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    Jack Maxey Delivers Copy Of Hunter Biden Laptop To Senator Grassley And Begs Congress To Confront Reality Of Biden Crime Family

    July 8, 2021
    Jack Maxey Delivers Copy Of Hunter Biden Laptop To Senator Grassley And Begs Congress To Confront Reality Of Biden Crime Family

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    Patriot and veteran Jack Maxey, former co-host of War Room Pandemic, has delivered a digital copy of the Hunter Biden laptop to Senator Chuck Grassley's office in Washington, D.C. with a plea to finally take action against the Biden Crime Family. Evidence of highly organized crime is documented on the device.

    You can read his letter below.

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    Nick Cignetti

    We have no justice system in this country anymore the Justice Department, the FBI The CIA and the GSA are tools of the DNC.


    There's nothing more useless than the US legislature, and Grassley's a great actor- even better than Gowdy.

    GI Blues

    I don’t think there’s so much as a snowball’s chance in hell that this will result in justice. The alphabet agencies and media will once again collude and portray anything Sen. Grassley says as embarking on a “political witch hunt” and he won’t get any support, even from fellow Republicans.

    But we know the truth, and there’s no excuse for not seeing it.


    Play it on the floor of Congress!


    Those that refuse to look at evidence of crimes are themselves crooks.

    Tex Aggie

    The fact that they refuse to do anything about it shows that they are all compromised and speaks volumes.

    Rob Ross McGregor

    He should take it to a swath of mealy-mouthed politicians to convince them to band together.
    Perhaps including some of these:
    Sen. Susan Collins (Republican of Maine)
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Republican of Alaska)
    Sen. Bill Cassidy (Republican of Louisiana)
    Sen. Rob Portman (Republican of Ohio)
    Sen. Jerry Moran (Republican of Kansas)
    Sen. Shelly Moore Capito (Republican of West Virginia)
    Sen. Todd Young (Republican of Indiana)
    Sen. Joe Manchin (Democrat of West Virginia)
    Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (Democrat of New Hampshire)
    Sen. Angus King (Independent of Maine, caucuses with Democrats)

    Sure, some would never deign to view such foul Russian disinformation, but that's a start. Grassley's a joke, up there with Grahamnesty and McConnell (and McCain *spits*)

    Ken MacPhee

    I want a copy!


    I am a Delaware resident who voted twice for President Trump. I am absolutely sickened and embarrassed by this. The only other thing I can say is White House meet Delaware. Corruption and coverups of political wrong doing are the norm in this state.


    My country is on its last legs... until enough politically effective decent people organize the fraud movement in such force as to overturn the fraudulent election, this once-beloved country of mine will see internecine warfare to rival the hatred of the War of Northern Aggression. Otherwise, we will soon experience the blood and horror of European turmoil.

    Viva TEXIT !


    If we cannot get the Congressman to expose the crimes so that SOMETHING is finally done, then the next step would be to give every media service a copy and at least a hundred trusted volunteers to post it all over the Internet so that it becomes public knowledge. At that point, the swamp will be forced to take action in an attempt to save face. But we will all know that they knew all along and did nothing. It is all the evidence we will need to dispose of this corrupt, out of control regime...on BOTH sides of the aisle!

    jerry doyle

    Sadly, nothing will be done because almost everyone in Washington are grifters and profit mightily from scumbags like the Bidets.

    Proudly Unaffiliated

    A copy of everything on Hunter Biden's laptop is kryptonite to everyone. Mere possession of what is claimed to be on it is very likely illegal. So how to handle this? I am not sure but I think it well past time to blow through all the firewalls and get the contents on every computer in America where the owners wishes to have it. This can be done but it will take some brains and some balls to make it happen. Relying on the standard, establishment institutions right now is a fool's errand.

    Milly Vanilly

    When received, the tape was rather dusty....so they sent it over to the Clinton Foundation where SHillary said that she will personally' wipe it with a cloth' to prevent any germs or dust from spreading.

    Milly Vanilly

    It would NOT surprise me if MOST of the demwits have already been over to PEDOPHILE Biden's basement on a few weekends to have seen the 'good parts' of the tape. Nothing to surprise them with....it's business as usual.

    Whiskey1 Bravo


    Proof coming out about the vaccine for Covid-19 is poisonous to human. Do not take it and passed this on to everybody.




    I doubt that the Uniparty will do anything to pursue this. What has congress done so far to investigate the Biden family's known crimes, or the Clinton crime family's ? Or to prosecute ANTIFA/BLM for their riots, looting, arson and murder ? Nothing. Congress and the deep state are all on the same globalist team.


