January 27, 2024
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    How Many Other State Election Officials Are Involved? We Have The Receipts... The Time For A Come To Jesus Talk Has Arrived...

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    FACT 1: There is no consent of the governed in America today. Barack Obama and his “Purple Party Deep State Pals” have completely captured every single branch of government and every single federal and state agency.

    FACT 2: This vast “ACTUAL CONSPIRACY” and “ACTUAL OVERTHROW” of our Constitutional Government by unlawful means is part of a vast ongoing criminal RICO enterprise that has deprived many millions of American voters of their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to cast a ballot and have their votes counted accurately.


    Much to the fact checking chagrin of the marxist mockingbird media… There is a saying by Stalin that sums up our current situation. In a book by Boris Bazhanov called "The Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary", Boris Bazhanov reports that in 1923 Stalin said:

    I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this -- who will count the votes, and how.

    Now if you were to ask the Soros funded propaganda outlet Politifact you will get a generally false conclusion. They throw in some truth and some lies and come to a conclusion that is generally taken out of context yet magically “Debunks” the truth. How can you trust the “FACT CHECKERS”?

    No authoritative source? Really? How about direct from the source?

    Is the quote 100% accurate? No, it was not. It should have read:

    but what is extraordinarily important is this -- who will count the votes, and how.

    Maybe the “FACT CHECKERS” need to be held accountable too…

    The Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington does not teach Journalistic Integrity and apparently that is not an editorial concern at Politifact or Lead Stories or any other of the “Approved Repositories of Truth”.

    These “Repositories of Truth” have their origins of “Election Disinformation” hatched in the aftermath of the 2016 election. The Deep State Database of Wrong Think is thanks to the “Center for Internet Security” and “Big Tech” was a byproduct of the marxists displeasure in the loss of Hillary Clinton.

    The initial plan to ensure that 2016 never happened again was hatched at a Soros confab held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC. The agenda and attendees is quite telling. Take a look for yourself.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the backroom meetings held there…

    The treasonous regime behind all of this were deeply concerned, in 2015 about the whole premise of :

    what is extraordinarily important is this -- who will count the votes, and how.

    As I covered last week, a deeply concerned Lynn Garland of Maryland brought the issue up that the addition of modems and network devices to the vote tabulators would violate Maryland election law statutes.

    This issue was also brought up in the lead up to the 2020 election in an exchange between the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and ES&S the largest manufacturer of voting systems in the world. I cover this discussion in great detail previously in my other posts:




    OCTOBER 18, 2023


    A few days ago I went into great detail about the massive problem the Maryland Board of Elections has with ES&S Electronic Voting Systems / Machines that have never been properly or legally certified according to the established requirements under Maryland or Federal law.

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    OCTOBER 14, 2023


    Maryland has not had a legitimate election in quite some time. The past two November elections in 2020 and 2022 highlight this truth perfectly. It was recently brought to my attention that an event was held in Maryland regarding election integrity and the disenfranchisement of close to 200K Maryland voters through the rigging of elections through the …

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    EAC Correspondence to ES&S - DS200 Tabulators With Modems VOIDS EAC CERTIFICATION FOR ENTIRE SYSTEM



    AUGUST 22, 2023

    EAC Correspondence to ES&S - DS200 Tabulators With Modems VOIDS EAC CERTIFICATION FOR ENTIRE SYSTEM

    What is going on across America? What happened in the lead up to the 2020 election? ES&S RESPONDED - Immutable Truth - Election Integrity is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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    The Trillion$ of Dollar$ Question:


    I personally posed this question to the Maryland Board of Elections (BOE), the Board of Director for the United States Elections Commission (EAC), the State of Maryland Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General. Thus far they have refused to give us an official legal opinion on the matter.

    Perhaps, this question needs to be raised in every single municipality and state across America.

    TODAY’S CALL TO ACTION: Ask your local and state election officials how did they legally certify elections administered on electronic voting systems that had modems and network devices attached.

