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    Gotham City Hill - Races To Watch This Election Season

    September 2, 2021
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    Gotham City Hill - Races To Watch This Election Season
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    The Gotham City Hill

    As we roll into the final weeks of election season, New Yorkers are now more motivated to vote than ever before. Crime spikes, open drug use, tent cities, downward spiraling economies, and tribal identity division have turned bystanding New Yorkers into political animals. Although the race between mayoral hopefuls Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa is well covered, there are important district races we should be paying attention to.

    Manhattan District Attorney

    One could argue the Manhattan District Attorney race is more important than the NYC mayoral race. Manhattan has been battered to death by the broken policies of the left, and the only way out of this dystopia is a strong common sense DA who will prosecute crimes at all levels and get NYC back on a safe road. Enter Republican candidate Thomas Kenniff, a former prosecutor, Judge Advocate General (JAG), Iraq Veteran and celebrated defense attorney. His Democrat opponent, Alvin Bragg, refuses to prosecute larceny under $250, turning NYC into the next San Francisco or Portland. Oregon. Don’t let this happen New York.

    City Council Seats

    The city council ballot lines are dominated by female candidates this election. Republican females, mostly newcomers, are changing the landscape across the boroughs. The city council races are ones to watch because they are the checks and balances for the mayor’s office. The current Democrat-heavy council defunded NYPD by $1B last year and current Democratic Socialist candidates are running on a platform to defund NYPD by another $3B.  Only with more Republicans in city council can we begin to rebalance the current one party rule.

    Winnable city council races to watch:

    Jackie Toboroff - District 1, lower Manhattan

    Inna Vernikov - District 48, Brooklyn

    Vanessa Simon, District 31, Queens

    Felicia Kalan, District 22, Queens

    Vickie Paladino, District 19, Queens

    Democrats verses Moms

    As Democrats abandon last year’s failing Defund the Police message, they’ve left Democrat candidates in the lurch. Democrat Socialist candidates such as Christopher Marte have had to about-face on their Defund the Police message as it lost support during June’s primaries, but not before they went on the record pushing for NYPD and school safety guards to get out of town. Moms have taken to the megaphone and social media to blast the rhetoric demanding the city bring public safety back and make neighborhoods livable again. The divided schools and a declining quality of life scenario have turned moms, on all sides, activists. The majority of the Republican ballot lines are Republican moms running, all activated because they can no longer take the abuse of power by city and school officials.

    NYC general elections are on November 2, 2021.

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    NYC no longer matters outside of New York.

    Americans are done with them.


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