    "Societies exist under three forms sufficiently distinguishable. 1. Without government, as among our Indians. 2. Under governments wherein the will of every one has a just influence, as is the case in England in a slight degree, and in our states in a great one. 3. Under governments of force: as is the case in all other monarchies and in most of the other republics. To have an idea of the curse of existence under these last, they must be seen. It is a government of wolves over sheep. It is a problem, not clear in my mind, that the 1st. condition is not the best. But I believe it to be inconsistent with any great degree of population. The second state has a great deal of good in it. The mass of mankind under that enjoys a precious degree of liberty and happiness. It has it’s evils too: the principal of which is the turbulence to which it is subject. But weigh this against the oppressions of monarchy, and it becomes nothing. Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem. Even this evil is productive of good. It prevents the degeneracy of government, and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs. I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. ~Thomas Jefferson


    The GOP is as cowardly S the Democrat Party is evil....so we're at a deadlock.


    If none of those elitist slime-balls have reached out to obtain this information when they know its out there and who has it, do you think sending it to them is going to help get to the bottom of it? The country has been hijacked by elitists who we have enabled to enrich themselves through their supposed service to their country. Now its just servicing themselves when they finally arrive. Term limits, benefit limits, investment limits and the death penalty for traders is what is needed to fix the problem. Good luck getting any of that with the systemic brainwashing that is taking place!


    The ONLY reason that senile pedo Joe and the ho are in power is because of massive voter fraud.

    Joe and the ho know that the election was rigged. Nasty Pelosi knows the election was rigged. Chuck U. Schumer knows the election was rigged. Shithead Schiff knows the election was rigged. All of the DemocRATs know the election was rigged. The entire left-tard media knows the election was rigged. Anyone with half a brain knows the election was rigged. PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS KNOW THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED.


    I tolerated 44 (Obama) for 8 years and kept quiet. Here is my issue with the whole, “let us all be a United States again” that heard from Joe Biden. For the last 4+ years, the Democrats have gone and scorched the earth. You have salted the fields and now you want to grow crops. The problem is 75 + million of us have memories longer than a hamster.

    We remember the women’s march (vagina hats and all) the day after inauguration.
    We remember the 4 years of attacks and impeachments
    We remember “not our president” and the “Resistance…”
    We remember Maxine Walters telling followers to harass us in restaurants.
    We remember the President’s spokesperson being kicked out a restaurant.
    We remember hundreds of Trump supporters physically attacked.
    We remember Trump supporters getting Doxed, and fired from jobs.
    We remember riots, and looting.
    We remember the President’s family getting verbally attacked with filthy name calling.
    We remember “a comedian” holding up the President’s severed head.
    We remember Madonna saying she thought a lot about blowing up the White House.
    We remember actor Johnny Depp asking, ” when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”
    We remember a play in Central park paid with public funding, showing the killing of President Trump.
    We remember Robert de Niro yelling “F” Trump” at the Tony’s and getting a standing ovation.
    We remember Nancy Pelosi tearing up the State of the Union Address.
    We remember that none of these so called human beings were brought to justice.
    We remember Harris paying the bail for the rioters and then funding them so they could tear down our Great Country from the inside out.
    We remember all charges were dropped for those so called peaceful marchers that ripped this Country to shreds. The ones who continue to spread hate and racism to divide us one and all.
    We remember the total in the tank move on the mainstream media.
    We remember the non-stop and live fact checking on our President and his supporters.
    We remember non-stop in your face lies and open cover-ups from the media.
    We remember the President and his staff being spied on.
    We remember five Senators shot on a ballfield.
    We remember every so-called comedy show turn into nothing but Trump hate fest.
    We remember 95% negative coverage in the news.
    We remember the state governors asking and getting everything they ask for and then blaming Trump for their problems.
    We remember a Trump top aid verbally assaulted in two DC restaurants.
    We remember people banging on the Supreme Court doors.
    We remember that we were called every name in the book for supporting President Trump.
    We remember that Hollywood said they would leave after Trump was elected but they stayed.
    We will always remember that this is how the left is Uniting this Country by dividing us all and defunding the Police.


    Watch pedo Joe fondle little girl's breast.


    Buy an unstoppable domain name: hunterbidenslaptop.com maybe. Then use a Tor browser to put it on the cloud on a free blockchain hosted website. Make sure it has a download link for Mac, Windows, and LInux. Make sure it has a link to be able to download a Tor app or other anonymous ways of downloading.

    You pay one time for the domain name -- it lasts forever
    You pay one time or it's free, depending on where you get the hosting -- and the website lasts forever
    You can probably do it all for free and anonymously if you dig around for some more instructionable articles
    And, you might even be able to get it on a satellite orbiting the earth if you look around for even more articles

    It will be on the web forever circling the earth, and blockchain domains and blockchain websites can not be hacked. Too bad, so sad. Lol


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