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    Key Witness In Arkansas GOP Murder Breaks Silence, Confirms Earlier Reporting

    June 26, 2019
    Breaking: Murdered Arkansas GOP Senator Believed She Was Closing In On Child Trafficking Ring In Arkansas State Government
    Murdered Former GOP State Senator Linda Collins-Smith

    Kathryn Hall, a key witness in the recent murder of former State GOP Senator Linda Collins-Smith has broken her silence on the case and confirmed earlier reporting of CD Media. Hall said she was very close to Collins-Smith and they both were investigating corruption in the Arkansas Department of Human Services (child protective services) before she was murdered.

    In an interview with CD Media, Hall confirmed Collins-Smith had evidence on a child trafficking ring being run through the state government and was about to release information on massive judicial corruption and money laundering. She had given interviews in Washington, D.C. to that effect. Hall and Collins-Smith were about to move in together in D.C. to work on illegal immigration matters.

    Hall believes Collins-Smith was murdered to cover up the corruption. She also believes Collins-Smith was tortured and mutilated prior to her death, hence the hard time identifying the body.

    "The arrest of Becky [Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell] is a smokescreen to cover up what is happening. She may have been involved but she didn't pull the trigger; I am sure of it," declared Hall.

    Hall is an Angel Mom; her daughter was killed by an illegal alien after her granddaughter was, in her words, abducted and sold by the state.

    Two hours after giving an interview regarding her case on an Arkansas radio station after Collins-Smith's funeral, Hall said she was arrested by Bentonville, AR police on charges of running a drug house in town. Hall does not live in Arkansas and said the charges were fabricated.

    Below is a video interview of CD Media's Debbie Aldrich interviewing Hall regarding the murder of Hall's daughter.


    Below is a video interview of Debbie Aldrich interviewing Linda Collins-Smith on immigration.



    CDM Staff

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    Lawrence Wood

    Good work on this story. AR is full of corruption, but that's not the only state.


    Castrate then put the DemPedo's in prison for karma death by inmates


    I live in Benton County AR. I heard about this story after the OK state representative was murdered. The information is scarce. I think there should be a full and complete investigation into child protective services, just based upon a rumor. But it sounds like more than a rumor.

    This story is not a big deal in NWA....needs to be.


    It appears that Senator Collins Smith was a politician with Integrity. She did the right things by the public and in turn was murdered for it. It makes me heart broken for her. And unfortunately I have a very bad feeling that there may be ugly truths going on with regard to sexual abuse here. I hope Justice comes sooner Rather than Later. May she Rest in Peace.


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