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    Biden Impeachment Inquiry Is Important And Here’s Why

    September 17, 2023
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    Kunstler: Joe Biden Has Morphed From Asset To Liability For The 'Party Of Chaos'
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    Throw together some D.C.-wired chaps, who have rotated from government jobs to the private sector with ambition to make deals happen with approvals from Washington power brokers, get them access, charge them a fortune for access on complicated or pipe-dream requests, involve foreign government officials, toss in a Vice-President’s son, and perhaps, his Father, and that’s what defines K Street lobbying in some cases. 

    Make it sound important as a win/win deal for all parties present, pull out the stops, explain the potential lucrative  international deals, toss in a couple of lawyers, and even toss in the United Nations Secretary General position as a end-goal, and walk through the doors of the White House, or better yet, the Vice-President’s residence across the street from the Vatican embassy and across the road from the British embassy, or better yet, host a dinner at the toney Cafe Milano with foreigners and the Vice-President and his son in plain sight and snap some pictures making this all seem normal. 

    But, is it anything but normal under the umbrella of looking like influence peddling and selling American influence? 

    Is this corruption or just plain ole Washington’s style of lobbying? 

    Main Street America will decide this time if they pay close enough attention to the Biden impeachment inquiry.

    Ross Perot talked about K Street influence when he ran for president in 1992. Trump has harped on it since 2015 and has not stopped. Bernie Sanders was chiming about it in 2016 when he ran against Hillary Clinton in the primaries, and he still does today. And, the latest to join the fray is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., because Americans are waking up to the rot in Washington, D.C. following covid that has landed on every kitchen table and affects the health of their loved ones.  

    Americans pay the salaries of the politicians and most of them never get the type of access Hunter Biden and his foreign business partners received.

    If DC could sell their souls to PHARMA for campaign donations instead of taking covid-shots out of circulation, when they do not stop covid, nor block its transmission and cause cardio, vascular, and neurological irreversible injuries, why would it ever seem out of reach to ask VP-Daddy for help to get someone from Kazakhstan appointed as the next Secretary General of the United Nations, who just happens to be doing a business deal with his son, which involved Burisma?  

    Hunter Biden may be the poster boy for his Laptop from Hell, his affair with his late brother's widow while he was still married to his first wife, which VP Joe and Jill Biden blessed publicly, and engaged with brazen and bold meetings of “selling access,” to his business partners during the Obama administration, so nothing should seem so out of the realm of possibility even if these stories are beyond the imagination of Main Street.

    None of what Hunter has been engaged in is normal no matter how dark a place Hunter fell and Joe Biden’s attempts over the years to make Hunter's behavior sound as if all addicts engage in this behavior because they do not. Greed is a nasty vice, but Washington and global greed sometimes is beyond the imagination of ordinary folks. 

    Joe Biden has proven unequivocally he loves his son, but he needs to stop twisting the reality of what is before the American public. 

    Seemingly, they are so many players involved with these sordid sagas that the system even attempted to offer Hunter a sweetheart plea deal the likes of which was akin to Jeffrey Epstein’s until Hunter’s judge asked if there were ongoing investigations.

    Once the prosecutor said, ‘Yes, Your Honor,” the court would not approve it because you cannot offer a plea for yet crimes yet to be discovered.  

    Now, the impeachment inquiry evidence will prove if Joe Biden should be impeached, or not.

    If nothing else, hopefully the inquiry will finally obtain bank records from as far as way as Cyprus. 

    And, we will hear more mud-slugging stories because democratic operative David Brock has now declared war on republican elected officials’ children in response to the impeachment inquiry. Who knows, perhaps, Brock may design a campaign to make Hunter a martyr. 

    It is true in Washington, D.C. many take advantage of access and power to build their financial portfolios. 

    That is what K Street’s lobbyists line up to do in the Nation’s Capitol, and sometimes they cross the line.

    Now, the Wizard of Oz curtain will go up in flames because to get to the bottom of what Hunter Biden did, and who facilitated his business meetings, we can all expect the flames will reveal more names and dates and the crazy expectations the globalists’ world of Washington, D.C. does to fill their financial coffers while ignoring Main Street. 

    Watch the impeachment inquiry, follow the money with hawks’ eyes, get familiar with the players in the room, and for once, perhaps, Main Street will grasp just how sleazy D.C.’s political culture truly is. 

    Zero in on the so-called Breakfast of Champions with then Vice Joe Biden President in the summer of 2015 at his official VP residence Americans pay for, and how Hunter Biden and some of his business partners vied for the “Big Guy’s” support. 

    Devon Archer, mentioned the meeting during his recent closed door testimony before the House Oversight Committee. 

    This infamous meeting that Archer attended was held on July 7, 2015 at 8:30am, along with Marc Holtzman, chairman of Kazakhstan’s largest bank, Kazkommertsbank. 

