July 9, 2020

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UPDATE 9/30/20 Youtube in an election interference move has deleted these tapes. We are working to restore on Bitchute.


Ukrainian MEP Andrei Derkatch and former Ukrainian Prosecutor Constantine Kulik today released further Biden tapes with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The tapes outline Biden controlling Ukrainian security services, and Poroshenko's friendliness with Russian President Putin.

However, today's bombshell is a short tape where Biden and Poroshenko laugh together over the release of information against former Trump campaign advisor Paul Manafort. The famous 'black ledger' allegedly showed off-the-books payments to Manafort from former Ukrainian President Yanykovych. The 'black ledger' was later found to be fabricated; however, the information was used to begin investigations into Manfort; he was forced to resign from Trump's team prior to the election.

In the tape below, Biden and Poroshenko can be heard laughing about the incident.

Local Ukrainian media reported:

During a telephone conversation, Poroshenko said one phrase that could cost Biden the entire presidential race, as well as serve as the beginning of an investigation into Ukraine's interference in the electoral process with the support of the Democratic Party.

According to Poroshenko, taking adviser Yanukovych Manfort to Trump's team was a bad idea: “And one more thing, just as a joke. We published documents of the former Party of Regions. As I understand it, one of Mr. Trump's key advisers, Paul Manafort, resigned today ... As for me, it was a bad idea to take Advisor Yanukovych to Trump's team. ”

Poroshenko clearly said: we published. This is important, as it can be evidence that it was Poroshenko who led the intervention operation.

We will be back in May 2016. Then the former People's Deputy Sergei Leshchenko published material on the “black bookkeeping” of the Party of Regions, on the basis of which the total cost of political needs of the Yanukovych clan settled to more than $ 66 million. The materials also turned out to be the name of Paul Manafort.

The entire press conference is below...


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    34 comments on “BREAKING: Ukrainian MEP Releases Further Biden Tapes...JOE CONSPIRED WITH FOREIGN GOVERNMENT AGAINST TRUMP”

    1. When it comes to Democrat corruption, no mountain of proof would matter a whit because there's no will to prosecute. Barr simply doesn't care to move forward, at all, regarding Democrat corruption or their failed insurrection--in the FBI or in the Democrat Party proper. We MIGHT get the usual lip-service of further investigation and pending (but never materializing) results. This will be one more bit of ammunition left to tarnish, unfired, in the armory of Justice.

    2. 3.5 years into this administration. Zero indictments. No FBI. No CIA. No Clintons. No Obama, Bush, Clinton administration. Not a one in orange suits. Send their request for campaign funding back to them. When we see indictments we will contribute.

    3. My thoughts exactly. Action, not words. Very disappointed in this administration for stalling or allowing this to be stalled for so long.

    4. We have the non-existent DOJ and FBI when it comes to crimes by high ranking Democrats.
      FBI and DOJ run away, waiting to come back when the Democrats are in the White House.
      Corruption really works in America for the Democrats, but not for the Republicans.
      Republicans are convicted on frame up hoaxes while Democrats put their feet on the desk in the highest offices in the land.
      This whole thing will end up going nowhere.
      Manafort sitting in his jail cell in solitary confinement, marking days on the wall, likely for the rest of his life, while Biden wins the election with unanimous support from the media and the courts.

    5. It's called running out the clock.
      The buzzer goes off on inauguration day in January when the new administration takes over and shuts down all the investigations.

    6. Remember, this is not President Trump stalling - this is Obama DeepState Coup. They are a thick and putrid group who want totalitarian control of our country. The shoe has got to drop. Caught red (communist reference) handed!

    7. […] • Business Insider: US weekly jobless claims hit 1.3 million, less than economist forecasts • CD Media: BREAKING: Ukrainian MEP Releases Further Biden Tapes…JOE CONSPIRED WITH FOREIGN GOVERNME… • FOXNews: Father of Seattle ‘CHOP’ victim discusses outpouring of support, phone […]

    8. Is Newsom buying arms from China? I heard from Natural News that he is. Lookup: communist china providing automatic weapons to antifa black lives matter
      Another article on the subject: Lookup: newsom wired half billion communist china face mask money laundering

    9. Where the phuck is our AG Barr? Barr is to Trump as Mc Clellan was to Lincoln. When the hell is Trump goingto wake up and appoint Special Prosecutors? Democrats are waging asymetrical warfare and he isn't responding.

    10. Who does Trump trust? Everytime he thinks he has someone who is going to help root out corruption they turn out to be working for the other side. The deep state is pervasive, Trump needs to go outside of DC for an attorney general. The very people that need to be prosecuted for treason are people Barr worked with for years. Sessions, Barr, Gorsuch, all recommended by other deep states. Trump's cabinet picks must be thoroughly vetted and all come outside of DC.

    11. When I think of AG Barr I have vivid memories of his actions at Ruby Ridge. I wouldn’t trust the dumpy little schiff on anything.

    12. "Those who know, do not sleep."- Q
      President Trump is going to take these rat bastards down for treason AND show their nasty underbellies.(Crimes against children., pedophilia, human trafficking.)

    13. Question: How much blackmail information does the democrats have on Judge Sullivan to keep the Flynn case in limbo. Biden: evidence surfaces and is building, why wait for the election, stalling is not helping our nation and there's enough evidence out there collected to arrest all involved in the Trump spying.

      What is most frustrating is the information not being shared and evasive answers by A.G.Barr on the evidence collected and do they have enough to make arrests? Will it be a clean sweep after the election?

      I'd like to see arrests before the election but hey one can dream.

    14. So what? AG Barr already said they wouldn't even question Obama, or Biden much less enforce the law and bring charges. And, OBTW everyone in America already knows what went on. So let's stop pretending anyone is fooled. Barr is arrogrant hypocrite and a bald faced liar who is quite unabashedly giving the American people and the justice system his middle finger. Why doesn't Trump appoint Special Prosecutors?

      It's the AG Barr and his accolade Durham who are playing "Monkey in the middle" with the American people. Now you are left to guess who it is that's always the monkey in the middle. The American people elected Trump precisely because they were tired of that game.

      The purpose behind Barr's slow walk has been evident and from the very first. Barr is there to preserve the establishment's shadow government and Trump was snockered still and yet again. When the hell is he going to catch on. If he doesn't cut the head off of this snake, he will lose. The whole purpose of draining the swamp is suppose to be getting rid of the alligators, vermin and snakes. It can't be done without stirring up the water and getting dirty.

      Why shouldn't the America people be presented with all the factual evidence that Biden, who by the way is now running for President was engaged in rank corruption, the selling his offical office all around the globe even while committing sedition and treason? Why should actual evidence of any of that be withheld from the American public? What exactly is untoward about exposing corruption treason and sedition? For that matter was exactly is untoward about Barr and Durham just doing their God damned job?

    15. In response to Doc McCarthy, Bullschit! It is Trump. It's his Presidency. He has said he supports Barr. He has said he doesn't want to get involved. He says he could, but choses not to. WellTrump may just be over and done exactly because of that bit of close calculation he has made.

      The truth is Trump may be what we got, but even, if he does get reelected, he will never be anything but a place holder waitng for the next miracle, which is most unlikely to ever present itself. The nation won't survive on the hopes that miracles will just continue to appear. Trump isn't a fighter and the enemy opposition is onto him now. He is surrounded by wolves, hyenas and ferral dogs. They are circling him and he has failed to take out the most aggressive. Now the entire pack is brazenly encouraged and they won't stop until they destroy him and kill America in favor of China and the globalists. Bye bye Ameican pie. Stop kidding yourself.


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