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    Westport, CT Parent Shocked At Child-Grooming Happening In Westport Schools

    June 20, 2022

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    A group of parents in Westport, CT have been fighting the Board of Education in an attempt to prevent Marxist CRT instruction from making further inroads into the community. Child grooming is part of the effort pushed by Leftists in key positions of town leadership.

    Below is a recent letter sent to the school district's leadership by a concerned parent.

    Dear members of the Board of Education, and Mr. Scarice,

    What outrageous final two weeks have we had at the Westport primary schools!

    On Tuesday, June 7th, my Kindergarten daughter and my 3rd-grade son were taken without my consent to an inappropriate presentation of a modern dance troupe. 

    On Monday, June 13th, the Principal of Saugatuck Elementary School, SES, started the day with a video presentation to the school promoting Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Day, followed by a musical video of a black woman dancer with a heavy beard bursting onto the dancing floor of a party.

    And, on Wednesday, June 15th, SES celebrated You-Be-You Day, where children were encouraged by their teachers to wear shirts with the LGTB colors and to be proud of what makes them different by writing down a list of characteristics that could include physical traits and information about their families, such as their religious preferences, their national origins, or the languages spoken at home.

    I would like to make some comments and share with you some of the ‘lived experiences' of my children.

    Let me begin with the presentation by the group Pilobolus. Since it was announced as a PTA cultural activity, it went under my radar until I read comments from concerned parents about the history of the group and the sexual nature of the presentation. Keeping an open mind about artistic expression, I asked my son for his and his friends’ opinions about the dance. He said that most of his friends thought it was ‘weird’ and that one of them mentioned that it looked like the dancers were having sex on stage. Apparently, the message got through! According to the outline of the presentation, Section 3 was indeed about mating dances.

    Nevertheless, the point here is not if the performance is of great artistic value or not. The issue has to do with the parents’ right to determine when should their children be exposed to sexual material.

    At the same age of my son, I saw a Picasso exhibition of vagina paintings. Certainly, it was art by one of the greatest artists of all time. However, the exhibition was not in my primary school in Massachussets. It was in an art museum in France, which I was visiting with my parents. 

    I am sure that if the PTA, with the approval of Mr Scarice, brought this Picasso exhibition to our primary schools and had the children see it without parent supervision, even the more art-loving members of our Town would have trouble justifying having this artistic activity in a public school setting.

    Obviously, it is clear that the decision to allow this modern dance presentation in our primary schools was not correct, and I question the mechanism by which the particular performances are selected and approved.

    Furthermore, it was also insensitive to students and parents of different cultural backgrounds. How do you think our Muslim or our more traditional Christian families are feeling after their sons and daughters were forced to see semi-naked dancers performing mating movements? Where are the defenders of Diversity and Inclusion when the Westport schools are promoting activities that disregard the sensitivities of their neighbors?

    Now, let me comment on the video of Ms. Messler, Principal at SES, announcing the celebration of Pride Day.

    For more than a year, I have complained at BOE meetings about the lack of transparency and honesty with which this Administration is conducting an indoctrination campaign of our children. Well, if any one had any doubts, just watch the SES Principal’s video ( www.wevideo.com/view/2732021995 ) starting at 1min 58sec.

    In her remarks, she presents the celebration of LGTB Pride Month as a celebration of “every one being their true and authentic self”, and of the “inclusion of every one.” She talks about our “many identities”, such as being “an artist” or a “soccer player”, and how our identities are shaped by “our ethnicity, our religion, our family, our cultural traditions, and our passions.” 

    Then, she introduces the rainbow flag as a symbol of Pride Month and how it represents “pride, hope, and equality for every one,” and serves “to remind us of being good friends and allies…” Amazingly, she manages to do this without mentioning even once the words gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual which describe the communities that actually created the rainbow flag!

    To top this exuberance of intelectual dishonesty, the SES Principal finishes with a musical video presenting what some third-grade students described as a ‘weird but funny’, fat woman with a beard and big ‘boobs.’

    These students’ comments illustrate how the exceptional logical minds of our children work when subjected to confusing messages about sex. When they do not understand why a voluptuous woman has a beard, they resolve the contradiction by determining that it is ‘weird’ and that someone is trying to play a joke one them.

    However, this indoctrination is not a joke! Together with the sexual images in the video, there are also subliminal messages about race and society, as understood by the proponents of Critical Race Theory. The bearded woman, and I am assuming she is a woman even though at this point nobody really knows, is black. All other members of her group are what some call ‘peoples of color,’ but the ones who are having the party are rich white people accused of not being sensitive to the differences of the intruding group.

