• Sound Of Freedom Has My Wholehearted Endorsement

    August 6, 2023
    Sound of Freedom To Begin International Releases

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    Editor's Note - CDM leadership has spent significant time socially with Producer Eduardo Verastegui and would highly endorse him for the presidency of Mexico, if he runs.

    In 2000, I began my never-ending journey of investigating all faces of human trafficking globally in a 140 countries on the street and over the internet. 

    Over the years, I have watched many films at the request of producers, directors, and distributors for my endorsement of these trafficking films. Most of the time, I took a pass. 

    Sound of Freedom I wholeheartedly endorse. 

    I also only have endorsed TAKEN, which was released in France in 2008, and later in the U.S. in early 2009. I found it to be very relatable as to how easy someone is marked and kidnapped. The plot was believable because it involved a naive young woman and her friend going to Paris, telling parents one thing with different plans in mind. When traffickers make their move like sociopaths who can read vulnerable individuals, it is well known in law enforcement circles that the first couple of hours and days are crucial for rescuing anyone. 

    What makes Sound of Freedom so believable is the introduction of a female trafficker. The public has been naive for decades believing that all women are protectors. That is a myth in the under bellying of this insidious evil enterprise. Women in this trade are rapists, traffickers, and as ruthless as men. There is no line of demarcation between the sexes when it comes to evil.  Even those in prostitution, known as “bottom bitches” beat, trafficked and teach younger children. 

    Secondly, the injection of the internet into Sound Freedom is important. When I conducted my first investigation, I received the endorsement of international law enforcement because they put me through tests to see if I was sincerely interested to understand these crimes having covered three wars. 

    I had the first and last say in how my initial investigation was to be conducted, but once, I passed the law enforcement profiling tests, those same law enforcement officials brought me in on the inside and educated me beyond my wildest imagination. 

    I, in turn educated them, because I was dining with traffickers and their competition, the old-fashioned mafia, who knew their competition better than law enforcement. As a result, I was just crazy enough to take the investigation globally to ‘get the story’ about the tools of the trade, which were burner phones and the internet as far back as 2000, and able to connect the dots without any bureaucrat constraints. Hence, law enforcement was grateful for what many of them could not do as pointed out with Ballard’s plight in the movie. 

    In those days, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) had received approximately 38,000 images of what is known as “child pornography.” And, that characterization does a great disservice to what these images entail. I know only too well when The Hague Porn unit educated me in June 2000. There is no sane term as “child pornography.” These images are crime scenes of pedo-rapes and torture and there were no images shown to me in 2000 that did not have terror in the eye of the child victims. That day forever changed my life as much as my life changed when ICE CyberCrime lab showed me how quickly perverts connect with minors on the internet and Scotland Yard showed me pictures of women who were on the internet as pervert - all shape, sizes, nationalities and ages. 

    The dark side of the internet has allowed every perverted maggot to go online and find other perverted maggots, who then are validated by their shared perversions. 

    Today, there are over 22,000,000 child-pedo images reported annually to NCMEC. 

    Have no doubt, the entire world is losing this war and it is time for the public to wake up, face reality and grasp the depth that evil is among us more so today than ever in history. 

    If governments with public funds have been allocating billions to this fight as they have for almost a quarter of a century, and the numbers keep increasing, there is only one sane conclusion. 

    This business model of saving and protecting children and preventing slavery is bankrupt. It is an utter failure.

    In Sound of Freedom, there is a scene where the pedophile views children in a public playground. That is real. Bob Hammer, one of the most respected and renown retired undercover FBI agent, infiltrated NAMBLA almost 20 years ago. On the first night, the group went to a children’s theme park where the pedophiles gawked at the young children. 

    There are numerous cases that have led to the conviction of pedophiles and traffickers not just here in the United States but traveling from the U.S. to foreign countries for what is termed, “sex tourism.” There are blokes who have traveled to known markets for children in Thailand and Cambodia for years.  When the laws were tightened in some of those countries, a new market for sex tourism opened up in Costa Rica.

    Evil has no boundaries and never doubt those bent on evil. They creatively pivot and conscious and without consciences commit these crimes and are ruthlessly mercurial.  

    What is also believable in Sound of Freedom is that even a convicted cartel crook can change their ways and see the darkness in himself. 

    In 2000, a Parisian Madam, who marketed high-class female escorts to very wealthy global clients could have made more money offering very young children to her clients, and even more for a virgin - both girls and boys - but that was a line she would not cross. 

    Transvestites in Red Light districts across Europe helped me get closer to trafficking operations in 2000 because many of them understood, I did not stand in judgment of them. I was investigating the children and adults who were trafficked. Not the folks willingly working the streets as they were. I suspected that the transvestites were victims of child abuse. They confirmed that to me and shared their sad stories. They too had seen too many children in harm’s way and wanted to help. 

    What stands out about Sound of Freedom is powerful. 

