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    Intermountain Healthcare Stadium Deal Shows Thirst For Growth

    March 18, 2020
    Intermountain Healthcare Stadium Deal Shows Thirst For Growth
    Construction work on the Las Vegas Stadium as of mid-December 2018
    Image by ZappaOMati

    Intermountain Healthcare, the 'community' healthcare system spun off from the LDS Church decades ago, and still run for the most part by executives who are members of the church, is moving into Nevada and sponsoring a stadium for the newly minted NFL Team, the Las Vegas Raiders, in the process.  

    The Raiders announced...the nonprofit health care conglomerate will retain naming rights for the Henderson, Nevada, performance and training center and is a founding partner of Allegiant Stadium, which sits at the southwest end of the Las Vegas Strip. Intermountain will also provide medical care for the team, reported KSL.com

    Intermountain recently purchased HealthCare Partners, a large network of medical providers and facilities also based in Las Vegas. That merger pushed Intermountain’s boundaries south, outside of Utah and Idaho. Partnering with the Raiders will help Intermountain become more recognizable in its new coverage area, officials note, where it will help deliver health care to approximately 350,000, added KSL.com  

    Through their partnership, the Raiders and Intermountain Healthcare say they will focus on new initiatives aimed at improving community engagement, health outcomes and overall well-being for individuals, families and communities  The deal also names Intermountain Healthcare the official health care partner of the Raiders and a founding sponsor of the $2 billion, 65,000-seat Allegiant Stadium, wrote the Las Vegas Review Journal. 

    After an exhaustive search, we cannot find anywhere on the internet the dollar amount spent for this partnership with the Raiders by Intermountain Healthcare. However, based on similar deals in the past, the amount must be in the range of tens of millions of dollars.

    After researching the situation in Utah and the surrounding area extensively over the last few months, a few facts about this NFL development confuse us.  We have reported in-depth on the low levels of employee satisfaction at Intermountain Healthcare due to pressure on costs. We have discussed the forcing out of community physicians at their flagship facility in Salt Lake City, Primary Children's Hospital, and discussed the consequences. According to many patients we talked to, this action resulted in families losing their choice of physician in certain specialties leading to a perceived decline in patient care. We have discussed the anti-competitive practices of Intermountain Healthcare with many local physicians who feel the organization's methods lead to a decline in patient outcomes.

    Intermountain Healthcare is a supposed 'non-profit'. By focusing resources on its geographical footprint, and financial growth, instead of patient care, what community purpose is this non-profit serving?  

    "We're thrilled to be a partner with the Raiders as we focus on community health," says Marc Harrison, MD, Intermountain president and CEO. "We've met with Raiders' leadership several times and have been very impressed with their commitment to the community, as well as to health and wellness among players, staff, families, and fans. We share a clear and common purpose in supporting our communities as well as values we can both be proud of. We're committed to working together to bring many positive, vibrant, and sustainable health programs to our communities. With this partnership, Intermountain Healthcare is working to extend our mission to more people — expanding in ways that help people live the healthiest lives possible," declared the Healthcare conglomerate on its website. 

    "We're pleased to welcome Intermountain Healthcare as the naming rights partner for our new, state-of-the-art performance center," says Raiders President Marc Badain. "Together, we're aligned in our investment in outreach programs and are committed to improving community and civic health through multiple platforms."

    The Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center and Raiders Headquarters will include offices along with a 150,000-square-foot field house that will house one-and-a-half indoor football fields. There will also be three outdoor football fields and a 50,000-square-foot performance center. The facility is currently under construction and is set to open the summer of 2020.We contacted Intermountain Healthcare via phone and email for comment with no response.  



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    Marci Farish

    The people of Utah should be so angry. The fact that they can spend millions of dollars on the Raiders stadium in Nevada without contributing to Utah State tax is just completely wrong.

    Dr. A

    Ethics of Naming a Raiders Facility After an IH Organization While Closing Hospital Pharmacies

    The decision to name a Raiders facility after an IH (Intermountain Health) organization while simultaneously closing pharmacies at its hospitals has sparked widespread debate. This issue raises significant ethical concerns, touching upon corporate social responsibility, healthcare access, and priorities in public health funding.

    Corporate Social Responsibility?


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