• Gotham City Hill: Where Is Everybody?

    September 9, 2021
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    Rescue worker reaching into a New York Police car covered with debris from 9/11 attack

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    The Gotham City Hill

    On September 8, 2021, FDNY Ladder 8 and NYPD First Precinct jointly held a 20th anniversary tribute block party to honor the fallen heroes of the September 11 attacks in lower Manhattan. The streets were filled with first responders and their families, captains and lieutenants, neighbors and tourists. Neighborhood restaurants provided food and drinks. NYPD bused in a games truck and a 50-foot rock-climbing wall. A DJ got everyone dancing in the streets. Ladder 8 fire trucks flew a giant American in the skies where the Twin Towers once stood. Hundreds turned out for this family day event honoring our fallen heroes with the blaring exception of the New York media, Mayor De Blasio and President Biden who was across the river in New Jersey visiting areas hit by Hurricane Ida.

    The fact is police and fire could not have their 20 year anniversary event on the actual date of September 11th because Joe Biden was planning to attend the 9/11 ceremonies and did not want NYC’s finest and bravest to be anywhere near his photo opt. Even family members of those who died during the attacks are not allowed on the grounds to grieve because of the heavy security surrounding Biden’s visit. On the same day the NYPD and FDNY block party was happening, Biden and his 10-car motorcade were a mere 20 miles away, but couldn’t swing by for a New York visit because he knows he will get heat for going against the defund the police movement within the party.

    Who else wasn’t there? The man of the hour, Rudy Giuliani. Former Mayer Giuliani took New Yorkers through the toughest moment in our city’s history. And he is currently in hiding, buried in a Democrat-led legal jungle created by the city he fought for a long time ago.

    De Blasio was nowhere in sight. Mayoral candidate Eric Adams was nowhere in sight. Our President couldn’t be bothered. The media was sleeping. Only New York’s Republican candidates were standing side-by-side with with our Thin Blue Line. And as we are remembering that fatal day 20 years ago, those who we have lost, those who saved us, those who have aided us through the darkest days, Biden and the media wants to bury them and rewrite history without them in it.

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