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    Westport, CT School District Begins To Remove Shakespeare From Curriculum

    May 7, 2022

    Property values will eventually fall

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    William Shakespeare is widely considered to be the most important literary figure of all time. Now, according to many disappointed parents, the elective course on Shakespeare at Staples High School has been cancelled. Parents also note Shakespeare appears to be getting reduced representation across English classes.

    This sad development is consistent with a disturbing trend. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird was once a core element of Westport’s 8th grade curriculum but no longer is, as we previously observed. Dr. Ibram X. Kendi of course wrote in Stamped that he believes TKAM is racist.

    As we have noted previously, Kendi’s organization has for years been championed by TEAM Westport and has provided extensive training to our teachers and various town employees. Now another literary giant whom Kendi finds objectionable seems to be on the chopping block. In 2020, Kendi tweeted an article which harshly criticized the teaching of Shakespeare...

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    In order to keep the cash flowing in grifters like Kendi have to keep finding new targets to hate


    When will Ibram also demand that the history of Irish slavery is taught. They were brought to the New World in 1619, way before the African Slaves were. And they were treated worse than Africans. In fact, slave owners demanded that some of their African slaves impregnate the Irish slaves "to make them stronger."

    And why isn't the history of Freed Blacks who were great entrepreneurs like Madame Walker taught? They didn't need no stinking handouts from white men! Or that the first 24 Black congressional representatives were Republican? Or that the Republican Party was formed to push against the anti-Black racist Democrat Party? Or that the Dems sat out the Abe Lincoln inauguration because he was part of freeing the slaves? Or that the Dred Scott case, the resistance to integration, and the KKK were all Democrat creations. Come ON Ibram, Tell the Truth! Conservative America is not the enemy. Marxists and Democrats are!

    John Sullivan

    Lord, what fools these mortals be!


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