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Who Is Getting Sick From Chinavirus?

When the Chinavirus (COVID-19) first gained some international attention in mid-January the contagion was centered in the city of Wuhan and the greater Hubei province. The CCP and WHO downplayed the threat of the virus and claimed, erroneously it turned out, that there was no discernable human-to-human transmission and travel restrictions to and from China were unnecessary. The nonchalance of those charged with containing a virus allowed for the celebration of Chinese New Year to proceed including the customary travel of Chinese nationals living abroad a round trip ticket to carry the virus all over the world.

Chinatown Elmhurst
Chinatown in Elmhurst, Queens
Photo by Jim.henderson

The first countries outside of China to show rapid spread of the disease and the associated overwhelmed health system, crowded hospitals and increased mortality rates were South Korea, Iran and Italy. South Korea is located right next to China and the hot zone city of Daegu is an official “friendship city” with Wuhan and has a vibrant textile and clothing manufacturing industry. The fashion industry in Northern Italy is also new home to hundreds of thousands of Chinese workers who work in the mills and factories that make high end “made in Italy” merchandise. China and Persia are strong economic and strategic partners with a a cross cultural relationship that stretches back to antiquity.

On Jan. 20 a 35-year-old Chinese woman, flew from Wuhan, China, to South Korea and began infecting the city of Daegu. Chinese New Year was on Jan. 25 and Italy reported its first case of Chinavirus 5 days later on Jan. 30. On Jan. 31 President Trump restricted all travel of Chinese nationals into the U.S. but pockets of infection had already spread in select cities and towns in different regions of the country. A nursing home in Kirkland, WA and the town of New Rochelle, NY were two of the early hot spots of Chinavirus infection, but the specific nationalities or ethnicities of those infected were not disclosed.

Today it was reported that 13 patients have died from Covid-19 at Elmhurst Hospital in New York. The fact that Elmhurst in Queens, NY is one of several Chinatowns located in five boroughs of NYC is never discussed. Nor is the fact that every COVID-19 ground zero in America is located in Chinese population centers. The spread of Chinavirus in the U.S. is no different than the contagion in other parts of the world and it correlates directly with Chinese communities having visitors from the CCP infect their people.

The names, nationalities and ethnicity of those people filling the hospitals around the country are never released. The State Governments have asked over 40% of their workforce to stay home to prevent the spread of Chnavirus in their cities and towns. The Federal Government is pumping $2T into the economy to alleviate the suffering caused by the economic “black swan” event of a global pandemic. We know where it came from and we know who spread it but we don’t know who is getting sick.

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