YouTube Deletes Biden Collusion Recordings From Ukraine

September 17, 2020
BREAKING: Deep State US Agency Sanctions Ukrainian Releasing Audio Evidence Of Biden Criminal Activity

YouTube, run by Google, has deleted the Biden audio tapes we posted earlier this week that showed Biden colluding with the former Ukrainian president against the Trump transition in 2016. Biden also admitted getting President Poroshenko's children into the University of Pennsylvania as a quid-pro-quo for helping to shut down investigations in to his son Hunter Biden's corrupt dealings in Ukraine via the Burisma group of companies which is well documented. This action could be seen as a violation of the Corrupt Practices Act.

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Silicon Valley censorship is out of control and an indication of how much the Deep State has to lose if Trump is re-elected.

You can read over 60 articles of CDMedia's investigations in to Biden/Deep State/DNC corruption in Ukraine here.



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    14 comments on “YouTube Deletes Biden Collusion Recordings From Ukraine”

    1. i voted Trump and will again. I did not vote for a buddy, i voted with my head. the dems/left just won,t accept a loss. they just might be forced to soon. the dems forgot EVERYTHING is on the cloud stay true folks..

    2. Google put a post in our public gathering place that lets the community know everything that is happening. Now Google is telling us that post that they put in our public gathering spot is only for Liberal Democrats. We never agreed to that. I think it is time to take away our permission to let Google put a post in our gathering place.

    3. Yes, post them on BitChute (I see you have a channel there already).

      Also post them on -- a newer, cutting edge free speech video platform.

    4. Google is burning books like it's 1984.
      Please upload to bitchute and post the link.

      How is Google colluding with democrats
      against Conservatives not seditious behavior?


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