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    August 7, 2023

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    In a jaw-dropping revelation, Election Systems & Software ( ES&S ) has been caught red-handed in an audacious scheme to prevent public access to vital public records related to the administration of elections. The bombshell report suggests that the company is trying to cloak their actions in secrecy and hide critical information from the American public.

    The hidden treasure trove of data and evidence held hostage by ES&S and their co-conspirators is nothing short of a GAME-CHANGER. It is the ultimate vindication for President Donald J. Trump, providing undeniable evidence that the 2020 and 2022 elections were RIGGED and FRAUDULENT!


    The information that ES&S is seeking to hide from public disclosure, contains the data and evidence that vindicate President Donald J. Trump and prove with absolute certainty that the 2020 and 2022 elections were significantly and materially impacted by massive election fraud via compromised electronic voting systems on a nationwide basis.

    ES&S, the shadowy giant behind the nation's voting systems, has unleashed a disturbing edict this week, instructing all municipalities to HIDE critical public records, data and reports related to government agency-run local, state and federal elections.


    In this David vs. Goliath showdown, courageous citizens and watchdogs unite to challenge the election behemoth. The public records requests that spurred the ES&S Security Bulletin were sent out by Christopher Gleason on half of The Justice Society.

    In their edict ES&S falsely states governmental agency customers and election officials that their compliance with The Justice Society public records requests for Audit Logs could potentially compromise the security of elections.

    What information is ES&S trying to conceal?

    The logs and data requested are automatically system generated. They are an auditable date/time stamped record of activities and actions taken by administrators and users of the ES&S software and systems. ES&S markets this functionality as a selling point to ensure security of elections administered with their products.

    DS200 Tabulator

    Electionware – Election Management Software


    Behind the veil of a seemingly reasonable claim, ES&S's dark secrets are exposed, Election Systems & Software (ES&S) has been deceiving the nation, as their software and systems behind the 2020, 2022, and 2024 elections is anything but secure. Moreover, the data, reports and logs requested across America paint a much different picture than the false claims that the 2020 were secure, free, fair and transparent.

    Below is an excerpt of ES&S false claims being used to hide the evidence of widespread election fraud through the use of their software and hardware.

    During the lead up to the 2020 election ES&S was the subject of EAC complaints about claims that ES&S made that their DS200 Tabulators equipped with modems were being marketed as approved for use in elections in ES&S marketing materials.

    In a letter dated March 20, 2020 the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) sent a letter to ES&S about their misrepresentation that their DS200 Tabulators with modems were certified for use in elections by the EAC.

    The EAC informed ES&S that the use of their DS200 Tabulators equipped with modems will void the EAC certification of the voting system in its entirety.

    If no modems/network cards are attached to ES&S DS200 Tabulators, how on earth could they be compromised through network or remote access? The apparent contradiction defies all logic, even amidst the raving endorsements of being the "most secure elections on record" by CIS/CISA/DHS/DOJ, democrats, deep state operatives and the so-called "major news networks".


    The evidence of secure elections and technology can be found in election reporting data and logs. These records also contain proof of compromised technology used for election fraud. Chris Gleason and his team discovered election manipulation through illegal adjudication of ballots marked as 100% Blank. They found this in October 2022 using ES&S Election Summary Reports (EL45A) from the 2020 November Presidential Election in various Florida counties.

    Despite winning Florida overall, President Trump lost in 12 counties where a large number of ballots were marked as "BALLOTS CAST - BLANK" by the voting systems unlawfully.


    According to the official ES&S product documentation a Blank Ballot is a ballot that is simply a 100% blank ballot.

    In both the 2020 and 2022 elections in Florida, Maryland, Arizona and other states millions of voters cast their ballots through various methods. However, a concerning issue arose: ES&S Tabulators marked many of these ballots as "100% Blank," effectively nullifying the ballots and cancelling the votes of those voters.

    The ES&S DS200 Tabulators are not the only ballot image scanners used to administer elections. ES&S also sells a high volume ballot scanner called the DS850 that also seems to be illegally adjudicating large numbers of ballots as 100% Blank these are used to process ballots received in vote by mail elections.

