• The Left’s War On Women

    January 18, 2022
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    Guest post by Jacqueline Toboroff

    NYC politicians and the policies they enact have sent women right back into the stone age. 

    Here in NYC, a woman is no longer safe riding the subway alone. The most basic daily activities, picking up and dropping off children at school and commuting to and from work are now dangerous ventures for women. Contending with subway pushers, slashers and sexual assaulters is now not a damn “perception of fear”but a frigging reality; and it is offensive and even reckless not be honest about the situation. 

    Gaslighting the public into believing it’s crazy for either being witness to or victim of criminality is especially disturbing and the ultimate betrayal. Not only are women in NYC now in jeopardy due to derelict policies and politicians, but we’re now being called mental for stating the obvious. And the irony is, as we’re being called mental by Mayor Adams telling us we can’t trust our lying eyes amidst NYC being in the grip of a mental health crisis - and no, it isn’t on account of the victims! 

    How on earth are we pretending Mayor Adams’ call to get back to work in the office is even possible when it ignores the genuine threat to women, the predominant and mostly likely victims? These almost daily attacks are not due to chance but result from city and state policies that deinstitutionalized publicpsychiatric hospitals, prisons and jails, and then defunded NYPD.  With a Governor who favors no cash bail and a DA who proudly aims to decriminalize many quality of life offenses, prosecute less, while promising the minimum incarceration, NYC’s unprecedented crime surge won’t be halted and more women attacked.

    Most vexing are the willy nilly references to homeless committing many of these so-called hate crimes as possessing mental health issues.  If this is the case, why the hell are they not being treated and left to strike again? What has the city done with the billions of dollars in Federal money from the State and Washington? It’s gone to woke policies and expansion of more government employees amidst a crime spike created by 1 party Democrat rule that double down on death and diaspora.   Instead of more roads and pet projects, why aren’t both mentally impaired and NON MENTALLY IMPAIRED people taken care of properly? Why aren’t  the homeless cared for? We have ample resources by way of myriad shelters, unused land away from residential neighborhoods and thanks to perpetual State of Emergency - cash! Washington Is this the value of a woman in NYC? Are we relegated in 2022 to Guinea pig experiments of seeing if someone with a rap sheet of 18th priors and repeat offenses will succeed on the 19th try?

    Is this equity? Is this justice? 

    All NYC politicians have done is give the go ahead to criminals by devaluing women and like during the Salem Witch-hunts, refer to us a “crazy.”

    Jacqueline Toboroff

    Not crazy woman in Manhattan

    IG @jacquelinefornyc

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    Lets be honest and talk about the elephant in the room. The VAST MAJORITY of these attacks are blacks attacking whites from behind. When we can admit racism is as bad as it was in the late 50's except now its blacks attacking whites with impunity and without consequence, we can start to move forward

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