainly are homosexual in nature...


    Took you this long to realize it? Standard IngSoc doublethink, call the Sturmabtailung "antifascists".


    Try going to http://www.antifa.com and see where you are redirected.
    This is not an accident.
    This has been in place since day 1.
    Now you know who the head of antifa is.


    If that is so, can we then consider them fair game?


    So you are just now asking the question? Are people not seeing Obama fingerprints all over what happening since 2016 whe; Hilary lost? Obama wanted to nationalize the police. He did one better, he nationalized all the intelligence agencies. Yes they were government already. But the became hostile to America under his reign he wanted to creat a army in a army, a youth group of you will. Antifa fits the bill. Remember when he said. “ under my administration energy prices would necessarily go up”. Lord Obama is a snake, in my humble opinion. We are lost as a country, that make me very sad indeed.


    National Map and ID


    The democrats' auntees pantees are the tool they use to commit violence and fraud against all Ameicans. They are Joe Biden's ku klux klan 2.0 with new techniques and methods.


    Uh...this headline was timely during the Free Zone days of Seattle!

    Doug Hanlon

    There are several differences between AntiFa and the Nazi Brownshirts, and not only in ideology. The Brownshirts were the street-fighting wing of the Nazi Party: thus they had a central direction, discipline, and committment. And they existed in an environment where the two main Leftist parties both had street-fighting formations.

    None of that is true for AntiFa. Which doesn't mean they are not a serious threat to patriots. So, what should we do about them?

    First of all, do not rely on the government to help. Classifying them as a 'terrorist' group is a bad idea, for many reasons, but it won't happen in any case. We must rely on ourselves.

    What we need are 'Community Protection Teams' (choose your own name), of men organized and trained to defend our meetings and rallies, similar to the French formations of their big political parties and trade unions, which steward their marches, called the 'service d'ordre'. They need to be trained and equipped to practice 'sub-lethal warfare': no guns, but helmets, shields, and other implements for dealing with violent attackers.

    The 6 January fiasco was a huge gift to the Left. We should have had such groups in Washington, which could have formed a protective perimeter around the demonstration, and dealt with the crazies and provocateurs who (successfully) provoked part of the crowd into storming the capitol -- a great victory for the enemy.

    We need to start forming such groups locally. The former Oathkeepers in Yavapai, Arizona, (YCPT.Org) have got the right idea here.


    The inability of the average young person (40 and under) to see the reality of which you speak is a direct result of the indoctrination camps that we call public schools. This has been going on for decades and we have been asleep at the wheel to have allowed it to happen. Now, we have an under-educated electorate with very little ability to think for themselves. And, it is all part of the plan of the global elites. There will be two groups of people in their desired world—them and the rest of us. “They” will not be eating bugs, reducing “their” carbon footprint or living in government housing on fixed incomes with NO opportunities to better themselves. “They” will not be experiencing rolling blackouts, restricted transportation or limits access to health care. If anyone believes the elites have our best interests at heart, they are sadly and naively mistaken. This is ALL about control, power and greed. The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and group, Antifa, BLM, Bernie Sanders (how many homes does he own) and all socialist believers are evil and dangerous.


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