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    Kane County, IL Has A Big Problem

    February 22, 2024

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    Kane County has a big problem, and so do the Kan County State Attorney Jamie L Moser, Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain, and Hart InterCivic.

    On or about February 8, 2024, concerned Kane County voters began filing Illinois Election Code violation complaints with the Kane County State Attorney’s Office. One of the complaints concerned the fact that the purchase of Hart voting systems by Kane County was unlawful. The Kane County Board “approved” the purchase of the voting machines on August 8, 2023.

    The problem for Kane County with approving this purchase was the fact that Hart voting machines were not approved by the Illinois State Election Board for use to administer elections. Kane County and Hart entered into a contract to purchase voting machines in violation of Illinois criminal statute 10 ILCS 5/24b-16, and therefore BROKE the LAW.

    What happens when two parties enter into an illegal contract?

    Who thought that it was a good idea to purchase the Hart voting machines as the voting system had not been approved for use by the Illinois State Board of Elections first?

    The statute reads as follows:

    10 ILCS 5/24b-16

    …..  No vendor, person, or other entity may sell, lease, or loan, or have a written contract, including a contract contingent upon State Board approval of the voting system or voting system component, to sell, lease, or loan, a voting system or Precinct Tabulation Optical Scan Technology voting system component to any election jurisdiction unless the voting system or voting system component is first approved by the State Board of Elections pursuant to this Section.

    The statute is crystal clear.  There is zero ambiguity. The statute is not only clear on its face, it is extremely specific. 

    The Kane County Board illegally approved the purchase of a voting system that was not legally certified for use in administering Illinois Elections. This is not just a violation of some administrative rule, it is an actual election crime.

    Hart InterCivic illegally sold a voting system to Kane County. This is not just a violation of some administrative rule, it is an actual election crime.

    Kane County illegally purchased a voting system from Hart InterCivic. This is not just a violation of some administrative rule, it is an actual election crime.

    On September 27, 2023 a contract was illegally entered into by Hart and Kane County. This illegal contract between Kan County and Hart was for $7,287,139.00.

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    Is this something that would not cause concern for any reasonably prudent person with a shred of intellectual honesty and integrity?

    There is a signed contract (Pierog / Leach -9/27/2023) for a voting system NOT approved by the ISBE on the date of the executed contract. Read the statute again and look at the date of the Hart contract.  It is a clear violation of the Illinois Election Law Statute.

    The image below clearly shows that representatives of the two parties illegally entered into a contract using public funds for the use of voting machines that were not legally approved for use to administer elections.

    Further compounding the problem for the Kane County Board is the fact that their knowingly and willfully performing an act that they knew that they were forbidden to do is called “OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT”. This is clearly defined in Illinois law.

    The statute reads as follows:

    720 ILCS 5/17-3: Official Misconduct: This provision addresses misconduct by public officials, including those involved in administering elections. It prohibits public officials from knowingly performing an act that they know they are forbidden by law to do, or knowingly failing to perform a duty required by law. Election officials who engage in fraudulent activities or fail to ensure the integrity of the election process may be charged with official misconduct.

    In a jointly issued press release issued by the Kane County State Attorney and Kane County Sheriff on February 7, 2024, publicly announced their conclusion that the complaint was unfounded, there was no legal remedy, and the matter was closed.

    As you can see above the Kane County State Attorney acknowledged the fact that the Kane County Board did not comply with the law. They alleged that Illinois Election Code “may not have been strictly complied with”. If you violate the law, you commit a crime, it is really very simple. However, that would all depend upon what the meaning of what you consider the definition of the word “IS” is.

    This ‘conclusion” was arrived at despite the clear evidence that the Kane County Board illegally approved the purchase of the Hart Voting system, which was NOT approved for use by the Illinois State Board of Elections on August 8, 2024.

    This ‘conclusion” was despite the clear evidence that the contract was illegally executed on September 27, 2023.

    The mental gymnastics used to arrive at this “conclusion” was “that because all of the illegal activity this activity occurred before the March 19, 2024 General Primary Election, there was “nothing to see here”.

    For some reason, the Kan County State Attorney is completely unconcerned with the illegal sale and illegal purchase of an electronic voting system that was NOT approved to administer elections in Illinois.

    This is a very disturbing pattern of “Official Misconduct” that we have been seeing all across America with the sale of electronic voting systems that were not legally approved for use to administer elections.

    If this was not cause enough for deep concern and public outrage, the public demonstration of the Hart voting machines hosted by the Kane County Clerk of Court provided more “evidence” that the illegal purchase should never have been entered into, to begin with.

    Numerous voters expressed deep concerns and filed complaints with the Kane County State Attorney and Kane County Sheriff when ballots cast using the Hart voting systems were flipping votes from one candidate to another during a public demonstration of the Hart voting machines hosted by the County Clerk. Votes were cast for “Abraham Lincoln” on the screen and then were printed out as for votes for “John Muir”.

    There are mountains of claims across the United States of Hart voting systems spanning numerous election years where ballots cast by voters were seen changing votes from one candidate to another.

    Texas has a very well-documented long history of problems with Hart voting machines. Texas voters reported seeing their straight-ticket votes changed to endorse the opposing party. Others reported that an issue with the voting machines appeared to remove any selection for U.S. Senate altogether. Across Texas, 82 counties use Hart electronic voting machines.

