• The State is Alpha

    February 23, 2023
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    Gender Ideology in Schools is part of the Religious Cult of State

    ”I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and Last, the Beginning and the End.”-Revelation 22:13 The BIBLE

    I was reading a book entitled Educating for the New World Order by B.K.Eakman and I came across a chapter entitled ”The Slippery Slope.” In this chapter, the author outlines the following things happening in schools:

    • Parents are being undermined by schools, and then, when they complain, they are told, “You are the only parent that has ever complained,” as the standard response. Parental involvement is given lip service; community support is solicited, but only when it helps the system get money.
    • Parents teach their children morals and values only to have educators go behind them and tell the children their parents are wrong.
    • Parenthood is discounted by the schools while, at the same time, they blame parents for everything wrong a child does. Teachers claim to be “experts” about children while asserting that parents have NO idea how to raise their children.
    • Schools promote political beliefs in the classroom, such as socialism, fascism;
    • Globalism, etc.
    • Schools collect data on student attitudes and, therefore, their family’s beliefs. These surveys are used to violate the privacy of a family and destroy familial relationships, thus opening the door for CPS. Data collected is used in political campaigns to address certain issues and avoid others.
    • The law mandates that children attend school. Parents are not welcome in schools. Schools promote whichever values are currently pushed by the State; racial hatred, atheism, fear of real science, a distaste for differing political opinions, and even hostility towards their own parents.
    • Schools become a prop that politicians can use during an election year. They ally with unions to do so.
    • Health Curriculums instruct teachers to tell students to hide information being taught about sexual activity from their parents.
    • Parent protests are not reported on by the media.

    The chapter includes the phrase, “The Group is Alpha” over and over.

    Sound familiar?

    This book was written in 1991. Thirty-two years ago. My adult children were toddlers then. Many of the parents who currently have children in public schools were children then. They experienced all of the above, and they and their parents were not aware. I wasn’t, and I was a teacher.

    If it was the slippery slope in 1991, we are now in the quicksand at the bottom of the slope. We have been sucked in and are sinking fast. And, in 2023, it seems the “State is Alpha.”

    It’s part of what the Chinese Communists call “The Soft War.” Marxist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) called it “The Long March Through the Institutions.” His theory was that you could install Marxism in a country through societal subversion of reality and values. Regardless of what you call it, we are experiencing events that have been happening in increments for a very long time. (Bongino, Podcast, February 17, 2023.) Our values and religious faith are being replaced by the new faith, worship of the State, and its Gender Ideology.

    The State is Alpha.

    And Education plays a major role in this subversion.

    Why have we been so easily led down this path, and why aren’t parents demanding it stop?

    One reason is that Progressives are very good at presenting programs, laws, etc., as positive steps in the fight against whichever societal ills afflict us. They promote initiatives such as helping others. If there is a mass shooting, they jump up with gun control laws that seem to protect us, even if they don’t. If they want you to wear a mask or take a vaccine when neither is effective, they tell you it is to show love for granny and protect her from dying of Covid. If they open the borders to all, they tell you we need illegal immigrants to do the jobs Americans won’t do, and we need to help those poor people out, even if it hurts our people. Using hormone blockers and gender reassignment mutilation is gently called “gender-affirming care. “None of that nonsense is true, but it SOUNDS nice, right?

    The State proclaims they are the chosen ones, the “apostles” who can make these things happen. And we, the people, will pay for their actions.

    In their perverted logic, all that matters is that the alpha state wants something, and we, the citizens, need to make sure it gets it. Right now, the alpha state wants gender ideology.

    Here is a Maryland Legislator, Joe Vogel, Democrat from Montgomery County, giving an example of how Progressives give the State what it wants. He makes the wrong thing sound like the right thing as he celebrates the defeat of the “Save Women’s Sports Bill,” which would have prevented biological male athletes in public schools from competing against biological women in women’s sports, even if those males were transgenders pretending to be women.

    As our comment to his Tweet says, Shameful. (If you are wondering, the head of this committee who voted the bill down is Vanessa Atterbeary, Howard County Democrat who also wants to teach our 7th-grade children about solo, oral, vaginal, and anal sex and how they are performed. It’s another part of the gender ideology dogma.)

    If you didn’t know better, it’s almost like Joe is standing at the pulpit of his Statist Church and testifying to his congregation that he has been baptized and saved through gender ideology. All he needs now is a child to sacrifice to his god.

    The State is Alpha.

    Did I mention that Joe identifies as a “Gen Z-er?” Yeah. That.

    The public education system is the perfect church for the Alpha State.

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    After all, public schools, like churches, have a captive audience. Where else can you get millions of children under the direction of adults who want to involve them in the “religion.” Where else can you find adults who, believing they are doing what is right, will deliver the gender ideology liturgy of the month?

    And that’s how they trick people. It’s like the con artist preacher who shows up in his nice car, great suit, and bright smile, telling us how great his church is and how his belief got him where he is today. He looks so good; how could he possibly be scamming us? Pass the collection plate and give us your kids!

    The sick con artists with a god complex promote gender-changing surgery or therapy perpetrated on children whenever and wherever they can. Children and parents are told this will make them whole; they will be saved. They use the flawed threat that if parents don’t allow their children gender reassignment therapy, their child will likely commit suicide. Parents find out later in life that they have destroyed their children on an altar of lies and deceit.

    Listen to this podcast with parent January Littlejohn as she talks about how her local school transitioned her child without consent:

    They Transitioned My Child Without My Consent, the story of January Littlejohn | Joyful Warriors | EP 28 – The Joyful Warriors Podcast with Tiffany Justice | Podcast on Spotify

    In this podcast, Ms. Littlejohn describes how her child’s school near Tallahassee, Florida went behind her back to transition her daughter, who, at the age of 11, suddenly questioned her gender because many of her friends had been manipulated to do so. It’s shocking how reckless the school was with this.

