Suspect Was Caught Removing Surveillance Cameras From AR GOP State Senator's Home Prior To Murder

July 31, 2019
Breaking: Murdered Arkansas GOP Senator Believed She Was Closing In On Child Trafficking Ring In Arkansas State Government

The suspect in the murder case of former Arkansas GOP State Senator Linda Collins-Smith, Rebecca Lynn O'Donnell, was caught on surveillance tape removing security cameras at the victim's residence prior to the murder, according to police reports shown to CD Media. O'Donnell has been charged with capital murder, abuse of a corpse, and tampering of physical evidence by Randolph County, AR prosecutors.

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The police reports stated Collins-Smith was stabbed multiple times.



CDM Staff

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    Well if in Arkansas we all know who is behind this.

    Ding Ding Dupree

    If you think the Clintons are the only satanic sex perverts in Arkansas, I have some news for you.


    Ding Ding ... let us hear your news...

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