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    Former PHARMA Executive Speaks Out

    March 21, 2023
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    Guest post by Duane Armstrong

    I am responding to the article, “Strict Safety Standards for Cough Syrup, but mRNA Shots Get a Free Pass," written by Sonia Elijah and published at the Brownstone Institute on March 19.

    This is a short article but it contains a great deal of truth. The writer based her article on one that appeared in The Telegraph.

    Anaphylaxis is a serious and potentially fatal allergenic reaction and is a medical emergency. Prescription drugs and OTC products share this possibility. Aspirin, for example, can trigger anaphylaxis. An insect bite or bee sting can trigger anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis causes shock, drop in blood pressure, skin rash and difficult breathing.

    During my days in Pharma anaphylaxis was an adverse event we paid attention to. If a product no matter how effective had a known ability to cause anaphylaxis, we made sure prescribers knew and in turn that patients knew. Informed consent was mandatory.

    As this article states, twenty common cough and cold medicines have been withdrawn from the market because of very rare cases of anaphylaxis.

    In my company we had a highly effective prescription pain reliever that revolutionized pain management. Three years into the life of the product a handful of serious events of anaphylaxis occurred, some serious, and was an event that had not been seen in the clinical trials. Based on those few cases, and in consultation with the FDA, the drug was voluntarily removed from the market. Throughout the years other products have been removed for the safety of the public. During clinical studies anaphylaxis is an event that receives constant monitoring.

    This article documents the anaphylaxis adverse events of the mRNA vaccines, many of them serious. Vaccines historically have carried the warning of anaphylaxis, but the mRNA vaccines are given a pass via a double standard. These vaccines can cause anaphylaxis but the incidence is downplayed and informed consent does not apply. If you received a Covid vaccine, were you told it could cause an anaphylactic event? I doubt you were. Anaphylaxis requires immediate medical attention, especially if it is severe. Some of the sites offering the shots are not equipped to handle a life-threatening anaphylactic event.

    Anaphylaxis is just one of the reasons these vaccines should be avoided. They indeed have been given a pass, not just on anaphylaxis, but on many different adverse events. They should not even be on the market. By the standards of Pharma and the FDA  in my career, these shots would be considered dangerous!    

    Duane Armstrong was with two major Pharma companies for almost 35 years. His career included several positions as a Sales and Marketing executive. In one of his positions as Product Director, he helped write protocols for clinical studies and monitor them to conclusion.  Prior to his career in Pharma he had 5 years of experience in the clinical lab of a hospital.        

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    It’s always about money, years ago you would never see a pharmaceutical company commercial that listed DOZENS of adverse reactions including DEATH because they wouldn’t have even been put on the market!
    This is just speculation but I’m sure most people would agree with what I believe has happened over the decades. Pharmaceutical companies got tired of loosing money so rather than look out for peoples health and lives they started to bribe politicians, oh wait, they started to make massive political donations to the most corrupt politicians, Oops, I mean Progressive Politicians.
    In turn they changed laws that protected consumers among other things allowing thousands of deadly and dangerous drugs the FDA would have never allowed to be put in pharmacies in the past start to flood the market. For over ten years before this Plandemic I had many conversation’s pointing out how the FDA had become lax in its standards. For quite some time now, at least twenty years, if my Dr wanted to put me on a medication I ask how long it’s been around and if it’s something new I ask about other options that have been around for awhile where the symptoms and any reactions are well documented. If they have worked for ten twenty thirty years and doesn’t have a list of adverse reactions longer than my middle finger I’ll feel much better giving them a shot before having to flip my Dr off.


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