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    FLASHBACK: Ukrainian Intelligence Sources Report Ambassador Yovanovitch Lied To Congress, Protected Russian Oligarch On Sanctions List

    May 7, 2022
    Ukrainian Intelligence Sources Report Ambassador Yovanovitch Lied To Congress, Protected Russian Oligarch On Sanctions List
    Ambassador Yovanovitch Visits Mariupol, August 31, 2016

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    KYIV -- Sources within the Ukrainian intelligence services have informed CD Media that in 2016 then Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch forced Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the Ukrainian security services to cease investigations into activities going on at the Kharkov tractor plant, a massive Soviet-built installation producing agricultural equipment and also repairing damaged military equipment from the war in Donbass against pro-Russian separatists.

    First a little background.

    The plant at Kharkov, known as Kharkivskyi Traktornyi Zavod (KhTZ), is a sprawling industrial facility built by the Soviets under Stalin to capitalize on collective farming in Ukraine, the breadbasket of the Soviet Union.

    The facility languished in unprofitability and went bankrupt in 2007 under the ownership of Ukrainian oligarch Alexander Yaroslavsky, a close friend of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska who is on the U.S. Treasury's sanctioned list.

    Ukrainian Intelligence Sources Report Ambassador Yavanovich Lied To Congress, Protected Russian Oligarch On Sanctions List
    Oleg Deripaska, Russian billionaire
    Image by
    World Economic Forum - Michael Wuertenberg

    Deripaska (via a nominee foreign third party owner) purchased the factory from Yaroslavsky during the bankruptcy process and brought the plant back into the black over the next several years.

    The following is known from open source about the plant’s shareholder Siegfried Wolfe: he is the head of the board of directors of the Russian Machines corporation, a structure that belongs to the Basic Element group, Oleg Deripaska. At the same time, he never hid his sympathy for Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a seer and a man of work . Close relations of Siegfried Wolf and Vladimir Putin have been repeatedly noted by foreign media, reported Ukrainian National News Information Agency (UNN) in May of 2016.

    The ownership consortium was making money until everything changed with the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and the concurrent outbreak of the war in the Donbass region of East Ukraine. At that point, the plant begin to do high volume business in repairing damaged Ukrainian military equipment, specifically Howitzer artillery pieces.

    Alexander Yaroslavsky and Oleg Deripaska

    However, having a Russian oligarch in charge of Ukrainian military industrial facilities while Russia was essentially at war with Ukraine in the East did not sit well with the Kremlin or the government in Kyiv. Ukrainian security services begin investigating allegations in 2015 that the Kharkov plant was being destroyed by the current ownership and sensitive manufacturing equipment was being prepped to be shipped to the Russian Federation.

    But Deripaska found a solution.

    At the same time, as a "lifebuoy" for the Russians, Yaroslavsky appeared on the horizon, announcing the purchase of a giant of domestic agricultural machinery. At the same time, it remains unknown how A. Yaroslavsky managed to get permission from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to acquire KhTZ shares so quickly, wrote UNN.

    Sources within the Ukrainian intelligence network tell CD Media that Yaroslavsky is ensconced safely within the Soros-influenced camp within Ukraine. We wrote about this situation recently here.

    Oleg Deripaska nevertheless managed then to adequately get out of this difficult situation and hush up the scandal surrounding KhTZ. As an ideal option, Oleg Deripaska proposed to become the main owner of KhTZ, Alexander Yaroslavsky, who previously owned KhTZ in 2005-2007. In 2016, it was reported that the result of Oleg Deripaska's exit from the KhTZ business in April 2016 was the concentration of 91.76% of the shares of the tractor plant from Yaroslavsky, which he allegedly bought from Deripaska at the suggestion of Siegfried Wolf. But he bought them very specifically. The offshore company Rosiland Engineering Limited (Cyprus), affiliated with the DCH Yaroslavsky group, acquired the corporate rights of three offshore companies from the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which actually own HTZ shares. Why is the jurisdiction of the BVI attractive? First of all, by the fact that it is not possible to determine the ultimate beneficiary. The fact is that the owners of companies registered in the BVI are not owners of corporate rights, but owners of shares of these companies, the registry of which does not exist. Therefore, we can safely say that Yaroslavsky plays the role of "Avatar" for Deripaska, who is still the actual owner of KhTZ, reported VSE Media in Ukraine in April of 2018.

    The closure of the criminal case of sabotage at the KhTZ was preceded by a meeting in the presidential administration of Ukraine, which took place on December 6, 2016 with the participation of Poroshenko, Rainin, Svetlichnaya and Yaroslavsky (Kuma Deripaska). At this meeting, Poroshenko ordered to remove all legal obstacles to HTZ, which was done. For which the guarantor was all friendly then said thanks, or maybe they said earlier … (Poroshenko, most likely not for free, helped Putin’s friends …).

    What has not been publicly reported until now but has been verified by several Ukrainian sources to CD Media is that Ambassador Yovanovitch was the force behind the investigations being terminated at the Kharkov plant. It seems former President Poroshenko became greedy over the increasing volume of military refurbishment work going on at the factory and ordered investigations in order to pressure the owners to shift some of the ownership of the facility to him.

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    However, Yaroslavsky as written above is within the Soros Deep State establishment in Ukraine and Yovanovitch personally intervened to force Poroshenko to cease his investigative activities. In short, Yaroslavsky was placed on the infamous 'do not prosecute' list described by former Ukrainian General Prosecutor Lutsenko who publicly declared he was given such a list by Yovanovitch. These events took place from 8 march -24 April 2016.

    As a side note, Lutsenko declared this past week that Yovanovitch lied on the witness stand in Congress during the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

    Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that in his testimony to the US Congress, ex-Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch lied about his involvement in corruption. He wrote about this on November 15 in comments on Facebook, reported Ukraine.ru.

    “Marie Jovanovic is participating in the slanderous campaign of the hero Maidan and former political prisoner Yuriy Lutsenko. If she has evidence of his corruption, she must present them, ”Adrian Karatnitsky, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, wrote on his Facebook page.

    In comments to the post, the ex-head of the GPU, Yuri Lutsenko, said that the former US ambassador to Ukraine, Yovanovitch, is lying and he has evidence of this.



    CDM Staff

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    rickey ricardo

    Now we learn that Ambassador Gordon Sondland perjured himself along with Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch who is also guilty of interfering in the internal workings of the Ukrainian government in favor of deep state, Soros interests as well as a slew of other Obama Administration interests to include: Biden, Kerry and Hillary to name a few of our favorite characters.

    The Ukraine was a honey pot of Democratic, Obama Administration corruption and that's the real reason why we have this whole impeachment thing. Democrats are desperate to muddy the water, confuse and distract the American people. Maybe the time has finally come for the Democrats to stop digging? It suddenly appears the time has come to begin filling in that same impeachment hole. Republicans are going to use that hole to bury Obama and Hillary and all their corrupt soldiers.

    The question is will Barr and Durham do their respective jobs and begin the criminal referrals necessary to the convening of grand juries so that we can prosecute? Manafort and Roger Stone who will be spending the rest of their lives in prison demand equal justice, as do the American people.

    Thank you CD media for bringing it to us.


    So we're in fast forward from the flashback now. Apparently Marie Yovanovitch lied in her testimony. She was likely giving testimony as directed by State Dept. superiors in Washington.

    I don't expect any change. The Democrats are instituting a dysinformation office so not only won't corruption be investigated, but it won't even be talked about.


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