    The maggots who download child pornography are as complicit as those who rape and basically, they are cowards. 

    They view the world differently from those of us who believe in the innocence of children and their childhoods,  and believe that every adult should protect every child regardless of race, nationality, religion, and socio-economic status. They see economic and perversion opportunities. 

    Sound of Freedom is not about Tim Ballard or even the actor Jim Caviezel, who plays Tim Ballard, or the fact that there were hurdles to get Sound of Freedom into movie theaters and efforts to fill the seats.

    What stands out is the strength and tenacity of the message. 

    I have interviewed victims of all ages and nationalities across the globe. And, although they are abused in the sex trade as well as in the labor markets on the street and over the internet, the public needs to understand that the human trafficking industry is and has been a growth market since the day I conducted my first human trafficking operation in 2000. 

    And, it has only become worse. The narrative that human trafficking surpasses drugs and weapons I have stated and written since 2000 for the very reason stated in the film. Drugs get used up. Weapons get blown up. A human being can be sold over and over again. Many times in one day. 

    And, in many cases, sex as the average person experiences is not what the sex trade is about at all. It is about rape, beatings, S&M, and torture. The images produced are images of crime scenes of torture. And, once the pedophiles and traffickers turned pornographers posted those images on the internet, they are there forever. 

    Cases of rescued children and adults are real, but the stories do not end there. Putting their lives back together is hard and healing must be about creating new memories. 

    Sr. Rosemary who helped infamous Kony survivors in Africa told me about her frustrations helping victims years ago. 

    “We give them love, love, love, prayers, shelter, food, protection, and education, but we have nothing to erase their horrible memories,” said Sr. Rosemary in Uganda. 

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    What I have learned as a journalist is that the compounded trauma if not healed can lead to a life of a downward spiral that will end in a hardened human being, who is repeatedly abused and taken advantage of, and the end is easily, addiction, jailed, or dead. 

    The introduction of the internet in Sound of Freedom is important. Way too often the public does not get it that we can rescue victims, they can even heal, but later in life, can be triggered because their images remain posted somewhere on the internet. 

    The bottom line is that we are not winning this war on human trafficking. We are failing miserably. Billions of dollars have been thrown at fighting human trafficking. I have been involved since 2000, even before President William J. Clinton signed the federal anti-trafficking bill in October 2000. 

    It is now time for the public to take on TECH for the porn and pedi-images they generate and distribute, and taken down the sites that offer “companions” for overseas trips with only pictures of young children on their webpage. It is time to hold all of those accountable who are complicit in the trade of commodifying human beings whether it is in the sex, labor, trafficking, child soldiers, internet space, organ trafficking and medical trafficking. 

    All the different faces of human trafficking need to be addressed in the 21st Century well before reparations for past eras of slavery. 

    And, we need to up our game to end the insidious business model of commodifying human beings that has led our world to the largest slave trade well beyond the African Atlantic and African Arab slave trade hundreds of years ago. 

    If not, then we are normalizing these crimes and the future will be bleak with generations of pedophiles and a world of decriminalizing pedophila. 

    That’s the reality of where we are. 


    Christine Dolan’s Shattered Innocence - A Shared Global Shame will be released in 2024. Pre-Orders of this book can be found on Amazon here. 



    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    Gary Judy

    Thank you Christine for writing this. Very well said.

    Amy Williams

    How can the average citizen help? Obviously, govt. agencies who are positioned to “help” cannot be trusted. I find these crimes to be the most contemptible of any crime- deserving castration and capitol punishment.
    What should I be doing? I feel helpless and enraged!

    Christine Dolan

    Focus on your family and those within your community first.


    "This business model of saving and protecting children and preventing slavery is bankrupt. It is an utter failure"

    Because they are NOT 'humans". What do you do TO a rabid animal?

    Christine Dolan

    I have said this model is bankrupt for years. We need to stop thinking saving children and marginalized adults is the answer. We need to go upstream and realize that which we are accepting as normal is not healthy and immoral. Human Trafficking is not just about sex slavery. It is about the commodification of human beings. There are many faces of human trafficking - sex, labor, sex tourism, child slavery, internet pedo-criminality, ritual abuse torture, organ, skin and medical trafficking.

    Amy Williams

    Just listened to Red-Pilled America Episode #156. Pretty Evident Tim Ballard has made up so many if the stories, we all thought were true. What can we believe anymore😟🤬

    Christine Dolan

    My endorsement of the film is not an endorsement of Tim Ballard whatsoever. This movie elevates otherwise criminal tools, depictions of women as traffickers/pimps and different tactics used of how these criminal enterprises operate. I do not endorse Ballard.

    Christine Dolan

    All THOSE DEPICTIONS are factual and true. Ive no idea if that is what Ballard experienced in his line of work. I can only attest to that from my own investigations and cases I have been educated about in this line of work for nearly a quarter of a century. I have never worked with Ballard and have not recommended anyone do per se.

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