    In 2008, the Texas Democratic Party sued then-Secretary of State Roger Williams over a similar straight-ticket voting error affecting the same Hart electronic voting machines.

    “I adamantly believe there is evidence that some votes in Texas have not been counted because of defective electronic voting machines, undermining the accuracy and fairness of our elections,” Texas Democratic Party Chair Boyd Richie said of the 2008 decision at the time.  

    In a 2017 paper, two researchers at Rice University examined the usability of Hart’s electronic voting systems, which have been touted for their ease of use by the manufacturer and counties that have adopted them. The research cites a 2008 study of 1500 voters that saw the Hart electronic voting system rank the lowest for ease of use out of six commonly used electronic voting systems.

    If this was not enough evidence that the Hart voting systems should not be used, in 2008, a whistleblower at Hart Intercivic filed a lawsuit (William R. Singer v. Hart InterCivic) accusing the company of “false statements… regarding the accuracy, testing, reliability, and security of its voting system, in an effort to secure federal monies.” This too is a crime under federal and most state laws.

    A very clear pattern has emerged. It is something that we have been seeing nationwide during elections using electronic voting machines from not just Hart, but for ES&S and Dominion.

    In Pennsylvania during the 2022 November General Election, voters who voting using ES&S electronic voting machines watched as votes cast for their preferred candidate and measure flip to a choice that was not their own and did not reflect their intended vote. (INSERT VIDEO LINK)

    This changing of the intent of the voter was attributed to “a small glitch” that was the result of a “clerical error”.

    Who in their right mind considers the altering of ballots and votes that are contrary to the will and intent of the voter a “small glitch”?

    According to the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC), any error that impacts the accuracy of ballots and votes being cast accurately is not a “small glitch” but it is considered a “critical error” and a “fatal error” that would render the system “uncertifiable”.

    However, the Kane County State Attorney never inspected the Hart voting system “Audit Logs” and “Error Logs”. Their deep dive was not very deep and their investigation into the flipping of votes was more a demonstration that resulted in a “rubber stamp” of the same voting system that was illegally purchased.

    Once again, the Kane County State Attorney exhibited neglect of duty, willful blindness, and deliberate indifference to the law.

    The Kane County State Attorney does exhibit Olympic-level elite mental gymnastics in arriving at conclusions that anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty and integrity would deem a clear violation of numerous election and criminal statutes.

    What happens when someone (law enforcement/officer of the court) has a duty to act and yet refuses to act during the commission of a crime? This is an established nationwide pattern that we are seeing by “Selected Officials” who are stonewalling and covering up election crimes by “Public Officials” entrusted to administer elections.

    What is an available remedy? How about a grand jury investigation into a conspiracy to violate election laws to alter the outcome of elections?

    In Illinois “We the People” do have access to the Grand Jury. It is well established that when a prosecutor’s failure to take action “Will effect a deprivation of due process or result in a miscarriage of justice” a trial court has jurisdiction “to direct that witnesses be subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury”. The president was set in People v Sears, 49 Ill. 2nd 14, 31 272 N.E. 2d 380, 389(1971).

    Perhaps, more concerned citizens in Kane County should further explore who have been the beneficiaries of the illegal Hart Kane County contract.

    One suggestion that these concerned citizens should take to heart is to do public records requests for the Hart voting systems manuals, the voting system configuration reports, the voting system audit logs, for the Logic and Accuracy testing, and for any elections that were administered using these machines.

    Who benefitted from this Hart voting system acquisition? The citizens and voters of Kane County certainly did not.



    Chris Gleason

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    The video is about a race in Pennsylvania according to the googles.
    Why is it here in Illinois?

    tom Lahman

    My guess is that the reason the state of Illinois insists on approving all voting machines is to ensure that they can be preprogrammed to guarantee that the demoncrap party can continue to rob and rape the citizens of Illinois!


    Chris Gleason, this is a very good article. I believe if you delete the video it will give your article more credibility.

    Catherine Hejnosz

    This is outrageous! The regulations need to b followed. I can only hope this will be rectified!


    They are all leftists with the same election goals. The leftist board will simple approve the leftist machines. End of problem. Illinois has always been a ‘tip of the spear’ in voter fraud, if anyone thinks this is a ‘gotcha’ moment, they are a Fool!!!


    Get with the program! We are a Fascist/Communist state now. As always in these systems the political ruling class and their minions are above the law. "The laws are for the little people."


    Regarding the paragraph which begins with the sentence “In Illinois “We the People do have access to the Grand Jury.” and which ends with the sentence “The president was set in People v Sears, 49 Ill. 2nd 14, 31 272 N.E. 2d 380, 389(1971).“, the word is precedent, not “president”.

    Also, the word Kane is misspelled “Kan” intermittently throughout the article.

    P.S. Jamie Moser is a disgrace, as she previously demonstrated in the Ludwig matter. She’s gottta go.


    If you actually read the letter, and not all of the fear-mongering in the article, you will see that this is not an issue. The Kane County Board of Elections (and Kane County in general) is VERY well run and pretty damn efficient. Glad I live here as a voting Democrat!


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