    I personally do not think it is funny. To teach our children that only white people can be successful in our society because they discriminate against everybody else, and that they should feel guilty for their parents success, is not only a disservice to children of all races and backgrounds, but totally un-American.

    Finally, with regard to the celebration of You-Be-You Day, an activity used as an euphemism for the previously announced celebration of LGTB Pride Day in public schools, I have to say that the SES Principal’s video was enough to convince me that the day’s activities were going to be inappropriate.

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    Asking our children to publicly reveal information about their families and backgrounds, or their personal traits and characteristics, and parading them around the school looking for differences that they might have in common, is as un-American as it gets.

    We should be celebrating everything that is common to us as Americans, and not inquiring about our family’s religious celebrations, the race of our ancestors, or if our grand mother still lives with us, which are all just none of the school business!

    Members of the Board,

    We elected you to represent the parents of our Town in setting the policies that govern public education in our communities, and to be the controlling entity to prevent abuses of power by the Schools Administration.

    What you do or fail to do has long-lasting implications in the lives of our children and the future of the country in which they will live.

    As a relevant illustration, if the Chairman refuses to pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States at the beginning of the Board’s public meetings, how can you demand explanations from the Administration when the principals of the schools choose to celebrate the LGTB Rainbow Flag on June 15th, and totally ignore our country’s official Flag Day on the 14th of June?

    Or similarly, if you approve a School Climate Survey where the parents are asked if their sex is male, female, or ‘other’; where parents, teachers and students are classified along racial and national origin lines; and where the questions violate the basic American principle of privacy by implying that teachers should ask students their religious practices to be more effective in the classrooms; how can you ask the Administration why a principal is celebrating a You-be-You Day by asking primary-school students private information and posting it all over the school to celebrate their ‘differences’?

    And, Mr. Scarice,

    When are you going to STOP authorizing inappropriate celebrations that are offensive to many families of the district?

    When are you going to STOP implementing programs based on Critical Race Theory?

    When are you going to STOP conducting surveys and implementing programs that open the door for racial discrimination of minority groups such as Americans of Latin or Asian origin?

    And, when are you going to STOP the ‘child grooming’ of our children?

    Camilo Riano

    Westport, CT, 19th of June, 2022



    CDM Staff

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    This mother is RIGHT ON THE HEAD. Except that, knowing her schools are this corrupt and perverse, she should be ashamed of herself for continuing to deliver her kids to these people every day. Get them out of public schools.


    Parents have to go to the school board meeting and get in their faces. Same with the principals and teachers in these schools. Yeah, you will be called terrorists and all kinds of names by that feckless clown AG Merrick Garland who will threaten to sick the FBI on you but never stand down. To save our children this sexual perverted crap must stop.


    Totally un-American is disregarding our differences. We are a melting pot of cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Celebrating difference is not grooming. You are tying pieces together that make no sense and also make you sound extremely uneducated.


    I would submit that the poison arrow of the white liberal Westport female (that lives in a town with very few minorities) is the 'I'm more educated than you!' meme. You want diversity, just not diversity of thought, or political view. You want only a diversity that includes the sexualization of kids. If one objects to that, you are 'uneducated'. That is a true 'Let them eat cake' comment.

    I would submit that one who is not aware of the nation-wide, even international, movement to sexualize kids at a young age (which is grooming), is the one who is 'uneducated', or simply just lying to promote a culturally Marxist agenda.


    I don’t know if that video was meant to be part of an indoctrination into lgbtq or whatever it is, because the video has nothing to do with the gay community. It’s a song from a musical about the life of P.T. Barnum, so if whoever in the school system actually believed that the video has anything to do with being queer because they saw a “bearded woman” is either an idiot or just thought it shows that everyone is different, I don’t know what the person thought. The movie is called
    “The Greatest Showman” stars Hugh Jackman and is the highest grossing musical film in history. I thought it was an excellent move and I hate musical’s.
    Believe me, I’m not trying to protect the school system just pointing out the truth.
    I know school boards and teachers across the country are pushing inappropriate trash on the children and I’m glad to see people keeping an eye on their kids and their education, theirs no place in K through 12 for hate based and racist CRT and the school system in no way should be showing any kid’s anything about sex unless it’s an approved health or sex education class and that approval should include the parents along the the school boards or board of education.


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