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    Joe Biden Condemns Supreme Court On Affirmative Action Ruling

    June 29, 2023
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    SCOTUS Decision On Students For Fair Admissions V Harvard & V UNC-Chapel Hill Invalidates Race-Based Admissions, Community Advocates Celebrate Win

    US Supreme Court, Public Domain.

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    The US Supreme Court is the highest legal court in America and on Thursday, President Joe Biden slammed their rulings on affirmative action. 

    The case originated from a challenge on affirmative action being a factor in admission processes at Harvard and University of North Carolina. 

    The court ruled in favor of not using affirmative action in admissions processes in private and public universities.

    When asked by a reporter if he thought the court was “rogue” for their decision against affirmative action, Biden paused, and then answered. 

    “This is not a normal court,” he firmly responded. 

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    What that obviously means is that if the court of the land is not in step with what Biden believes or his constituents desire then it is not “normal.” 

    The Department of Education is expected “to provide resources to colleges and universities in the next 45 days on how the court’s affirmative action decision affects their processes.,” White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said. 

    Jean-Pierre said that White House officials have been meeting with civil rights organizations, universities, and legal organizations to come up with a contingency plan if the court were to strike down affirmative action.

    Speaking at the White House, the president condemned the Supreme Court’s conservative justices for their decision released today against race-based admissions.

    “In case after case, including recently, just a few years ago in 2016, the court has affirmed and reaffirmed this view that colleges could use race, not as a determining factor for admission, but as one of the factors among many in deciding who to admit,” the president said, adding that “the court once again walked away from decades of precedent.”

    “The court has effectively ended affirmative action in college admissions and I strongly, strongly disagree with the court’s decision,” he added.

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