BREAKING: Hunter Biden Laptop Contains Multiple Department Of Defense 'Encryption Keys' With Twenty Plus Year Expiration Dates To Allow Holder Access To DoD Databases

March 26, 2022

Image by Marnie Joyce

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This story is developing...

UPDATE 3/27/22 - After receiving further information from sources inside the DoD, we have confirmed the 'root certificates' found on the Hunter Biden laptop could be related to his work as a public affairs officer in the US Navy for several months before he was discharged for drug use, possibly for use in email communications. In any event, the certificates should have been wiped from his private device per procedure. If the certificates were downloaded at a later date via other government personal with access, this would a violation of procedure and a possible vulnerability. We do not have a way at this time to verify the timing of the use of these certificates.

The certificates provide access to 'sensitive' material but not further classification.

CDMedia has confirmed the Hunter Biden infamous 'laptop from Hell' contains many U.S. Department of Defense 'root encryption certificates', or encryption keys to DoD databases. The keys have unusual long-term expiration dates, with many lasting twenty years or more.

This information was discovered during a deep forensic investigation done over the last couple weeks, by Jack Maxey and his team in Switzerland.

This situation raises multiple questions, such as...

  • Why did Hunter Biden have a large number of Department of Defense encryption codes to allow access to national security data?
  • Did Hunter Biden give anyone else access to this information?
  • Who gave the codes to Hunter Biden?
  • Why do the codes have long-term expiration dates, when the usual practice is to provide a user access only during his 'need to know', or time in the job, which is usually 2-3 years at most?

We have been informed the Department of Justice has been alerted to the situation.

We have also been informed the DoD has been told of the discovery.

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53 comments on “BREAKING: Hunter Biden Laptop Contains Multiple Department Of Defense 'Encryption Keys' With Twenty Plus Year Expiration Dates To Allow Holder Access To DoD Databases”

  1. It Means to give Access to government's computers, with the goal of capturing and derailing the government, , but of course in a covered way.

    1. Why would one have these keys on a personal computer. He should have been issued a laptop by the DoD that is returned to the DoD when his time there was terminated. Those keys should never be on a personal own laptop. A huge security risk. Normal everyday business has a higher security standard than this.

      1. The key would be on his own computer if he were a civilian contractor. If he had any kind of (official) access to secret information he would have been issued a CAC smart card, not a certificate on the machine.

  2. Since v2k and neural implants are not real, everything said about them is not true, since Havana syndrome is fake and since remote neural monitoring is not developed and is fake I would not worry about hunter Biden. Everything I just said is bogus and bonkers. They have undetectable implants that work with 5 g. They transmit data like a cell phone connected to your cerebrum and medula oblongata. Hunter Biden is a spy. He does spy stuff. Is what it is. A bigger worry is Havana syndrome (microwave attacks by drones). The threat is real. DNA brain freak remote neural monitoring tortureware. The secret doppelganger program. My dad is friends with Warner Von Brauns family in Huntsville. The revolution is going to get ugly. I have good credit and karma. I use my real name. I am planning mass die offs of gangstalkers and theives.

    1. If your dad is friends with the von Braun family, might he know the German rocket scientist’s first name is Wehrner, not Warner?

  3. Treason, selling out to the enemy and I'm sure there is no way Hunter could have got hold of the encryption keys by himself. Gee, who could have gotten him those? For a fee of course, say 10%.

  4. Unfortunately, this is another scandal that will be ignored, stoned-walled, someone else blamed ,and/or denied. Nothing he does is out of bounds.

    1. Was Hunter actually running some part of the US government?
      What do encryption codes mean, access?
      What does this indicate?
      How much would Russia or China be willing to pay to access that kind of information?

  5. This guy NEEDS to be executed andI don't care if his father is a usurper up there. Kind of figures out, don't it?

  6. Why does it take some independent group from Australia to discover this when the FBI has had the laptop for two years or more?

    1. Because the FBI used those two years to PUT THE CODES THERE!

      And given that our honest intelligence agencies did the deed, do you not consider it puzzling that they were told of the presence of the keys, and our incorruptible DOJ given the task of decoding them?

      1. No, there were at least three external copies of the hard drive made at the computer repair shop. That means only one would have the keys if they were added at a later date to the laptop.

    1. 😄😄😄😄 And here I thought ALL those Commie TRAITORS worked together on their destruction of OUR country

  7. so, now that we already know, isn't that enough to haul dad and son to court and hang them for serious treason - and make void the past election... and save America?

  8. Why is this a story and he is not picked up and his father not removed from office? This is beyond corruption, this could potentially allow other nations to level our Nation. His father is now a risk to our Nations Security and needs to be removed from office.
    The only people who would give this top secret information is his father, his father exboss, killery, a rape victim of his, many, or a top General.
    Remove this administration immediately, until this can be cleared up. I do not know about you, but this has pissed me off even more than filling my gas tank today for 100.00. Their are Military Families that have lost precious family and to have this crackhead, pedo sicko misfit running around with these keys is enough.

