• Chinese Human Surveillance Network Discovered In North Atlanta

    July 27, 2021

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    The Chinese immigrant community in the United States is made up of various types. Many are attempting to get away from the Chinese Communist Party and live a free life. They despise what Chairman Xi and his minions (here and in China) stand for. They have faced persecution at home and understand what real 'oppression' and 'resistance' is. They know full well what the CCP is capable of.

    Others simply want to be left alone to make money.

    However, CDMedia has discovered through interactions with people on the ground, in Johns Creek, and other North Atlanta areas, there is an active surveillance network amongst those Chinese immigrants loyal to Beijing.

    We have received scores of tips in the last nine months describing experiences being actively and publicly surveilled by Chinese agents. Many times the activity is also designed to be a threat, to intimidate Americans from standing up for their political beliefs and even their Constitutional rights.

    Here is the latest we received yesterday.

    "I participated in a drive-by protest of Raffensperger's home in November. There were a couple of Orientals filming the event from at the corner down 100 ft. or so from his driveway. I wondered why. Now I have reason to believe I know why… [They were surveilling us, taking license plate numbers, to know who was protesting Brad]

    One current resident of Johns Creek told us of his experiences over several years. We spoke to him on the phone yesterday.

    "They document everything.

    "Very strategic. Why at least [there is] one [agent] in every neighborhood, near the entrance. They monitor the opposition.

    "Most of them are foot soldiers doing grunt work and report back to local leaders, and then it goes up the chain."

    This local resident also described 'in his face' surveillance of his children in his neighborhood. "Being a known Trump supporter, after the election, this Chinese woman followed my family around the neighborhood and took videos of my kids. All very creepy. It was a direct threat".

    This type of activity has been documented in other countries as well.

    Strategy and Tactics: Chinese Immigrants and Diasporic Spaces in Johannesburg, South Africa


    And here is an excellent summary of tactics by Eurasia Review.

    Yang Jiechi stated in his article that it had become “necessary to actively push the governments of countries of their residence to build a favorable environment for Chinese compatriots.” In the past few years, PRC diplomatic officials in Malaysia have carried out regular visits to ethnic Chinese communities (https://www.eurasiareview.com/23082017-china-malaysia-relations-the-three-dilemmas-of-malaysian-chinese-analysis/), endorsed pro-China political candidates, and attended high level meetings by political parties dominated by ethnic Chinese.
    Beijing’s influence operations cynically exploit the diversity of other countries for the CCP’s own ends. Coercion and intimidation of Chinese living abroad harms their civil rights and freedoms and damages their political institutions. The efforts by the People’s Republic to muzzle critical diaspora Chinese media voices, infiltrate and manipulate policymaking, and encourage the formation of pro-Chinese political factions not only harms the sovereignty of other countries, they can also exacerbate social tensions within pluralistic societies and encourage polarization.

    Whoever the America First conservative is that takes illegitimate Joe's place in The White House soon, has to deal first with the threat among us.

    CDMedia will continue to investigate these tactics.

    CDMedia is being targeted and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here! 


    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    People need to make a fuss about the commies videoing and everyone should have videoed them right back, even more so!!!! Intimidate the intimidators!!


    How long til kameltoe?


    Take that camera and break it on the pavement.


    The chicom woman who stalked the family with videos: Don't know if the resident took any action but If it were my family being harassed and stalked it would have been the last thing thing the chicom did with functioning arms. Too many Americans being placid, compliant, and apathetic then complain about "what government is doing to us".


    IF we apply the same belief system they have on THEM they woudn't last a day. We allow communist to floruish.

    Without US these precks wouldn't last a day.


    I personally saw Chinese ladies taking videos of the crowds, not speakers at the Sidney Powell speech in Alpharetta GA and a Marjorie Taylor Greene speech in Cumming recently. Creepy.

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