    Many elections officials have falsely claimed that their voting systems did not connect to the internet. ES&S the largest manufacturer of voting systems has also recently claimed this as well. Together, they have conspired to keep the truth about this from public view.

    This week we were able to show how this statement was a bold face lie.

    Q: Is it a crime when public officials conspire to conceal official election records, to conceal evidence of their crimes?

    As an American citizen, voter and armed forces veteran my right to vote means a great deal to me personally as I have friends who had signed a blank check to the United States. In honoring the oaths that they swore to GOD and the Constitution they paid the ultimate price for our freedoms and our right to cast a ballot.

    As our investigation into this subject progressed, it became very clear to me that numerous felonies had been committed and that actual treason had occurred and was continuing to occur.

    This ongoing criminal RICO enterprise had hijacked “who will count the votes, and how” and as a result there was no longer any “Consent of the Governed”.


    The interference by election officials in ability of voters casting of their ballots and restricting the ability to have cast votes counted accurately is a significant violation State and Federal Constitutionally protected rights, but numerous Federal and State election law statutes.

    There are mountains of Federal and State case law about this.

    Did you know that if an election official interferes with your ability to cast a ballot and have your votes counted accurately, it is a Federal Crime punishable by 1 year in jail and a $1K fine? That is PER BALLOT.

    This is also a crime at the state level.

    What this means is that in a Federal election a crooked election official in Maryland, Florida or any other state could be charged Federally. These election officials could also be charged for interference with a voter casting a ballot due to the fact that their activity also affected a state and local election.

    Is your local sheriff a “Constitutional Sherriff” or are they just another beneficiary of the “Election Fraud RICO Enterprise”?


    • Failure to act, when you have a duty to act establishes “Criminal Intent”
    • Willful blindness doctrine is widely employed in federal criminal prosecutions, courts have expanded a statutory “knowledge” or “willfulness” requirement to encompass “willful blindness” or “deliberate indifference.”

    Did you know that if you are aware that if you have witnessed or have first hand knowledge of a felony under Federal law and do not report it that you can be charged with the Federal crime of Misprision of Felony?

    The same thing applies to treason. You can be charged with Misprision of Treason.

    Q: If you were a corrupt election official guilty of numerous Federal and State felonies and an active participant in treason facing life in prison or the death penalty what would you do?

    In Florida, Maryland, Wisconsin and other states election officials have done everything in their power to hide the evidence of their crimes through the altering of election documents and the denial of public records requests at the behest of their criminal co-conspirators at ES&S.

    In Florida and Maryland the Election Fraud Mafia conspired to manufacture a new definition of what a “BLANK BALLOT” is. In Florida the current head of the election fraud mafia Sarasota Supervisor of Elections Ron Turner went on a damage control tour and made up a cover story about what a “Blank Ballot” was. In the video he claimed that it was a multipage ballots that had a “Blank Page”.

    In Maryland similarly, the election fraud mafia manufactured a document making a similar claim. The document that the Maryland election officials created and offered to our Maryland team disregarded the fact that the Maryland Board of Elections website states that a “BALLOT” is “ONE BALLOT” regardless of how many pages it is.

    Unfortunately, for the Florida and Maryland Election Fraud Mafia we have the receipts. The definitions of what a “BLANK BALLOT” and an “UNDER VOTE” is had long been established. In fact, in 2014 and then again in 2016 the top election officials in every single state completed a survey that clearly defined what a “Blank Ballot” and a “Under Vote” was.

    2016 Maryland EAC Survey - Signed by Nikki Baines Charlson

    2016 Florida EAC Survey - Signed by Maria Matthews

    2016 EAC Statutory Survey For Every State Combined

    Why did Florida and Maryland election officials try to conceal what a “Blank Ballot” is?

    For each “Blank Ballot” is a criminal count of an election official interfering with a voter being able to cast a ballot and have their votes counted accurately.