    It’s Florida. A red state. Think it isn’t happening all over the country? You are wrong.

    In the podcast, Ms. Littlejohn mentions a group called “Gender Spectrum.” If you would like to see what this group does, go to Gender Spectrum Homepage – Gender Spectrum.

    As soon as you go to this page, you will see wonderful videos and pictures of people with their children doing all the things parents do. Wow. This “church” must be a great one.

    I went there and used the pull-down menu to identify myself as a teacher who wanted educational resources. Here is one of the documents I found:


    This document is a support plan filled out at the school with a student, more than likely without a parent. As you scroll down, you’ll see that kids can decide if they want to tell their parents or not. Just like a cult, it seems that family just gets in the way of the full assimilation of cult members. Jim Jones would be so proud!

    Woe be to the parents that question the cult. The Littlejohns had to go to court over what happened to their daughter. The judge denied their case. Now they have to suffer all the repercussions of what happened to her and how their family was torn apart. Using the title Abigail Shrier gave her book about our daughters being seduced by the transgender craze, this is IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE. The Littlejohns are still appealing the case.

    The Gender Spectrum is in 39 states. In 2020 and 2021, they received more than $800,000 in government funds. They operate out of California, so it is not clear whether these are state or federal funds or both. And they have plenty of sponsors.

    Here are some of their sponsors. Notice that PEARSON is at the top. Pearson is a textbook, instructional materials, and assessment company that markets to school systems. How will they promote gender ideology in those materials? If you go to their website, you won’t find out how unless you purchase something as a school system. Seems kind of shady.

    CENTERLINK: CenterLink the Community of LGBTQ Centers – for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender services and community. Go to their “partners” page, and you will recognize some of them. You might be shocked. They even have a “chat space” for young people: CenterLink Program: Q Chat Space – A Community for LGBTQ+ Teens (lgbtqcenters.org). Nothing can go wrong with that, right?

    GENDER CONFIRMATION CENTER: FTM-Top Surgeon/Surgery-Transgender Specialist (genderconfirmation.com) This is exactly what is described, a place where people can receive gender reassignment surgery. They list, on their page, Gender Spectrum as an associate group.

    NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SECONDARY SCHOOL PRINCIPALS: NASSP.org Yep, that is a group of secondary school PRINCIPALS who helps sponsor Gender Spectrum. If your principal is a member, their dues support gender ideology. And, it’s likely they are being brought into the gender ideology fold.

    ADVOCATES FOR YOUTH: Advocates for Youth This group not only supports transgender reassignment surgery but that old standard abortion.

    There are more. Many of them hide behind beautiful pictures of happy teens and families.

    As I said - a cult. And it is growing. If you go to any of these sites and look at their “partners,” you’ll see a long list of companies, organizations, teachers’ unions, etc.

    We watch Progressives fall in line and worship these ideas just like our Gen-Z politician from Montgomery County, Maryland, who somehow thinks that giving men an unfair competitive advantage over women in sports is a holy cause to share, like scripture. He is a member of a sick cult. A cult that wants to confuse, disfigure and neuter our children.

    For those who push back on the cult, the Progressives conduct a wide inquisition-type campaign that portrays us as heretics, non-believers, haters, and “phobes.” We are shunned, canceled, removed, dismissed, and silenced. Remember, parents at school board meetings, the unvaccinated, and now even Catholics who like Latin mass are being targeted not only by the “faithful” Progressive cult crazies but the FBI.

    Purported FBI document suggests the agency may be targeting Catholics who attend Latin Mass | Fox News

    Parents who may try to protect their children from the mutilation of the cult are demonized and threatened. In the case below, Virginia is trying to keep that from happening after a young lady was trafficked because schools wouldn’t tell her mother about her transgender status.

    VA Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Including ‘Misgendering’ as Child Abuse After Officials Kept Girl from Parents (ijr.com)

    Remember, Progressives are the ones who have railed against Christians for forcing people to convert. Seems hypocritical that they are willing to do that to people who reject their ideology and don’t want it forced on innocent children.

    There are groups informing parents about how to fight this. One good site is donoharmmedicine.org. You’ll find resources there, such as model legislation, information, etc. Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old detransitioner, is among the leadership for this group.

    Of course, we encourage families who can do it to homeschool their children. Other families need to keep the lines of communication open with their children, stay involved, talk to teachers on a regular basis, and have a presence in their child’s school. And, always stay informed on this topic. Watch your legislature for bills that promote gender ideology, and write your public officials in protest.

    This bill was introduced by the Progressive Gender Ideology “clergy” in Maryland’s recent session:


    It allows the taxpayer-funded Maryland Medical Assistance Program to cover “Gender Affirming Treatment,” which runs the gamut from changing hairstyle to lopping off body parts and hormone blockers. We used to call these actions barbaric. Now we call them “affirmative.”

    At the top of the blog, I quoted Revelation 22:23. God tells us HE is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.

    Somehow Progressives want to change that. THEY want to be the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. They want to replace God in our lives with an ideology of relativism, gender confusion, and disregard for basic human decency, morality, liberty, and individuality. They will destroy anyone who gets in their way.

    Cults do that. Not Constitutional Republics. Not Americans.

    A good townhall to attend:

    Jan is a retired teacher and a current Chapter Chair for Moms for Liberty, Talbot


    Jan Greenhawk

    Jan Greenhawk is a former teacher and school administrator for over thirty years. She has two grown children and lives with her husband in Maryland. She also spent over twenty-five years coaching/judging gymnastics and coaching women’s softball.
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