• The Collapse Of Drug Regulation

    September 16, 2023
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    Advice from the FDA, TGA etc is now worthless. You are on your own.

    The main entrance of FDA’s Building 1, which houses the Commissioner’s and Senior Staff’s offices
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    Guest post by Phillip Altman 

    After almost 4 years of constant lies, misinformation and disinformation, drug regulators around the world (including our Therapeutic Goods Administration) which was charged with the duty to properly evaluate the quality, safety and efficacy of new therapeutic agents - have failed miserably. Absolutely nothing they have said is true. The COVID so-called “vaccines” were not safe and effective, they did not prevent infection, they did not prevent transmission of infection.

    These agencies are now fully captured by Big Pharma. They have abandoned international drug evaluation standards of quality, safety and efficacy and fail to require essential safety testing to keep us safe. In participating in the cover up of unprecedented numbers of death and serious adverse events and permanent injury worldwide, the drug regulators themselves have joined forces with the psychopathic apex predators and are devoid of empathy and humanity. How could this all happen in such a short space of time? How could once trusted scientists and clinicians abandon all ethical and moral principles, knowingly and willingly participate in the world’s greatest man-made disaster which appears likely to continue into the future?

    Like the mRNA gene-based COVID-19 injections, our TGA is doing more harm than good. The situation will not improve with a new head of the TGA. The TGA (and the FDA along with other captured drug regulators) needs to be dismantled…..we need to start again from scratch.


    The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has just approved the use of new synthetic mRNA COVID-19 boosters for everyone over 6 months of age! This is in contrast to the UK’s current COVID “vaccination” recommendation which is for those over 65 years of age and in contrast to other countries which no longer recommend general COVID “vaccination” (eg. Denmark). Why the difference? Does science vary from country to country?

    You can read the latest CDC recommendations by CLICKING HERE. This announcement includes the following graph depicting the “Estimated COVID-19 hospitalizations prevented over 6 months for every million mRNA COVID-19 doses”.

    In publishing this recommendation and data, one can easily see the so-called “health experts” have totally disregarded fundamental consideration of risk vs benefit. Even if you believe the CDC figures above (which I do not), the published independent reanalysis of the original Pfizer and Moderna serious adverse drug reaction reporting data by Fraiman et al (see below) shows an incidence of serious adverse events above placebo to be about 1,000 per million for the Pfizer “vaccine” and about 1,500 for the Moderna “vaccine”.

    1 800 Fraiman Adr Covid 19 1 In 800 Copy 2

    310KB ∙ PDF file


    If the latest CDC data claims, for example, 19 kids 12-17 years of age would be prevented from hospitalization (above) yet 1,000-1,500 would be hospitalized due to serious adverse events (and in some instances, the risk of death) following 1 million COVID “vaccinations”…….so why would you vaccinate? In fact, the risk of COVID death for this teen age group is probably best put at somewhere around zero to one per million.

    People are waking up. The number of people receiving booster COVID shots has been reported to have fallen about 25%. The response from Big Pharma is to increase the price by 400%. The shots are now $130 each in the US. Whacko!

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    Of all the horrendous pieces of advice dealt us by our “health experts”, probably the worst of the worst was the recommended use in pregnancy. Our TGA know there are disturbing safety signals from animal reproduction studies and they also know the lipid nanoparticles containing mRNA distribute preferentially to the ovaries. Previously, one would never ever consider recommending administration of an experimental drug, not to mention a gene-based therapy without any long-term safety data, in pregnancy unless you were confident it would not do more harm than good. Accumulating data on fertility and miscarriages is most disturbing.

    Dr. James Thorp is a renown expert in maternal-foetal-medicine and difficult births. CLICK HERE to read what he says about the use of COVID-19 gene-based mRNA injections for pregnant mothers. Our TGA has taken no notice. They do not care.



    Phillip Altman

    Australian Pharmacologist - Clinical Trial and Drug Regulatory Affairs senior industry pharmaceutical consultant in drug research and regulatory approval with more than 40 years experience. BPharm(Hons), MSc, PhD. @PHILLIPALTMAN
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