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    FLASHBACK: Ukrainian Journalist Files Complaint To Force Investigation Of US Ambassador Yavanovich And Her 'Orders' To Ukrainian Prosecutor Lutsenko

    May 27, 2022
    Ukrainian Journalist Files Complaint To Force Investigation Of US Ambassador Yavanovich And Her 'Orders' To Ukrainian Prosecutor Lutsenko
    U.S. Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch travels to Kharkiv, Kharkiv Karazin national University, September 22, 2016

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    A Ukrainian journalist has filed a formal complaint with the State Bureau of Investigation to force the government to investigate what really happened when U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch presented then Ukrainian General Prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko with a 'do not prosecute list' for Deep State Soros operatives in Ukraine.

    Investigative journalist Vladimir Boyko sent a statement to the State Bureau of Investigation on the fact that Yu.V. Lutsenko, being the prosecutor general, that is, being a law enforcement official, allegedly received from the US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, a person who had nothing to do with the Ukrainian law enforcement system, instructions to terminate the criminal prosecution of the former deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine Vitaliy Kasko, who is now the first deputy attorney general of Ryaboshapki and other persons. This was stated by Vladimir Boyko himself in a social network, wrote Ukrainian news outlet News24UA.

    Shortly after receiving the instructions, the proceedings on suspicion of the former Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko in fraud and the use of a fake document in the privatization of housing in Kiev were closed by the Kiev local prosecutor’s office No. 6, although 11 months had been investigated before, from February 16, 2016.

    Vitali Kasko is now the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine and recently replaced Konstantin Kulik who was fired on corruption charges that are seen to be politically motivated for pushing the investigation of Hunter Biden and Burisma. Intelligence sources in Ukraine tell CD Media that Kosko was put in the position to kill those investigations.

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    Reminds you that a fish would never get hooked if it kept it's mouth shut. May be other "witnesses" that are regretting voicing their opinions and hearsay.


    We are sure those 'witnesses' in the impeachment hearings are...

    Show me

    Don’t expect those investigations to go anywhere.
    The only investigations the FBI has been capable of doing are against Trump and the only smears and hoaxes the CIA have been capable of completing are against Trump.
    In the last few days, a former special envoy, Jeffrey, reported they were running a shadow government against Trump, lying to him about the number of US troops actually in Syria.
    How can you have transparency in government when the employees lie to the administration and make their own rules?
    We have had a system in which there was presumed to be basic honesty among government employees, however we’re seeing this isn’t true or real, that government employees lie and do things their own way.
    Then we wonder why foreign policy ends up being a mess.


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