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    There Is No Pandemic

    December 31, 2021
    Image by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York

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    Guest post by Jacqueline Toboroff

    There is no pandemic.

    How can there be when there’s a disparity between children and schools in the same city, NYC? Public schools never mandated the vaccine and encourage but don’t require PCR tests after breaks. Private schools operate differently, but no two the same.There’s no consistency and if this was a pandemic, there would be.

    Many private schools are going remote after Christmas break. A reason given was a spike in the virus. How do they know it was amongst kids?

    I have a different take.

    PCR tests were required to return to school after Christmas break. But because local NY government created a near stampede of healthy, asymptomatic people getting tested, hijacking them with fear or having it be necessary in order to return to work and make a living, travel, resume school, the tests many were mandated to get were impossible to get. Local government can’t even manage the mandate. As a result, there are test shortages and results are delayed. Many places, pediatricians, Urgent Care, pharmacies and even hospitals turned people away this past week and this weekend.

    The option was securing an appointment at a place that price gauged. I say was, because that was until emails were sent out after panicked parents made appointments only to get word school was going remote. But, not all schools.

    A case study in how you drive people insane is to keep changing the rules from day to day, without any parental input, and take away school meaning parents ability to work.

    After 2 years, we’ve learned the one group punished are families. Children must follow whims of people that clung to the CDC despite the CDC changing course time and time again, admitting they bend to teachers unions, that masks don’t work (we all knew that), and PCR tests are less reliable than we were told.

    People will get colds, the flu, and yes, the virus. Those with underlying conditions and obesity should, if they wish, be cautious. But the rest of us should not be forced to flatline.

    It’s 2022. Enough of the remote. Enough of the masks.

    Jacqueline Toboroff

    IG @jacquelinefornyc

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    jennifer wilson

    sadly... i think people are completely brainwashed to think asymptomatic spread is actually a thing. people have been mind controlled to fear the common cold as though its the plague. if you want to solve the problem the very very first thing to do is END THE COVID DOLLARS the hospitals are living off of. EMPTY HOSPITALS already in ruins from the mess of obamacare, now are ONLY SUBSISTING pretty much on unlimited billions in endless forever covid dollars from monopoly money they keep printing from thin air. END THE PERVERSE INCENTIVES YOU END THE PROBLEM. it is so sad that everything dr malone is saying on the rogan show tonight is everything we pretty much EXPOSED well over a year and a half ago.

    Victor B Anderson

    LIKE ! WI$E !!

    Victor B Anderson

    Apparent from the start to those of US Actually AWAKE !


    Don't take RNA shot. There is no pandemic. You're at greater risk of death from much larger dangers. 600,000 die each year from cancer, but government doesn't force chemo and radiation on us. 660,000 die each year from heart disease, but we aren't force fed anti-cholesterol drugs, or sent off to fat camps. Smoking cigarettes kills 480,000 yearly but government doesn't force masks and destroy economy with shutdowns for these higher death counts. Only 400,000 die each year WITH covid, and not usually from it. The average age of Covid death is 78 in US and 82 in UK. But the average life span is also 78 in US and 80 in UK. There is no pandemic. These people are dying on schedule. If you think there is pandemic, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE, if you're not already taking chemo and radiation to prevent cancer you don't have, and for not wearng masks over last 10 years to prevent second hand smoke deaths, etc. Tens of thousands have already died from Corona vaccine. People must pay for murder. Tell your friends, family, and employers to calm down about forced experimental RNA injections, and instead get ready for new Nuremberg trials. Its time to arrest government servants for mass murder using genetic experiments. The government does not own us, they are our servants. We tell them what to do AND not do. The punishment for treason is death penalty. Its time to build lists of offenders. Fauci is at top of list with Bill and Melinda Gates, Biden, and Trump, self described "Father of the vaccine".

    John Day

    It was never about the [chyna] plague. It's about the 'great reset'. The 13 families who own most everything, needing cover for 'resetting' their monetary system and our gov't is owned by these scum...
    A reckoning is due, for our elected/appointed at state/federal gov't, for the doctors and for the hospital systems (who are owned by the 13 families, everything means everything).


    The PCR tests area JOKE and are being misused to diagnose everyone as having covid, when the test itself cannot distinguish between covid, pneumonia, the flu, or any other respiratory illness....
    There is no clear testing regimen/standard in place to verify the results and so you get a lot of false positives......many are deliberate to get the money or fool people into getting the poison jabs.....


    The pandemic is that not enough people have quit watching the worthless/lying/fake/dangerous/psychotic/political/propaganda called ' news media '
    ...' watching ' from their couches is key.


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