    Although President Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election in Florida he did lose in some counties. In every county that he “lost in” across Florida there were massive numbers of “Ballots Cast – Blank”

    See below:

    2020 - Miami-Dade County Election Summary Results

    2020 - Broward County Election Summary Results

    2020 Orange County Election Summary Results

    2020 - Hillsborough County Election Summary Results

    2020 – Palm Beach County Election Summary Results

    In one Florida County, Pinellas long considered a “Bell Weather County” Julie Marcus, a hand picked by Gov. Ron DeSantis altered the 2020 Election Results to conceal the evidence of election fraud by not reporting the number of “Ballots Cast – Blank” as required under Florida Election Law Statutes.

    2020 – Pinellas County Election Results Summary – ALTERED TO HIDE BLANK BALLOTS

    Gleason and his team have since discovered that in the 2020 November General Election that 16,804 Pinellas County voters had the ballots that they cast illegally adjudicated as 100% BLANK and 7,805 voters had the ballots that they casted deemed “Damaged” and were “Duplicated”, “Adjudicated” and printed using Runbeck Systems Software that was the subject of great importance in the Arizona election fraud related to the Kari Lake election.

    As you can see above there were 16,804 Blank Ballots that were interfered with being cast. This was 2.977% of all the ballots cast in the 2020 Presidential election. In Pinellas County President Donald J. Trump “lost” to Joe Biden by 1,241 votes.


    This pattern has and continues to occur today in elections counties across America.

    As Gleason and his team further investigated the widespread election fraud in Florida elections under Ron DeSantis and his hand-picked appointees they found similar problems in Maryland, where ES&S Voting Systems were used without proper certifications and void certifications. These discoveries are the subject of an election fraud lawsuit in United States Court of Appeals, Gibson v Maryland.

    The administration of elections with uncertified or uncertifiable voting systems is illegal and voids the illegal certification of elections nationwide.

    The data, evidence and reports that ES&S is seeking to cover up is the evidence that Joe Biden is not really the duly elected President of the United States and Katie Hobbs is not the duly elected Governor of Arizona. This evidence proves that the indictment of President Donald J. Trump by the Biden DOJ is an attempted coverup of the largest series of frauds and treasons in the history of America.

    Kari Lake spoke out on Thursday about the massive fraud during the 2020 presidential election. In order to impeach Biden he would need to be the legitimate duly elected President of the United States and he isn’t. Fraud Vitiates all things.

    During the 2022 November Election in Arizona, several counties reported concerning discrepancies related to "Ballots Cast - Blank." Apache and Pima counties listed a significant number of such ballots, indicating interference with voters' right to cast and have their ballots counted accurately. Coconino and Santa Cruz counties, on the other hand, omitted this category from their election reports, raising suspicions of illegal modifications to conceal the number of affected voters. This casts doubt on the integrity of the election process in those counties.

    An unacceptable number of Blank Ballots calls into question the accuracy and dependability of the ES&S voting systems and the ease of their use to commit election fraud.

    In Arizona for the 2022 November Election, Pima County listed that 5,309 Ballots Cast were 100% Blank. This means that 1.317% of the Pima voters who cast ballots on election day, early voting and provisionally had their right to cast a ballot and have it counted accurately interfered with. Their right to vote illegally taken away by the use of ES&S Tabulators. This calls into question the reliability and accuracy of the ES&S software and hardware used to conduct elections. How can the results being generated by these machines be trusted? When the audit logs and system logs are hidden by the Election Fraud Mafia they can't be trusted.


    In Florida, Ron DeSantis and his hand-picked Secretary of State Cord Byrd have colluded with ES&S, Dominion Voting, and compromised elections officials to destroy the evidence of the widespread election fraud. They went so far to conceal their frauds, treasons and subversive activities that they passed a law restricting the disclosure of elections related results and data to the public in the same legislation that allowed Governor Ron DeSantis to run for President without having to resign.