    In a downstairs room in the Vice-President’s Naval Observatory residence, that morning’s conversation focused upon Holtzman lobbying VP Biden to back his close friend, then-Kazakhstan Prime Minister Karim Massimov, to be appointed as Secretary-General of the United Nations.

    Holzman is no stranger to Washington D.C. politics. He is smart and savvy and knows D.C. and global politics. Before he even graduated from college, he heard a speech by Ronald Reagan which inspired him and he worked for Reagan's presidential campaign. Reagan promised him a job for his work, but not before he finished college and then Holtzman worked the halls of power and took off to the former Soviet Union after the Berlin Wall fell and lived in Hong Kong for a while. 

    Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were focused at the time of this meeting on a very lucrative energy project in Kazakhstan on behalf of Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that was paying them each $1 million.

    Massimov was backing their deal for a potentially lucrative new Kazakhstani subsidiary, Burisma Eurasia, with the high hopes of bringing American drilling equipment overland through Russia to exploit Kazak’s gas deposits.

    The purpose of the meeting was to help Holtzman do a favor for Massimov and get the U.S. support for Massimov’s next job as the Secretary General of the United Nations. 

    Holtzman pitched Vice President Biden with Massimov’s credentials.  Massimov speaks five languages fluently, wrote a book on AI, and was a China expert who had studied in Wuhan, China, Columbia University, and Moscow State University.

    As tough as that pitch was, VP Biden allegedly promised he would bring the matter to President Obama.

    In the end, Massimov was never appointed to that UN job, but who knows if he was led to believe he had the support of the Obama administration.

    And, who knows if Biden brought it to Obama, but the ask was made, and asks are not made in D.C. unless someone believes the ask can be facilitated, or morphed into a win for deal. Everyone in D.C. knows if these types of meetings happen, money is expected. 

    This was not the first time that Bidens met Massimov. Hunter hosted dinners at Cafe Milano in Georgetown twice in spring 2014, and April 2015, according to Archer’s congressional testimony and evidence on Hunter’s laptop. 

    So where is Karim Massimov today? 

    Massimov is serving an 18-years sentence in a Kazakhstan jail after he was convicted in April 2023 on charges of high treason, attempting to seize power by force, and abuse of office and power.

    In his congressional testimony, Archer explained that the 45-minute discussion presumably over coffee, danish and bagels was “about who was going to be the next UN Secretary-General” and he was involved “because Mark Holtzman was lobbying for Karim Massimov. But … obviously, that didn’t happen."

    To further understand the links here - Archer said that Burisma was trying to expand its businesses into the former Soviet republic, “so I leveraged the relationship [with Massimov] to introduce him to the company — the country and new equipment and technology and clean drilling.”

    Archer also testified that he was “a good friend” of Massimov.

    A diary entry on Hunter’s laptop shows “breakfast with Devon” from 8.30 to 9.30am on July 7, and then another 2:45pm meeting that day, again at his father’s residence, “NAVOBS”, with “dad, Steve, Mike and Ted”, presumably Biden’s close friends and staff, Steve Ricchetti, Mike Donilon and former Senator Ted Kaufman.

    Kaufman worked for Senator Joe Biden for decades and when Joe became VP, Kaufman was appointed to serve out Biden’s tenure in the U.S. Senate. And, when Joe Biden decided to run for President in 2020, he called Kaufman to put together the transition team. Kaufman and Biden are very close friends. 

    The day after this 2015 meeting, Holtzman send Hunter a thank you email. That is on Hunter’s laptop.  

    “Dear Hunter, I can’t begin to thank you for yesterday,” Holtzman wrote on July 8. “Most of all and as I said to Devon, I look forward to deepening our friendship and to working more closely together. Sincerely, Marc.”

    Another related email appears on the laptop from Burisma’s Pozharsky, dated July 7, at 4:12 am, addressed to Archer with the subject: “Burisma/Kazakhstan follow-up issues.”

    Pozharsky asked Archer to “follow up and discuss with our Kazakh partners” four items including a memorandum of understanding, “contract signing and deal closure”, and “closer cooperation” between Burisma and KazMunayGaz, a Kazakh energy company.

    An email was sent from Vadym Pazharskyi asking Hunter Biden to meet for coffee after already meeting Joe Biden.

    That is how Washington works. The remaining questions are: 

    Did Biden take the UN matter to President Obama?

    Were monies exchanged for this meeting with VP Biden?

    Was the meeting a charade to close the deal?

    Was Massimov arrested and bogusly charged to shut him up to take the sting out of what he knew as the heat was turned up on Hunter and Joe?

    Did the Kazakhstan billionaire who accompanied Massimov to the Cafe Milano dinner pay any costs to anyone to get this meeting with Obama’s Vice-President?

    And, if so, does the House Oversight have all the bank records they need? 

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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