Life Lessons From Hunter Biden's Laptop

October 25, 2020
Joe And Hunter Biden Met With Russian Energy Execs Within Weeks Of Crimean Annexation...The Question Is...Why?

CDMedia has seen Hunter Biden's laptop. We thought we'd start sharing the information we have found over the next few weeks.

Here is a life lesson from Hunter....enjoy...

"Everyday is a new day to help somebody." WTF you have to be kidding me. Basically the lessons is use people as much as you can for your own self interest because in reality everyday is a new day to help your self.


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    7 comments on “Life Lessons From Hunter Biden's Laptop”

    1. Biden uses his son( who has a major addiction problem) as the front man to make himself rich. What father would do this to his own son?

    2. An exemplary life lesson. [gag]

      And there's this one: "Don't put all sorts of personally incriminating explosively degenerate material on a laptop, take it into a computer store for repair while drunk and stoned, then forget about it."

      [GIANT eyeball roll]


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