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    Chloroquine Known As Effective Against Coronavirus Since 2005...What The Hell Is Going On?

    March 20, 2020
    Chloroquine Known As Effective Against Coronavirus Since 2005...What The Hell Is Going On?
    An FDA scientist evaluates the environmental impact of blister packing on the drug product. When evidence arises that an FDA-approved generic drug is less effective than previously thought, FDA’s Division of Product Quality Research may recreate the drug from scratch and test it with improved methods

    The world economy is collapsing because of the terror and mounting death toll caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. But the anti-malarial drug chloroquine is effective both as a prophylactic and treatment for the virus – and the medical establishment has known about this since at least the SARS coronavirus outbreak in 2005. What the hell is going on?

    Yesterday, I reported the existence of three studies, all claiming that chloroquine phosphate had proved effective in treating the COVID-19...

    To read more visit Breitbart.



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    By what ever means possible ..Once the Chinese People are made aware the US Research and Publicly available to everyone including Mainland China's Government a Peer Reviewed Treatment since 2005.. Watch them tear the Communist Dictatorship Apart. Once the Americans and other Peoples of the World discover this as well .. Globalism will be shredded for generations.


    CHlorolquinine is an old drug- that is what it has going against it with big Pharma. They see this COVID-19 as an business opportunity, if a 75 year old drug can fix this problem, there is no money to be made - that is the only real "problem" here... RA people have been taking hyrdrocloroolquinine for years for RA (Rheumatoid)for decades with minimal side effects. This may also act in a protective manner- the only real problem is that big Pharma does not make money on old drugs.... This is the stopgap we need and big Pharma will let people die before letting a nonpatented drug fix the pandemic...


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