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    BREAKING: Canada's Chrystia 'Freeland' And America's Victoria 'Nuland' May Have One Thing In Common - Adopted Nazi Slogan Surnames?

    October 1, 2023
    Victoria Nuland
    Public Domain

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    Today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new requirement for Canadian bloggers and podcasters to be regulated, with their subscribers tracked by the government.

    This is tyrannical, 'Nazi-like' behavior by Trudeau's regime.

    CDM has written extensively about Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland's adopted last name -- it is a Nazi slogan, 'Free the Land'. Her real family name is Khomyak.

    Remember her? She's the one who froze the bank accounts of grandmothers who donated money to the truckers who stopped the vaccine mandate in Canada.

    Guess what 'Free the Land' means -- it means remove from the land all those people you don't like, in other words, ethnic cleansing.

    The slogan comes from the Western Ukrainian region of Galichyna, controlled by the Waffen-SS during WWII. The Ukrainian nationalists fought with the Nazi regime before switching sides to the Soviets towards the end of the war.

    Himmler reviewing Ukrainian Nazi troops from Galichyna

    After the war, Freeland's family immigrated to Canada, along with other nationalist families, like the one that Trudeau just praised in the Canadian parliament.

    Ukrainian nationalists conducted 'ethnic cleansing' against Russians in the Donbass region prior to the current war.

    We are not excusing Putin's Russia for the invasion of Ukraine.

    We know full well what Putin has done to the Russian middle class, and the suffering that has come from this conflict. He runs a kleptocracy, an oligarchy where the elites enjoy life while the people for the most part struggle.

    However, as we say about the Kremlin's actions -- you don't have to agree with them but you need to understand them.

    Freeland at a Ukrainian nationalist demonstration in Canada

    Now, let's talk about another Western government official who has a similar background -- Victoria Nuland. She is currently the acting United States Deputy Secretary of State.

    Victoria's family also came from the Western region of Ukraine. Her parents are from 'Eastern Europe' according to Wikipedia. CDM can confirm her father's side is from Bessarabia, an historical region that overlaps Galichyna, the area controlled by the Waffen-SS during WWII.

    There is long-standing, generational hatred against Russians and against those who the Ukrainian Nazis wanted 'off their land'.

    In other words -- a 'New Land'. Victoria Nuland.

    Nuland's real surname is Nudelman. Her father changed it in the couple years after the end of WWII from his immigrant father's surname to Nuland. He wrote later it was because he was a Jew and getting into medical school was hard at that time if you were seen as Jewish, which is likely true. But why include 'land' in the name? Why not Nuburger, or Nuwood, or Nusmith?

    He chose Nu 'Land' likely for a purpose.

    Nuland's adopted last name is also likely a Nazi slogan from WWII, passed down the family line.

    Victoria Nuland was likely raised with this historical upbringing in the Bronx, like Freeland was in Canada.

    Like Freeland, Nuland traveled to Russia and Ukraine immediately after college.

    Was she recruited?

    Nuland is the main person behind the Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014, and the installation of the current Ukrainian government, who is pushing the war against Russia, rather than making peace.

    United States treasure, and likely soon blood, is being used to settle old scores in Eastern Europe.

    When you combine the activities of the Biden Crime Family in Ukraine, along with corrupt activities of the U.S. national security apparatus, the picture becomes clearer.

    Now do you understand why we are sending billions to Ukraine?

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    CDM Staff

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    The author conveniently leaves out that Nuland's husband is Robert Kagan, who also hails from that same area, which is part of the "pale of settlement", where Czarist Russia allowed Jews to settle. A group of Jews from that area, who are heavily represented in US government and among the NeoCons, advocates, like Zelinsky (also Jewish and from that area), the establishment of a "New Israel" in that area. A "cleansing" or "free the land" of the orthodox Christian Russian majority fits right in.

    Christian Stormark

    So that's the nazi connection. That's why this whole Maidan coup gang is so heavily infested by nazis or neo nazis. That is why they hail this Bandera and this whole thing about Ukraine as some nazi state, though short lived from 42 to 44. Man, who would have believed this just a couple of years ago. This is why they're so obsessed with Ukraine. Is there also a connection to Obama, or was he just an useful idiot? Man, this Nuland has been in State since the nineties. She must have a whole nazi g

    michael dowd

    Do either of them have a license plate that reads A Nu Start? (See series Arrested Development).


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