    The new election law has been called “The Florida Election Fraud Legalization Act” by election integrity watchdog groups. The legislation was rushed through to the dismay of election advocates on both sides of the political spectrum.

    There are numerous lawsuits in Florida about the widespread election fraud by election officials and their co-conspirators.

    Any claims by Governor Ron DeSantis that there were no issues with the 2020 Presidential Election are 100% false and can be proven using the public records data that he and his friends at ES&S and Dominion want to illegally hide. Furthermore, there have been massive discoveries that call into question the legitimacy of the 2022 elections. Many of these facts and evidence are the subject of the Scott v DeSantis lawsuit currently unfolding in Leon County Florida.


    Prepare for an EPIC SHOWDOWN as the forces of TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY clash with the shadows of deceit! The stakes have never been higher as they are for 2024—this battle will DEFINE the future of America!

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    Chris Gleason

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    Holy crap! Forgive my skepticism but is this really the smoking gun?!?!?!?? I have been let down so many times. I pray this is all true!


    Likely untrue or at least over-exaggerated. Florida requires a post-certification hand count of 5% of the precincts — ballots in those precincts cast by mail, early, or on Election Day — are HAND COUNTED in a PUBLIC MEETING. If that many ballots weren’t actually blank then the audit would be wayyyyyy out of whack. Check the audit reports with the Division of Elections. But if you assume this is all a big coverup then you wont believe the other public records that corroborate what I said.


    Liz - your response doesn't square with the facts. FL Statutes regarding Post Certification Hand Counts provide that "in at least 1 percent but no more than 2 percent of the precincts chosen... " Five % are not audited.

    Also, FL Hand Count Procedures only "Hand-Count" Overvotes, Undervotes, & Adjudicated Ballots, which are minimal. All the others are simply run through the machines again.


    This actually happened to my vote in the 2020 primary election. A total violation of my voting rights! I was outraged. No help from the SOS office or voting precinct official when I reached out to them. I am so glad this “blank ballot” issue has been uncovered. What a travesty.

    Chris Q

    I found 22,661 blank ballots reported in 2020 in Lee County reported in the EL 45a report. We looked at the entire state and found nearly 250,000 blank ballots reported on that report. These ballots were rejected by both the DS 200 and the larger machine, DS850, used for higher volume in the main office for vote by mail. There was no report showing how or if all these votes were adjudicated, or by whom.


    Is anything being done Re: blank ballots?


    not unless that state is doing something! The state and state legislature have to do the changes, and arrest the cheaters.


    yes then the machines added those to their candidate. they also duumped them where needed. and they use that service that notifies them moment by moment of who voted. Then the Soros NGO prints the ballots for those who didn't which are then voted, as well as they print ballots for the dead and moved on the ERIC voter rolls, changed after the 90 days rule such that no public person can check the voter rolls. Obama started this huge cheat in 2009, and has improved ever since. CCP and Cartel and So

    Ed Sunderland

    We've been using ES&S here in Texas for a while and every damned year we use them we have trouble. We just now got rid of ERIC, next?


    So apparently this went nowhere. You leave out what the current status is on the case, and the Justice Society doesn't have anything on their site stating what it is either, that I can find. I'm sure if this case had a chance and was currently being pursued, the Justice Society would have something on their site saying so.

    Chris G

    This is very much going somewhere. This is being played out in several cases currently, in Arizona, Maryland, and Florida.


    We have a RICO case in MD and it is all privately funded and pushed by some great Patriot lawyers. You must go to your state BOE and demand this info from your machines. too.


    the fact that their advertising info said it could have a usable modem, means all their lies aobut their machines not being hackable and that lie told over and over to the county BOE means they should be examined with a fine tooth comb. But the MD Voter Integrity comm has been working hard since 2020 to find proof. Lindell's group has been tasking us with asking for lots of reports and such like this. As these groups examined report by report, comparing them to voter rolls and doing door to door

    JR Jr

    Hmmm ... every single count of 100% blank ballots listed in this article is just shy of 1% of the total vote. What are the chances? If the numbers in the article aren't contrived it sure looks fishy.


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