    Punishable by 1 Year in Federal Prison and a $1K fine.

    200K “Blank Ballots” = 200K Years in Federal Prison

    Will the United States Department of Justice indict them? It’s not like Merrick Garland is not aware that the elections were illegally certified on voting systems with EAC Certifications that were “VOID IN THEIR ENTIRETY”.

    How about the Federal Bureau of Investigation? The same FBI that colluded to violate Americans rights by participating in the “Center For Internet Security” fusion center that censored Americans, deplatformed Americans and has been illegally spying on Americans?

    The same FBI that illegally interfered in the 2016, 2018 and 2020 elections?

    If there is no consent of the governed, and all power is derived from the consent of the governed, targeting “We the People” becomes waging war against “We the People”.


    Central to our fight to regain our lost Constitutional Republic is transparent elections. In August we made a massive public records request to every single municipality across America for the ES&S Audit Logs and Election Reports. The results were staggering.

    ES&S quickly went into damage control and notified every one of their customers that they needed to deny the public records requests that we had made. Of course, they put in the necessary legal disclaimers to try an absolve them of the legal ramifications of denying lawful public records requests for “Official Elections Records”.




    AUGUST 22, 2023


    Evidence of Fraud? Neglect of Duty? Treason? Public Records Request Reply From ES&S Sent to ES&S Customers For some municipalities, like Pinellas County Florida and elsewhere the evidence of the widespread election fraud lies in the Election Reports

    Read full story

    As luck would have it, there are actually election administrators who are honest. They immediately complied with our public records requests. The Audit Logs, Election Reports and Public Election Records we received were of great value and importance as it exposed what the Election Fraud Mafia was trying so hard to hide.

    This month Ken Paxton the Texas Attorney General was a massive help for our efforts. The Williamson County Texas Attorney’s Office had submitted a letter to Ken Paxton’s office looking for a legal opinion about the release of the Audit Logs and Public Records related to the administration of elections.

    They were claiming that to provide these records would violate trade secret agreements with ES&S and fell under “Critical Election Infrastructure” exemptions. Hiding rigged elections via election fraud by corrupt election officials is the exact opposite of “FREE, FAIR, TRANSPARENT and SECURE” elections.

    For the record, we have original, unredacted reports supplied by GOOD and HONEST election administrators. ABSOLUTELY, nothing in those logs are “TRADE SECRET”. The only thing in those Audit Logs is the evidence of the extensive election fraud.

    Moreover nothing in the Audit Logs would fall into the category of “Critical Election Infrastructure” or “Cyber Security”. How do voting systems that do not have modems or connect to the internet via a network device fall into that category? The claim that they do would be an admission that they did have modems, network devices and did connect to the internet.

    Then ES&S and the County Attorneys claim that providing a copy of the manuals for these systems used to administer elections was exempt due to copyright laws.

    Nice try guys… Perhaps you need to brush up on United States Copyright law and look into what is considered “FAIR USE”. You might also want to go review the relevant “Public Records” laws as they pertain to the concealment of “Elections Related Public Records”.

    If your local and state election officials are trying to hide “Public Records” related to the administration of elections you might want to dig into that and hold them personally accountable.

    In Florida, Maryland, Wisconsin and Texas we have been extremely effective. We were so effective in Florida that the beneficiaries of the Election Fraud Mafia RICO Enterprise drafted SB7050 the “Florida Election Fraud Legalization Act” which intentionally created exemptions to hide the voting machine fraud, the vote by mail fraud, the voter roll fraud and the violations of every election law statute by Florida election administrators. I covered this extensively numerous times previously.

    Thanks to Ken Paxton from Texas we now have Audit Logs and other Public Records related to the administration of elections pouring in.

    Ken Paxton would make an amazing United States Attorney General…

    Stay tuned for PART 2 - It’s sure to be quite eye opening…

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    Chris Gleason

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