• BREAKING: Jack Maxey Declares Hunter Biden Laptop Shows 'Secret Biological Projects' In Ukraine

    March 24, 2022
    Disease cases in Ukraine

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    This story is developing...

    UPDATE 3/24 1950 EST - Interview with Maxey is postponed indefinitely due to situation on the ground.

    CDM will be conducting a live interview with Maxey later today to break more news and will update time as soon as we have it...

    Former War Room Pandemic host Jack Maxey, who is now in Switzerland releasing the entire contents of the Hunter Biden 'laptop from Hell' on a private server for the world to see, has declared that evidence on the computer shows the Department of Defense, along with the Biden Crime Family, and Ukrainian organized crime, were running 'secret biological projects' in Ukraine.

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    According to Maxey, the projects were run by a company called Metabiota, of which several bad actors had investment stakes.

    CDMedia has been discussing the issue with Maxey at length for the last several months.

    Maxey details that emails on the device show how Hunter Biden, and the head of the infamous Ukrainian gas company Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky, had stakes in the biological projects, and had been promised a 5x return in three months by those involved.

    "They privatized the work of our biological labs at Fort Detrick in the United States and were running the development of these projects in Ukraine," declared Maxey.

    Fort Detrick is the DoD's biological lab facility and has acknowledged running American biological weapons development programs throughout 1969.


    CDM Staff

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    Everything on Hunter's laptop will be ignored by authorities because to delve into the crimes of the Biden family will expose more than Just Hunter's corruption. More than just the Biden Cartel's corruption. Just see how they handled the Maxwell case. They found HER guilty but didn't follow the case to it's logical conclusion by snagging the men/women who received the favors of these young girls. THAT would expose the protected class. Hunter is much "bigger" than Maxwell (STILL riding on the Big Guy's coat tails) so they won't even get HIM, in this case. It will all go away. As usual.

    cheryle macdonald

    You obviously do not research much because all these criminals have either been executed or serving life in GITMO. All we are watching now is a play, like Trump tells us get your popcorn, sit back and watch the show.


    Meanwhile, Conservative news sources like the War Room that Jack helped get started are focused only on the Supreme Court nominee Hearing. I shut Bannon off, I'm done listening. As Jack said, he can't even get any of them to call him back now. Shame on Bannon! He's playing right into the plan of the Globalists, DISTRACTION! Thanks for everything we can hear from Jack!


    Also the 7 secret spices for KFC, the recipe for Coke and Amelia Earhardts grave site are on there! Too bad it's in the hands of the most inept, imcompetent investigative body since the He Man Woman Haters Klub.

    Ben Dayho

    I wonder if Al Capone's safe contents will finally be uncovered. The one Geraldo found was a decoy

    Flannigan McGaffigan

    Releasing the entire laptop hard drive contents would be a dream come true for the world to see the extent and level of corruption of the deep state, woke government that is trying to destroy the USA.


    I don't think it is exposing anything. If the last 2 years has taught us anything at all, it's that these people want this to happen. They want a collapse. They want a violent revolution. They want a new world order, one world government. There isn't going to be anything shocking that suddenly shocks people back to their senses. They never had any, they all just fully came out of the closet as Marxists once they reached critical mass and now their out and proud.


    Now we are getting to the root of America’s problems. Greed and Power. We have a wholly criminal political class and our intel and the military industrial complex is out of control and now all intermingled to the point that they don’t care if We the People know it or not! This was All brought out by President Trump and is Why they hate him.

    Jim James

    I'm voting for Still President again and I am looking forward to it

    Hormel Chavez

    The comments here are spot-on. Who can trust our vile government ever again?

    Linda Williams

    The MGshow covered all the lab and pandemic insurance scheme by Biden's son, Pelosi's son, Romney's son & Kerry's son through Metabiota and mixed up with Ecohealth Alliance (shown on the USaid website. That was about 2 weeks ago on their show called " Sons of Tyranny." On rumble. Remember, Peter Dasek with Ecohealth Alliance was using Fauci Grant's at the Wuhan lab.Happy huntering.


    Thank god some of you are smelling the b.s. stay away from the Blue Cruel Aid ! T by eyes an awful lot of useful information, only need to get a little dirty .. actually very dirty, to dig it up, but its there for the world to see. There's a very scary interview of a former FEMA whistle blower telling the truth about the Globalist's plans, how they've put people's minds into a semi comatose state, for lack of better explanation. They've developed a virus or disease that attacks and destroys crops en-mass, causing massive food shortages.
    There's an audio track with a former VODAFONE executive fully exposing the wedding of AI and 5G, and how they are, and will continue their " track and trace " of every single item they can tag, be it animal, vegetable, mineral, human, pets, the list goes on. They're inserting European law into our courts, the massively oppressive social credit scoring system of the oppressive chinese government. Just look around you and all the cameras, everywhere you go. And this barely scratches the surface. Just those 2 audio and video tracks should scare the living heck out of every human being. They've even produced a chart, describing the number of deaths, of people BY RACE, they are planning, and much of the Caucasian Race is slotted for elimination. These EVIL ACTIONS are headed by that tiny handful of SELF APPOINTED elites ... who died and made Them god ??? Stand up to these people. They get very scared and nervous when the PEOPLE STAND UP TO THEM.
    REFUSE TO COMPLY ... our Founding father's did it. They stood against what was at that time, the world's greatest, strongest and Most Brutal Army, ?Great? Britain, and guess what ? .. yes many good free honest working newly made americans did lose their lives, but they eventually Kicked Their Thug Asses and laid the foundations of what eventually became the world's greatest nation. Those that died lost everything, but they were willing to die for what they believed in, a new nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all ! Today, people are more interested in their own selves, money and material goods, over freedom of expression, freedom to own their own businesses and become successful, freedom to live their Own lives, free from government. Those of you unwilling to Stand and Deliver, to stand up on your own two feet, and fight to save our nation from The Most Corrupt, Most Crooked, Most Inmoral, most Godless Marxist Socialist Commies ever to collect in and around the Swamp, don't deserve to live that freedom. Those of you not willing to fight for free, unfettered, corrupt elections, don't deserve those freedoms.
    Those unwilling to fight will be slautered like sheep and cattle, on your knees. Those of you willing to stand and deliver, standing upright on your own two feet will at least have a fighting chance of winning the fight and living. We are now in the Biggest War Ever .. its not about right or wrong. This war is as Dark and As Evil as it gets. We are fighting the dark forces of Evil and the Devil .. their faces are the Globalist Klaus the NAZI, and Yuval Noah Harari, these two are very prominent leaders of that handful of individuals who think WE cannot take care of ourselves and our own lives. They think they're smarter than we the people, and I'm referring to ALL of earths people. Every nations peoples Must refuse to be oppressed. None of this should even be happening. We are supposed to be intelligent beings. Why are so many acting as if they've been lobotomized ?? What the current government is doing IS Treasonous and the penalty for Treason is Death !! Opening our borders to 500 million illegal undocumented individuals, disease carrying, terrorists and God knows .. They're doing it to massively and permanently change the entire spectrum of this nation. Those people are Only here for the freebies and free medical, free phones ... and the commies in power will then make Sweeping changes and burn this country to the ground. Are you all really going to stand around with your heads firmly planted up your butts ??? I sure hope not !!

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