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    WHO IS JOSH KAUL? Perkins Coie Alumni, WI Attorney General, ActBlue Money Laundering RICO Enterprise Participant & Next Up For Impeachment

    November 4, 2023

    When you are over the target that is where you can expect to most flack

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    I have been working on exposing the ActBlue money laundering RICO enterprise for quite some time now as you probably well know. These efforts are expanding and focusing into key areas one of them has been Wisconsin.

    Recently, we did a deep dive into the Soros sponsored Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and his illegal campaign finance contributions.

    These days Josh is not a happy camper, he is desperately trying to protect the Wisconsin Election Fraud Princess Megan Wolf from her current impeachment proceedings and the bought and paid for Soros sponsored and soon to be impeached Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz. Josh Kaul is probably going to have a lot of bad days going forward. Why?

    Josh Kaul is a former Perkins Coie attorney. Perkins Coie is the law firm that was behind the false “Russian Collusion” dossier that was used as election interference against Donald J. Trump.

    Josh Kaul was and is still funded by the Election Fraud RICO enterprise. He was installed purposefully in Wisconsin a key battleground state. He shares the same donors as Janet for inJustice, Letitia James, Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, Raphael Warnock, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Moveone.org, Wisconsin Democrat Party, Emily’s List, ActBlue, etc.

    My teammate in Wisconsin Peter Bernegger has been fighting an amazing fight there. He is actually winning lawsuits and affecting real progress. He is relentless in fighting the good fight in Wisconsin and I have learned a great deal from Peter.

    Peter has been so effective at striking fear into the hearts of the Wisconsin Election Fraud Mafia that he was contacted by the Wisconsin Capitol Police via a letter warning him that they were investigating his behavior towards Meagan Wolfe and others at the Wisconsin Election Commission. What behavior?


    What kinds of tweets? Death Threats? Menacing threats of bodily harm?


    Just Tweets about the extensive official misconduct, ethics violations, massive election fraud, money laundering, RICO conspiracy evidence, factual evidence of real crimes, violations of countless Wisconsin State laws, countless violations of Federal Statutes, and other noteworthy information that independent journalists and watch dogs against government corruption and abuse of power post.

    You know ACTUAL TRUTH…Not fake news…

    Apparently, in the treasony and seditious world of Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, exposing the felonies, and actual ongoing RICO enterprise of his co-conspirators via Tweeting “could be interpreted as stalking”. Once upon a time that was considered “REAL JOURNALISM”.

    But according to Josh Kaul and his co-conspirators, posting factual information on TWITTER about corrupt public officials’ ACTUAL official misconduct, election fraud, felonies, misdemeanors, money laundering, campaign finance violations, and participation in an ACTUAL ongoing RICO enterprise is considered the crime of stalking if those TWEETS induces serious emotional distress.

    Perhaps, Meagan Wolfe, the members of the Wisconsin Election Commission, Janet the abortion judge, Josh Kaul and their co-conspirators should rethink their life choices, repent their sins and turn to Jesus Christ.

    If they choose not to do so, they will surely face a future that in retrospect mean TWEETS will look like a nice refreshing ice cream cone on a hot August day.

    So Josh Kaul wants to weaponize the Wisconsin Capitol Police over an investigative journalist exposing official misconduct, government corruption and an ongoing RICO enterprise that Josh Kaul is an active participant and beneficiary of?

    Where have we seen this playbook before?

    In New York City with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg…

    In Fulton County Georgia with Fani Willis.

    Where else?

    New York State Attorney General Letitia James

    Soros, Hoffman, and Jurvetson Sponsored Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz

    Are you seeing a pattern?

    Rather than investigate the corruption, numerous felonies, money laundering and RICO enterprise in Wisconsin by “SELECTED” not “ELECTED” officials, Josh Kaul Wisconsin’s highest ranking law enforcement officer, weaponized the Wisconsin Capitol Police to investigate Peter Bernegger over TWEETING.

    Does that sound like a violation of Peter’s right to free speech protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution?

    Does this sound like a violation of Peter’s right to redress his grievances with the government?

    Maybe someone who knows Josh can show him this article discussing the history of the right to redress grievances. It probably won’t make any difference to be honest. When you are busy overthrowing a constitutional form of government via numerous unlawful means are you really concerned about the United States Constitution and the Rule of Law?

    Speaking of the “Rule of Law” did you know that if you knowingly choose to not report or do something about a crime and you have a DUTY to act you have just put yourself into a VERY serious legal predicament. If you hold a BAR card, this is a serious ethical violation and could be grounds for being disbarred.

    The list above is a small partial excerpt of the Josh Kaul Campaign finance contributors smurfs.

    As you can see in the BLUE Column these individuals made truly insane amounts of individual contributions.

    The top smurf made two direct contributions to Josh Kaul for a grand total of $2.00, however when we look at her contributions nationwide via the FEC database we see a far larger picture of what is going on here. How does an 80 something year old woman make over 50K individual campaign finance contributions?

    Take Nancy Doonan from Glen Burnie, Maryland for instance, we know that Nancy and her husband did not make all of the campaign finance contributions listed in the FEC database reports. Nor did Nancy and her husband make hundreds of campaign finance contributions in local political races in every single battle ground state.

    Nancy, Sonia and most every single person whom we have spoken with have told us that there is no way that they made all of these contributions and that these contributions are not all listed as being debited from their own credit card statements.

    The volume of these transactions should have raised millions of suspicious activity reports and banking KYC(Know Your Client)/ AML (Anti Money Laundering) fraud flags. How did this all happen then? Josh Kaul knows full well how this has occurred.

    How can the highest ranking law enforcement officer in a state be wilfully blind to such a massive criminal enterprise? How many felonies do you think are associated with this activity and participation in this ACTUAL conspiracy?

    Yesterday the Wisconsin Capitol police contacted Peter Bernegger by phone to question him about his continued TWEETS that cause corrupt public officials emotional distress. Peter informed them to contact his attorney if they had any questions for him.

    Does the Wisconsin Capitol Police need something real to investigate? Perhaps they should start with the identity theft, money laundering and ongoing RICO conspiracy that the Wisconsin Attorney General is CLEARLY a part of and a massive beneficiary of.

    How do you know that you are right over the target?

    If you live in Wisconsin, you really need to demand that your representatives impeach Josh Kaul and contact the Wisconsin Bar Association and file an official BAR complaint.

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    Chris Gleason

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    Mad Celt

    American politics is a shameful, sordid racket full of criminals, con men, sociopaths, liars, cross dressers, homosexuals, sadists, rapists, frauds and incompetents all getting wealthy off scams they create off the taxpayers dollars. Decent, good men will not run for office for the same reason they won't rob a liquor store. The reason political offices fill up with these types is the rampant immorality in the citizens.


    OY VEY!!!!


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