FLASHBACK: Ukrainian Oligarch Headed To US To Testify On Biden Corruption Was Arrested By Soros-Controlled NABU In Germany

December 3, 2019

Deep State Knife Fight Playing Out...Giuliani Finds Suspicious

Ukrainian Oligarch Heading To US To Testify On Biden Corruption Arrested For Soros-Controlled NABU In Germany

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Ukrainian oligarch Oleksandr Onyshchenko was arrested in Germany on Nov 29th as he prepared to travel to the United States to testify regarding Biden family corruption in Ukraine. Onyshchenko was detained per the request of the Ukrainian National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) who our sources maintain is a Soros-controlled front for in-reality preventing investigations of Deep State corruption in the former Soviet republic.

You can read about the arrest here in local Ukrainian media.

CD Media recently released a great deal of information via Onyshchenko who provided never-before-published information on millions of dollars that ended up from Ukrainian gas company Burisma in the coffers of Biden-controlled companies. CD Media met with Onyshchenko recently in Germany.

Artem Sytnyk, the head of NABU, is being investigated in Ukraine for colluding with the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. Audio tapes were recently released where Sytnyk is heard bragging about his cooperation with the Clinton campaign during the election. Sytnyk's organization released the infamous 'black ledger' which put in motion the effort to jail previous Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. The 'black ledger' is now considered to be manufactured and not authentic.

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Onyshchenko fled Ukraine in 2016 after corruption charges were filed against him via former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko after Onyshchenko leaked audio tapes confirming Poroshenko's own corruption.

Onyshchenko informed CD Media he had been offered a deal to return to Ukraine and avoiding jail time if he would only admit his guilt. He refused this deal he told CD Media recently in Germany.

According to the head of NABU Artyom Sytnik, Onishchenko should have been extradited to Ukraine from Spain, where he was hiding from the investigation, in December. Sytnik noted that the ex-people's deputy lost all the lawsuits in Spain and there is a decision on his extradition to Ukraine, wrote RBC Ukraine.

Later, Onishchenko himself announced that he plans to return to Ukraine in December. As a confirmation, he provided a ticket for the Ryanair flight on December 13 from Barcelona to Kiev.

When contacted, Rudy Giuliani's office provided the following quote from the Mayor, "It strikes me as extremely suspicious."



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  1. It is important to obtain a recorded interview. The US Senate committee could request to obtain an interview and send investigators to Germany, and request extradition to the US. He would need to be in the witness protection program. I am quite concerned!even fearful, for his life. High profile prisoners are a special concern and extraordinary precautions need


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