  9. This sounds like it's talking about SSL certificates the browser gets from every site that uses HTTPS in order to establish host identity for a encrypted browsing session. If that's what this is, you have the same encryption certificates in your browser if you've ever visited a DOD website. 20 years isn't unusual for a government institution but that's not controllable at the individual visitor level, it's site-specific not user-specific. I fear this story is an attempt to seed disinfo. More details needed.

    1. What is it about the Department of Defense that you don't get? Hunter was not an employee of the US government. SSL certificates for the department of defense bwahahahaha

  10. What about his other laptop that was stolen by Russians while he was coke-binging with hookers? Did that laptop have a copy of those codes on it or other sensitive data? Seems like a real important question all of the sudden.

  11. Root Certificates are on any computer that authenticates a government issued smartcard. CD Media Staff should learn a bit about technology if they are gonna write stories about it.

  12. The DOJ and DOD are in on it. They are owned-and-operated by the British Crown. Washington D.C. is the BRITISH Territorial Government, aka the United States of America, INC. And the Municipal iteration of the Papacy, aka THE UNITED STATES, INC. and Roman Law. All roads lead to Rome, who will present the man of sin as Christ. That is what the obelisk in the the center of St. peter's Square stands exalted for. The "rebirth of Osiris" as Christ - the cross ejaculated from the obelisk. It has NO OTHER meaning or purpose.

  13. If what you've described is the case it's more likely that the 'news' mokes spreading the 'misinformation' just don't know it's misinformation. They do the same with the Covid vax--just print any old preposterous 'evidence' that suits their narrative. I pulled three perported scientific reports presented as evidence of conspiracy (one of them incredibly elaborate) at random from a popular website a few days ago. One turned out to be a 12 year old study that had nothing to do with Covid. A second had a conclusion opposite to what the headline was blaring. The 3rd--the amazingly elaborate one--was ridiculously impossible. Sometimes a bogus chart will be inserted into a study. So I have no problem with the possibility that, in their eagerness, some of the news mokes are jumping the gun here.

  14. The dowdy Jennifer Psaki-Howdy Doody look-alike recently stated (in public) that Hunter Biden was not a government employee, implying that the craksmoker and human trafficker should not be focused upon for his criminal acts. Once the crackhead got his hands upon ANY sensitive US government info of any type he then indeed became a "government employee". No doubt his crap-bag sleazy father was involved in this criminal act and numerous others..

  15. Y'all obviously didn't read the article. How you gonna have a public SSL certificate in your browser that authenticates a DoD database. Those types of certs are exactly as the article describes... Given out per basis. Had to do this for a client for the DEA for pharmacy so I'm guessing DoD has a little bit of a tougher setup process. 20 years??!!? Dude this should have been auto red flagged in their backend as soon as the cert was created, we need more details about this ASAP.

  16. The FBI had this laptop for years and the Biden's are still walking around making $$$ and destroying destroying America.

  17. It's time to send the Bidens to Gitmo on a one way ticket and let Kamala step in and save the world. God bless!

  18. The Italians had the right idea with Mussolini: We need to emulate them! But the real impetus behind todays insanity is the obama still "Bitch Slapping America' till it is so weakened that sharia will become implemented !!!

  19. Let's assume, at least for a moment, that all of this is true. I have to wonder, why did this take so long to come to light? This information has been in many hands, on all sides, for going on two years. Now, in a "few" weeks, some guys in Sweden uncover this info? With this in mind, I think there is a lot of Hanky-Panky going around on ALL fronts. I think this info is purposely being "time released" so that, in the end, it results in nothing!

  20. Only the big guy or Barry could have let that information get onto the crack head's lap top. No mean trick to copy that information off the lap top while the rube was passed out or while he was hunting hookers. Maybe that was part of the diamond ring gift found under his hotel room pillow. I wonder how many chinese officials have hunter's crayon drawings hanging in the bathroom for a laugh.

  21. No keys last 20 years. No keys last more than 24 hours. How do I know? When I was in the service I was in Crypto. That's what I did. Unless something has racially changed. In my military world, that would have NEVER happened.

    1. Can confirm these steps. Installed on a Chromebook, the root CA's indeed expire on the dates shown. These are public certs, not private. *IF* these are the certificates on H. Biden's laptop, then they don't mean anything whatsoever

  22. The crypto keys are controlled by the Hollywood. It is all sick mind world.


    10:12 p.m. — The Oscar for Best Original Score goes to Hans Zimmer.

    10:04 p.m. — The Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Siân Heder.

    10:00 p.m. — The Oscar for Best Original Screenplay goes to Kenneth Kenneth Branagh.

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    9:31 p.m. — The Oscar for Best International Feature Film goes to Drive My Car.

    9:21 p.m. — The Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role goes to Troy Kotsur (CODA).

    9:30 p.m. — Trump was Right

  23. Is the Pentagon saying they don't have log files for who logged in with those keys? That's either a lie or a stunning breach in operations.

  24. The open source command line UNIX utility openssl(1) should be able to print out quite a bit of meta-information from these certificates, certs usually are signed by an authority, which may include an email address and a full name, and they usually have a date of creation and a date of experation embedded, and, of course, the algorithms used to protect the certificate are also informative.

    Go find yourself a UNIX sysadmin and give them some money to help you look at those certs.


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